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BURGAW, NC (WWAY) — A Pender County teacher accused of cyberstalking an eighth grade student pleaded guilty today.

As WWAY was the only Wilmington TV station to report last month, Megan Mantooth, a math teacher at Burgaw Middle School, was suspended and charged with cyberstalking after reportedly sending hundreds of inappropriate text messages to a 13-year-old boy. Today, she said she was sorry.

Mantooth, 26, wrote a statement admitting that what she did was wrong and asking for forgiveness. Though she admitted her guilt, Mantooth signed a plea deal allowing her trial to be put off for three years.

“I’m glad,” the victim’s mother Elizabeth Graham said. “It sounds like she’s finally taking the initiative for what she did.”

Pender County Schools suspended Mantooth with pay last month after Graham, the mother of one of mantooth’s students, filed a report saying the teacher sent more than 200 inappropriate text messages to her son

“She definitely acted inappropriately, and I hope that she truly understands that this was her doing,” Graham said.

“I am deeply, terribly sorry for the pain and anguish I have caused,” Mantooth wrote. “I myself am in complete and total shock that this situation went as far as it did. I knew better than to do what I was doing. There are no excuses for my actions, and I sincerely regret them. I apologize to everyone involved in the situation. I promise that I will never do anything like this again. I am deeply ashamed of what has happened – I knew lines had been crossed and said things that should never have been said. I implore you for your forgiveness.”

Mantooth’s plea deal requires her to attend regular counseling sessions during the three years before her trial date. She is also not allowed to work with kids or teach during that time. Graham says her son is still dealing with what happened.

“One minute he seems OK. The next he’s a little upset,” Graham said. “He’s trying to handle it the best way that a 13-year-old can.”

The Grahams say they want parents to pay close attention to the relationship their children have with teachers.

“Most people don’t really view their teachers as a threat, and I think if we hadn’t responded the way that we did and found it as soon as we did, who knows where it could have went?” the boy’s father Lynwood Graham said.

Mantooth will also have three years of probation according to her plea deal.

We tried to talk with Mantooth, but her attorney said Mantooth did not want to talk.

Despite what other media outlets are reporting, Mantooth’s attorney told us she never used post-partum depression as a defense for what she did.


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  • Rachel

    Wow, the audacity for you to talk about the schools in Pender County in one sentence; may I add one very long run on sentence. Then in the next “paragraph” talk about glass houses and throwing stones. You may want to reread what you post and practice what you preach! Especially with you talking about society judging what exactly do you think you were doing when you were writing the things you did about Pender County and the people who live here? Let me inform you, JUDGING!!!

  • Guest 910

    i bet if this situation was reversed and mantooth was a man and the 13 year old was a girl things would have went way different!!!

  • pender resident

    Pender County is not the only place this has or could happen. Your child could very well have a teacher doing the exact sasme thing. So just watch how you post comments about certain counties

  • Guest Terri

    I am just so thankful that I don’t have children attempting to get an education in Pender County – not just because of the incident with Mrs. Mantooth, but because the depth of utter ignorance in the area is blatantly clear in the comments made here!

    IF there is access to a computer to use to post a comment, there is surely close to a 99% chance that said machine has software that will CHECK your grammar and spelling for you. As for the venom in your hearts, not sure what the cure for that is, but I am reminded of a saying about those who live in glass houses and the throwing of stones….

    May God comfort and heal these families, and help the society that dares to judge any of them!

  • IntelligentOne

    Even after she admits her guilt, you still want to blame the 13 year old? Whether he was involved in the conversation or not, does not excuse a grown woman with a husband and children trying to seduce and possibly have a sexual relationship with a child who’s penis is probably not even fully developed. Disgusting! You my friend must be a local sex offender.

  • 6u35t

    I am LOST FOR WORDS! I grew up with Megan (K-12) and never thought in a million years this would happen. I heard the “gossip” around Pender County, but had no idea the teacher was Megan Mantooth. I fell sorry for ALL parties involved and I hope everyone gets all the help they need.

  • Guesttoday

    This situation is so sad. This woman is an educated professional who overstepped her legal and moral boundries. I was one of those hold outs who asked for all the facts to come out before judging her in the social media. Should I eat crow for that??? No, I didn’t know if she was innocent or guilty I just wanted the facts to come out and now they have. I hope Ms. Mantooth gets the help she needs and she and her family can move on with their lives. I believe her teaching career is finished.

    I also hope Ms. Grahams’s son doesn’t pay a price for this. I’m not talking about the texting, I’m talking about his family’s name published in the local and international news. Everyone who knows his mother can figure it out. I remember being thirteen and it didn’t take much to embarrass me.

  • calvin lewis

    and i suppose the 13 year old is totally without quilt, i doult it !

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