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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — We’re learning more tonight about the investigation of a Laney High School assistant principal. Last week we told you a criminal investigation into Robin Lamberty has been closed, but the New Hanover County School Board is still looking into what’s happening.

The school board won’t say much about its investigation, but a report from the Pender County Sheriff’s Office shows deputies there were looking into allegations that came from a day at the beach.

The incident report says investigators were looking into underage drinking involving two young men, Travis Keys and Antwan Bosier, and Lamberty over Memorial Day weekend.

Deputies interviewed two witnesses who say they saw Lamberty and the two young men drinking alcohol, dancing and holding hands on a boat off a Pender County beach May 29.

One witness was New Hanover High Boys Basketball Coach Kirk Angel, who said he recognized the boys as players for an opposing school. He said there was no doubt in his mind that both Keys and Bosier were drinking alcohol. He also said that Lamberty’s behavior with the two boys was not appropriate in his opinion.

Another witness said she worked with Lamberty at Laney and was devastated by what she saw, including Lamberty kissing one of the boys. Melissa Pitz said she saw Lamberty leaning up against one of the boys, kissing him for about ten minutes on the beach and provided pictures taken a distance from the boat.

When detectives spoke with the two boys, they both denied drinking at the beach.

After investigators questioned Keys about the kissing incident, he said it never happened. He refused to take a lie detector test because he said he did nothing wrong.

Investigators also interviewed Lamberty and her attorney. The deputies told them they could not prove what the teenagers were drinking, so they closed the case.

A spokeswoman for New Hanover County Schools says the investigation into Lamberty continues, so they can not give details on what they know. She says Lamberty is still on paid leave.

We tried to reach Lamberty today, but she has not returned our call.


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  • Guest tardy

    Careful how you go about gathering information in your criminal investigation of this woman/employee. Looking for clues on the internet is dangerous, just ask UNCW police and how well their investigation ended up on the Strickland case. And those were “real” cops.

    Hey I saw a teacher doing (fill in the blanks) with an underage student. In fact it wasnt just one teacher it was about 300 of them. Shut them down!

    I suggest getting your white robe and pointy little hat to the cleaners, it’s showing stains of stupidity.

  • NHCS

    Regarding the post from the person who witnessed the incident concerning the assistant principal of Laney High School, please contact the Division of Human Resources of the New Hanover County Schools and ask to speak to the Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources. The number to call is 910-254-4257. The school system wishes to thank those individuals who made us aware of this posting.

  • Guest228

    I am glad you pointed out that the witnesses do not know each other and I am quite sure that Ms. Lamberty lost her mind to think this was okay out in public..I am proud of Coach Angel and Melissa Pitz for having the courage to report it..it dosent make it all right because this is a woman doing the act instead of a man..the article mentions two boys but there is another one that was staying with her..Parents, you have to show up for these school board meetings and let your concerns be heard..I’m glad the school board is taking the witnesses and pictures into account and she should be made to pay back every dollar she earned perpetrating as a teacher for NC because it seems all she was doing for roaming the high school halls for potentials.

  • icansee

    I was not one of the interviewed witnesses. However, I was one of 8+ people whom was there to see her drinking with these boys. The kissing was not a peck on the cheek. The kissing was lip smacking intense!!!! We now know that it is not against the law for a teacher outside of school to drink alcohol, and kiss a student of whom goes to the same school she is an assistant principal. Can someone tell me if this happens in school is it against the law? I am 99.9% positive the two witnesses do not know each other, and have never discussed this incident to each other. This is simple a case of a teacher whom terrible over step her teacher to student responsibilities. The witnesses intentions are simple to protect the students. I am truly sorry for what I witnessed, I am thankful that my name is not in the article above!! We should accept the fact that two people have stood up, put themselves in a position that they would prefer not to be in. I can understand their turmoil. I ask that you please not second guess what others have seen, they have suffered enough for others inappropriate actions. I pray that the school boards decision, protects the students, and somehow reassures all of us it is still OK to do the right thing!!

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