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NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Folks in New Hanover County were talking trash Tuesday night. The first of three town hall meetings was held today to discuss New Hanover County’s proposed plan for the future of waste collection. Though the proposed recommendation would include new services like curbside recycling, some residents say there’s no reason to change the current system.

Folks lined up to show their opposition to the counties’ proposed recommendation for the future of trash pick-up. The plan includes curbside recycling, yard waste removal and bulky item pick up, services that some say they don’t need.

“I have very little yard waste,” said Don Lewis, who lives in New Hanover County. “If I need to haul something off, I can haul it off myself. I do recycle but I don’t need a recycle bin.”

County manager, Bruce Shell says citizens do have a choice to opt out and not pay for the trash collection services. Lewis says he doesn’t appreciate the county making it an all or nothing issue.

“All I need is for my trash to be picked up, but yet, I’ve got to pay for all for services regardless of whether I want to use them or not,” said Lewis.

The recommendation calls for dividing the county into two zones, only allowing two haulers to pick up the trash. Many say that would hurt small businesses.

“Your smaller trash haulers, they would be out of business simply because they do not have the finances to be able to bid,” said Lewis.

Shell says the county is mostly concerned with providing a more efficient way to pick up the garbage.

“From the free enterprise system, the county is not looking to get into the collection business other than to bid it out so we can get a level of service for our citizens,” said Shell.

Shell stressed that the county only intends to go through with the proposed plan if the services can be provided at a competitive cost.

There will be two more town hall meetings. One will be held Wednesday, July 27 at Myrtle Grove Elementary School and the other Thursday, July 28 at Laney High School. Both will start at 6 p.m.


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