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RALEIGH, NC (AP) — Women seeking abortions in North Carolina will be required to wait 24 hours and receive state-mandated counseling and an ultrasound before a procedure.

The Republican-led Legislature completed its override Thursday of a measure vetoed by Democratic Gov. Beverly Perdue.

The Senate canceled the veto thanks in part to a Republican senator who was absent for the final vote. Sen. Stan Bingham of Davidson County had voted against the abortion restriction last month. His absence meant bill supporters got the votes necessary for the override.

The House agreed to the override earlier this week.

Perdue vetoed the bill because she said it obstructs needlessly the patient-doctor relationship.

Social conservatives praised the bill, which also requires a woman consider an offer to see the shape of the fetus and hear a heartbeat.

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  • Patrick

    The courts have held again and again that a separation of church and state is implicit in first amendment of the US Constitution. Somehow I think they understand the document better than you do. Their rulings go back well into the 19th century and carefully examine the intent of the drafters of the first amendment guarantee of religious liberty, Jefferson and Madison.

  • Melissa T

    i think women should keep there legs closed and they wouldnt have any of this to worry about! use protection! i am against abortion i think if a women was to get pregnant on the pill or with other forms of protection the child is ment to be on here! no child is a unwanted! God loves all of them and all have a place! there have been MANY successful people in the world who was given up for adoption, and in foster homes! and yeah we do have welfare to help the unprepared mothers, and fathers. but i would rather it go to an unprepared mother then to a alcoholic or addict who has kids just to be able to not work…. and take advantage of the system! thats a shame not the women who didnt mean to get pregnant! but i support the 24hr and the ultrasound!

    SOrry if you disagree but this is just my opinion! and i do Believe in God and i am sorry for the ones who thing were “religious clowns” i just pray one day you see other wise and find God! :)

  • Guest2020

    Please point to the place in the Constitution that says that there is a separation of church and state.

  • J Gaston

    Men should be required to wait 24 hours and receive state-mandated counseling before taking Viagra.

  • Charles Walters

    What gives the government or religious fools the right to dictate morals or what a woman can do with her own body? It seems you need to look at your own house, before you tell others how to run theirs. Yes I think education and the economy takes the lead over abortion. So you tell your preachers to get out of government because the seperation of church and state is there for a reason. IT IS NONE OF YOUR DA** Business.

  • Sherry

    It is crazy how everyone wants this to be a republican/democrat issue. To most of us it is a moral issue. Take a look around at todays society. You argue that it is cheaper to abort than for the government to help raise the child. What ever happened to being responsible for your actions. You argue that it is a womans body and she should chose… well then why isn’t prostitution legal??? Why isn’t being a drug addict legal? It is HER body and she should be able to do as she wishes with it.

    Come on people! Where are your morals? That is right, I forgot you have none. Maybe that is why your children are out running the streets, probably getting knocked up right about now. Most likely you or someone close to you has had an abortion and that is why you feel as you do. You make it sound as if only low income poverished people have abortions! I would think it more is more likely the middle to upper class. They are usually the ones who would abort their inconvenience.

    Anyone who doesn’t realize that a beating heart is an alive creature needs some help. Everybody really needs to quit looking at this a monetary problem (which it is) and remember good values. You don’t want children… great, be abstinant or at least protect yourselves!!!

  • Guest2020

    A lot of you talk about the woman’s rights and I know that you place dehumanizing terms such as zygote and fetus on unborn babies, but they are babies. Where are their rights? And I know that this is an old saying, but just remember that your mother chose life.

  • Guest2020


  • GuestLee

    It’s my belief that life begins at inception. There are different stages of life, but it’s still a developing human being. You may not agree with me, but that’s your right.

  • Guestgingergrant

    If the Republicans want to intrude into womens’ vaginas, they should also encourage men to get vasectomies when they get FREE Viagra from government health insurance. How else can you further eliminate the need for abortions? And, I wonder who is paying for the ultrasounds? The taxpayers, no doubt!

  • Das Weibstück

    The fetal stage of a human begins 11 weeks after fertilization. Before that its a zygote then an embryo. So having it aborted before 11 weeks isn’t “killing” a FETUS at all.

  • Sherry

    Finally! Something positive has been passed in N.C. Now, let’s stop paying for them as well! Maybe, just maybe couples will think about taking more precaution and being more responsible for their actions and not run for the quick fix when the UH-OH strikes.

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