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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — As you probably know, the cast and crew of “One Tree Hill” are in the middle of shooting their ninth and final season here in the Port City. The end of an era has fans traveling to Wilmington from near and far.

‘One Tree Hill’ fans gathered outside a the Karen’s Café set in downtown Wilmington today hoping to catch a glimpse of their favorite stars. While some fans travelled from out of state, others came from out of the country.

Catherine Jakobsen, 22, travelled to Wilmington all the way from her hometown in Norway.

“I’ve been watching the show since the beginning, and I’ve been dreaming about coming here,” Jakobsen said. “I saved up a lot of money and just decided to do it now that I had the chance.”

After 24 hours of flying, Jakobsen has been here for two weeks following her favorite show. She says she’s dreamed about meeting the cast members of “One Tree Hill,” and finally her dream has come true.

“I still don’t get that I’m actually here, and that I met so many of them,” she said. “It’s amazing.”

Other fans agree that being so close to their favorite stars is still hard to believe, especially after they thought the show would end with season eight.

“We just decided to come for a whole week and see what they’re filming, especially because this is the last season,” said Eryn Hopkins of Atlanta, who came with a friend. “We wanted to meet as many people as we could.”

Hopkins was also an extra during a shoot earlier this week. She says she was star struck.

“I was in the café and just a regular customer, and they were just going and filming,” Hopkins said. “It was kind of hard not to look at them, because I was like, ‘Oh, my gosh. It’s them!'”

Fans say they’ve been following the filming of their favorite show’s final season all around Wilmington taking pictures and getting autographs.

“The crew has been really helpful with giving us the info on where they go on locations,” Jakobsen said. “We’ve been there outside every time.”

Following the filming also gives fans a sneak peak at the developing plot, like a Front Street Port City Java being turned into a fictional competitor for Tree Hill’s Karen’s Café. It’s an extra bonus that makes standing in the southern summer heat a little more bearable.

Although fans aren’t sure what time the cast will be done filming, they do plan on waiting around all day

Overall, the visitors we talked with say their hours of travel and money spent has been well worth the “Tree Hill” experience.


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