Cary man’s sign to come down, lawsuit continues


    CARY, NC (AP) — A sign that sparked a free speech legal battle
    in Cary will be removed – but the war continues.

    The News and Observer of Raleigh reported Friday that Dawn Brown
    will remove messages her father put on his house two years ago,
    including: “Screwed by the town of Cary.”

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    William David Bowden died last month, and his daughter said she
    needs to sell the house. But Brown says Bowden’s estate will
    continue his lawsuit against the town.

    Bowden began displaying the signs to protest a road project he
    said caused water damage to his basement.

    Bowden sued Cary in 2009 after the town threatened to fine him
    for the sign.

    A federal judge agreed with Bowden’s argument that his actions
    were protected under the First Amendment.

    The town is appealing.

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