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BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Our storm track three meteorologists have been telling us all week about the storm that may head toward the Cape Fear Coast this weekend. Although the storm may stay far off shore, some folks say it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Some folks in the area say although we don’t know if emily will make it to our coast, they are not wasting anytime making sure they’re ready.

“We weathered it pretty well through the years, because we were here during Hugo, and I can see what it can do,” said Aimee Wansley of Oak Island.

Residents of Oak Island say they are getting ready for the 2011 Hurricane Season, because they know how destructive the storms can get.

“I think it was Floyd, when Floyd hit, that one year. It destroyed this place. I mean, the beach looked like a war zone. It was really sad, and people could have gotten really hurt,” Roz Bullard said.

Although most residents say they’re not too worried about emily coming this way, they say with all the other severe weather we have had this year, they would not be surprised if this hurricane season was a rough one.

Bullard moved to Oak Island from Massachusetts about 30 years ago. She says she thinks everyone should be prepared for the worst, but hope for the best.

“You don’t know what’s gonna happen,” Bullard said. “If it shifts or it gets stronger overnight, you just don’t know, and then you can’t leave once they close the bridges. You’re stuck here.”

Jim Criswell moved from Pennsylvania to Leland and says he’s not used to these kinds of storms. He says it’s all about respecting Mother Nature.

“If it’s too powerful, we’ll just get out of its way,” Criswell said. “You gotta respect nature more so than anything else.”

Gene Faller of Lowe’s Home Improvement in Southport says people are beginning to prepare for the season, but he knows the store won’t see a rush until there is some kind of serious warning.

“As we get closer to the weekend, as the models are showing that it’s coming closer to us, folks will be more interested,” Faller said. “We have had some conversation with locals that are asking and trying to get prepared and wondering what kind of year this is going to be with the hurricanes.”

Of course, there’s been a large influx to southeastern North Carolina of people from other parts of the country since the last time the Cape Fear had to weather a big storm. That could go a long way in how people prepare.


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