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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A new grocery store’s grand opening generated plenty of interest today.

Customers crowded into the new Carolina Farmin’ on Market Street. The traffic was so heavy at one point in the middle of the day, police had to help handle it.

Customers say location has a lot to do with the interest, as does the store’s offering of local products.

“I think just the idea that a lot of things of local and other than the farmers market, which are on Wednesday and Saturday, and I think it’s another great resource for using the local products in the area,” customer Reydell Bailey.

Carolina Farmin’ at 2101 Market Street is celebrating its grand opening all weekend long.


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  • Wayne

    The store was a joke. Prices were way to high. The store was dirty with rude management. I spoke with a manager named Mark Enfield. He was very rude and only wanted to run away and not help me find my groceries. I thought this store was a good idea, untill i got home with the product. The quality was poor nothing like a fresh farmers market. It looks like someone ran out of money and bought cheap product and tried to resale at triple there value. If i want fresh produce i can buy alot cheaper at Eagle Island. This store will not last long. You can tell the management failed to present the public with a new concept, sorry but it didnt work. Prices to high, poor quality, lacking variety. Store needs to invest in managemeant, this crew obviously is ignorant to the grocery game. Not even the food stamp customers will buy your high price groceries. I can get double the amount of groceries from Walmart, why buy from Carolina Farmin. There is nothing they can do for me to ever go back. Mark Enfild you will need to work on your customer service skillls, I cant believe they hired such a lazy manager to represent there new store. To the owner , this manager will cost you many customers.

  • Guest Ron Taylor

    Ya’ll right! Small local farmers can’t compete with large off shore corporate farms. They use 25 cent an hour labor with the field being a bathroom. We live in AMERICA, the land of rules and regulation. Don’t you feel good riding around in your foreign car going to see a loved one eaten up with cancer because they ate the food with DDT on it. Go ahead, buy the cheap stuff!

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