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RALEIGH, NC (AP) — A 78-year-old North Carolina man described as a legend in the dog-fighting world will spend five years behind bars, the maximum a federal judge could impose.

Harry Hargrove of Duplin County was sentenced Thursday in US District Court in Raleigh on dog-fighting charges. Hargrove pleaded guilty to the charges earlier this year, and prosecutors sought a sentence longer than recommended federal guidelines of 10 months to 16 months.

A federal motion says Hargrove has been involved in dog-fighting in the South for about 40 years.

Hargrove told Judge Terrence Boyle he once has more than 100 fighting dogs, but he’d cut back to 35 by the time he was arrested. All 35 dogs found on his property in April 2010 were euthanized.

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  • Jen

    I am happy that he is at least getting some of what he deserves. It makes me sick to think that he and others raise and fight these dogs and live off what they make doing it. I feel it’s important to keep bringing attention to this problem. The more attention that it gets the harder it will be for these MONSTERS to hurt and mistreat animals.

  • Southerngrl

    You are making a living off the suffering of animals yourself. What an ignorant thing to say.

  • sophie pope

    As a proud owner of two beautiful loving pitts – I think this man needs 5 years for each dog he fought. Our dogs grew up with children, they are more loving and loyal than most humans. Its a shame…… and it breaks my hear to even think a person could be so cruel!

  • Dog Lover

    Why don’t we just legalize it like smoking, drinking, and the lottery? Then we can tax the heck out of it, and spread the wealth. You people are so narrow minded.

  • Elrod

    This is appalling to even consider calling this man a legend, unless you consider someone that mistreats, abuses, terrorfies, tortures and kills innocent animals a (legend). A legend is someone of symbolic stature like a role model, not someone that makes up for their shortcomings by mutilating dogs on a regular basis throughout life. Legend, no; killer, yes

    Animal lover and proud of it, forever……………………

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