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KURE BEACH, NC (WWAY) — A Kure Beach Town Commissioner has been charged with multiple narcotics charges, according to Kure Beach Police.

A Kure Beach police report says 64-year-old commissioner Barry Nelder had almost one gram of marijuana on him when an officer arrested him around 8 a.m. at Raleigh Avenue and Lake Park in Carolina Beach. He was also charged with posession of drug paraphernalia.

Mayor Dean Lambeth says Nelder is in his first term as a town commissioner and filed last month to run for re-election.

“Why in the world,” said Lambeth. “64 years old, why would you do something like that? it’s a little distressing, because all of us took an oath to uphold the laws in North Carolina. No elected official in the state of North Carolina should be above the law.”

Kure Beach residents say it’s ridiculous that an elected official would be involved in something like this at his age.

“A representative of the community should be upstanding and not a law breaker,” said Bill Bryan, a Kure Beach resident. “I am very surprised because Barry, who I’ve talked to several times and always respected his positions, but doing something this childish is uncalled for.”

“To me I think as you grow up, you put up childish things,” said Hugh Cannon, another resident of Kure Beach. “We should know better by that time. I’m 77 and I’ve never engaged in any of that.”

WWAY went to Nelder’s house to see if he wanted to give his side of the story. He was in the residence but did not come to the door.

Mayor Lambeth says he spoke to Nelder after the arrest. He says Nelder apologized and wanted the other commissioners to be aware of his mistake.

“He has some explaining to do, especially to the citizens of Kure Beach,” said Lambeth.

Lambeth says the other commissioners will discuss what to do about the situation during a closed session at their next meeting on August 16th.


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  • guesty

    Then you should file a complaint with the town and the department. As far as I know there are only 2 lieutenants in that department so it shouldn’t be hard to figure out which one you are talking about.

  • Guest305

    My wife of 23 years and I lived at Kure Beach Village.
    When I was working out of town one year, a higher up Lieutenant
    was approaching, chatting up my wife of 23 years, when she was
    out walking the dogs. After a time, he persuaded her that it was best for her to leave me after 23 years of marriage. He fed her all kinds of lies, said he has been seeing things on my computer from his house down the street. How is that legal for another man to look on my computer or even say he has seen things that are not true? The ones on duty that worked for him would pull me over all the time to. Total harassment to live there when you have done nothing wrong and a supervisor cop is trying to sleep with your wife. We are mended now but we almost lost our marriage moving to that beach horror town.

  • GuestKav

    But boy this cop sure can smell some weed!!!!!
    Medicaid pays for the heroin based pills that welfare, food stamps and medicaid public assistance recipients are selling to our kids to make some extra dough. Wake up People! Wish for the good old days when weed was all we had to worry about our kids getting into.
    This is the cop that spends his daylight hours out on his personal boat doing paid fishing charters moonlighting too, and works ‘graveyard’ shift for the Town as their drug investigator. He apparently has super human abilities which don’t require sleep to hold two full time jobs.

  • Guest301

    Somebody had to be stoned to approve a Million dollars police budget and hiring another police officer for a two mile long street … is that a total of 13 officers now, or is it still 12?

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    …is that municipal police departments are not equipped or even allowed to unilaterally assume enforcing FEDERAL immigration laws.

    You may not LIKE that, but it’s a fact of life. Your beef is with the feds, not the Kure Beach Police Department who performed a duty they ARE responsible for.

  • RSimmons

    for the next town meeting. Then the rest of the town commissioners might start making sensible decisions. If the worst our politicians were doing was roasting a doobie we would all be in better shape.

  • Grand Ole Party

    Did you bother to even think prior to posting this BS? WWAY reported the facts. If he would have had a legal prescription for marijuana he wouldn’t have been arrested. Marijuana is STILL ILLEGAL. So it doesn’t matter why he had it, IT’S ILLEGAL, get the point yet?

  • Guestoned

    “you can’t simply ignore the law”

    You bet they are responsible for law enforcement. Why be selective when it comes to illegal immigration. Focus on what, legal Americans that have an expired tag or registration? Hold veterans that have fought for this country to the letter of the “law” but let someone else worry about the ILLEGAL aliens. Is that what you are saying?

  • Ura Dumaas


  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    …responsible for enforcing immigration law? Try to focus.

  • Dale

    (Singing) I’ll never smoke weed with Willie.. Or Barry again”….

  • Grayarea

    For the people calling for legalization please take the time to do something about it other than post on a news website. Go online and find your local representative and send them an email letting them know how you feel its time to DECRIMINALIZE Marijuana. People in jail for Marijuana related charges have committed no crime because there is no victim. It has become obvious that Marijuana was made illegal because the fiber industry along the pharmaceutical industry did not want hemp and marijuana legal due to it uses as a natural and easily renewable source of fiber as well as its multiple uses as a medicine. Anyone could grow it hence the term “weed” making it easily available as a remedy for many different aliments. It has been used throughout time for many different aliments but the pharmaceutical industry would rather you go to a doctor and be prescribed a pill instead of cultivating a plant that could be grown at home for a remedy. Its time the government starts working for the good of the people rather than the good of archaic laws that are used as a means to continue an outdated war that will never be won. Morality should never come in the form of legislation! Prohibition never works!

  • B.Right

    (Joining In Singing…)

    “I always heard that his herb was top shelf
    I just could not wait to find out for myself
    Don’t knock it til’ you tried it, Well I tried it my friend
    And I’ll never smoke weed with Barry again”

    “I learned a hard lesson in a small Carolina Beach town
    He fired up a fat boy and passed him around
    The last words that I spoke before they tucked me in
    Was I’ll never smoke weed with Barry again”

    “I’ll never smoke weed with Barry again
    My parties all over before it begins
    You can pour me some old whiskey river my friend
    But I’ll never smoke weed with Barry again”

  • Concernede

    You did a very, very poor job of getting your facts straight before publishing this story. All you had to do was go to the police station and ask what the charges actually were. You obviously neglected to do that. He was charged with one misdemeanor possession drug charge and one charge of driving with an expired tag. There was NOT multiple drug charges.

    Also, no one knows Mr. Nelder. No one knows if he uses the drug as medicine for a medical condition. According to the story, he is, after all, 64 years old and according to public records, he is a Vietnam Vet.

    Again, the quality of the journalism is this town is incredibly and alarmingly poor. Fact check first. Getting these facts took me all of 45 minutes.

  • Flabbergasted

    I don’t have a problem with the guy smoking a little weed. I do question his judgment for another reason though. How can Kure Beach elect someone who is stupid enough to get caught with less than a gram of pot? You can probably eat that much in about three seconds.

  • zig zag

    Kure beach police….there is a woman that lives up the road..she took down a terrorist at Ft Hood…
    Glad you had the resources to apprehend this plant arsonist..lol

  • Guestl

    I love these stories.

    Probably just left a meeting discussing how they are going to keep the WAVE buses full of riff-raff out of town. Meanwhile……..

  • NC Sailor

    Oh my, a beach resident caught with pot. I love to read the statements from the local holier than thou’s. We all know it is a goofy law and that people speeding around town are much more dangerous than a guy firing up a joint. I love the one by the cop “he was under the influence’. Reminds me of “Reefer Madness”. The mayor of KB needs to be replaced ASAP for his comments to the press. The mayor should have just laughed and let it go. Any elected official that assumes guilt of a citizen before a conviction shows total disrespect for the Constitution of the United States. Dump the mayor!

  • Guestoned

    The millions of ILLEGAL aliens roaming around aren’t worried about being arrested. I would take a stoned councilman over a drunk Ted Kennedy type” anyday.

  • Guest 420

    .9 grams is such a small amount! Leave the guy alone!

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    …I completely agree with you. I’m in favor of legalizing all drugs.

    That said, it is not legal at this time and accordingly, you can’t simply ignore the law and let this guy go. Police are not in a position to pick and choose which laws they enforce.

    There is also an aspect of this case that goes far beyond to evils or benefits of legalizing pot. That is, what does this man’s willingness to risk arrest and public humiliation all for the sake of getting a buzz say about his intelligence, leadership, and judgment?

    Exactly WHERE are his priorities?

  • Rangonzo

    Did WWAY do they’re homework to see if the MJ usage was do to a medical condition? At this persons age it a definite possibility. Check background before sensationalizing a story shame on you.

  • The reverse onus of proof in drug-possession cases is incompatible with the rule of law and therefore cannot be accepted by any court in any jurisdiction. Besides, the economics of the drug trade imply that criminal sanctions are self-defeating unless concentrated on retail sales.

    See: The universally unconstitutional war on drugs.

  • Guest5555555555555555555555555

    This sounds like such a waste of tax payer money. Arrested for possession of marijuana, rolling papers, and or a pipe. Even if it wasn’t his, sounds more like a political attack. Really let the old man go. I have seen people ticketed for more. I for one do not not smoke the junk but it is a very harmless thing. Not like he had crack, cocaine, meth, or heroin. This is the worst use of our tax money being used.

    If we had these small useless drug laws off the books, the cops wouldn’t have much to do. Lets face it, the only reason they still have the laws on the books, because it keeps certain people working. Truth be, if we legalized it would be harmful to the pharmaceutical drug industry. It would generation new taxes and income for people here in this state if they legalized marijuana.

  • Das Weibstück

    DANG that guy looks like hell, I thought he was at least 85 ! My Dad is 82 and looks like his son. Good argument for NOT being a pot smoker.

  • Guestoned

    The guy had some weed. Yeah it’s illegal but so are the 30 million illegal aliens walking around doing more harm than this guy. I guess there’s no money in picking them up.

    NC is in the liquor buisness and has their greedy hands, elbow deep up the tobacco industry’s butt. I’ll take a stoned politician over a drunk one anyday. Heck, I’d bet some of the clowns in power are so pilled up, it’s no wonder they do and say some of the things they do.

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