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COLUMBUS COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Another strange chapter in the relationship between R.C. Soles and a teenage boy. Allen “Frog” Strickland turned himself in this morning after yet another vandalism incident at the former senator’s house.

Tabor City Police say they were called to Soles’s home Sunday around 4 p.m. after witnesses saw Strickland vandalizing his property.

Strickland is no stranger to the Soles saga. For years the teen has been linked to the former senator, who has bought Strickland a house and other lavish gifts. Now, Strickland is charged with trespassing and vandalizing Soles’s car and home near Tabor City again.

Police say they found a broken window and busted tail light when they went to the home Sunday. Witnesses on the property say Strickland damaged the items and then ran away leaving his moped on the property.

Police say Strickland turned himself in Monday morning and was released on $1,000 secured bond before noon.

We tried to speak with Strickland this afternoon at his home. He said he had no comment. When we were getting footage of the house Strickland set off his home security alarm and called the police. An officer told us that Strickland said we were trespassing although we never stepped foot on his property.

We tried to speak with soles as well, but were told he was unavailable for comment.

Strickland is scheduled to be in court next month for trespassing and vandalism at Soles’s home back in February. Prosecutors have subpoenaed Soles to testify against Strickland in the case.


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  • Guest223

    This is a bunch of crap, to keep reporting on! Who cares? There is much more important news to report on than this junk, over and over. Put these people in a place together, and make them live there, And just put a camera on them full time, for the morons who care about this bunch of idiots, and what they are doing to each other. Let them deal with the issues themselves from now on.. One, or the other, has to give up sooner or later.

  • Guest

    this is what happens when sugar daddy soles bails out his sugar babys

  • dittos

    this is a test of the emergency broadcast system…if this had been a real emergency you would have been instructed to take action to protect yourself from this emergency…

    …notice the similarity….what a joke Columbus county…lol..cracks me up..can’t wait for the next episode.

  • guesty

    …closely you just can hear the banjo music playing. He sho’ does have a purty mouth.

  • Guest 1551

    I like your suggestion. Let them move in together and then forbid media coverage. Out of sight – out of mind.

  • Guest1234567

    I’m sure this case will not be prosecuted either, just more waste for the police and the court system. I think the court should make Strickland move in with Soles and they can vandalize together. Problem solved.

  • anne

    It is time for the insanity to stop. This circus has gone on for too long. Citizens of Tabor City – aren’t you fed up with this garbage? It is time to get the answers and get rid of some of the yahoos running the judicial system in that county.

    Soles has for too long got away with too much and it has come back to bite him. These “boys” need to be put in jail and left there. Oh I forgot! Someone with a lot of money (wonder who that could be?) keeps bailing their butts out. It is time to start looking at the judges who are letting this nonsense go on. Oh sorry – the good ole boy network at work again!!!!!!!!

    And for you, whomever you may be, that keeps bailing them out – let it rest. Spend your money on something useful and leave them sitting their butts in jail where they belong, before someone shoots them while they are committing the crimes.
    All of you around that area are the laughingstock not only of other counties, the state, but of the nation. Just wondering when one of these yahoos is going to be asked to go on Good Morning America or the Today Show – just asking!!!!!

  • Guest 1551

    I think that the interest of the public could best be served by refusing to report on these two “yahoos” anymore. Let them fight it out in private and let the public get news on far more inportant issues. I DON’T CARE WHAT THEY DO! With a little less piblicity they might just disappear completely.7

  • phillyguy

    Next time just settle your differences over a case of beer and a game of horseshoes . No property damage and ya don’t have to tie up the court system!

  • Jeff Allen

    What is wrong with columbus county. do vandals have free reign over law and order. What’s wrong with Whiteville police, are they incompetent. Are judges unable to render common sense judgements?
    this has been like the movie “Dumb and Dumber!

  • Charles Walters

    You fools elected this pervert to make laws in Raleigh. No wonder out state is so screwed up.

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