Wilmington shoppers enjoy North Carolina tax free weekend


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY)– If you tried to visit your favorite stores this weekend you probably noticed a few more cars in their parking lots. With this weekend being a tax free holiday in North Carolina, stores were crowded with shoppers stocking up and trying to save a few bucks.

Hot shopping spots like Target benefited from the crowds. Shoppers were buying everything from groceries to school supplies.

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For Target Store Manager Matt Merritt, his location off of Market Street made around $100,000 more Saturday than it would on a normal Saturday.

“The closest thing you can relate it to, from a store management perspective, would be Black Friday,” said Merritt. “It’s not as big as Black Friday and that weekend is for us, but it’s probably our second biggest weekend of the year here at our Target store.”

According to store managers, popular products to buy included tablet PC’s, laptops and other school supplies.


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