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WILMINGTON, NC (NEWS RELEASE) — In March of this year, CFPUA hired a consulting firm to conduct an Efficiency and Competitiveness Study to “ensure that operations of the Authority were being conducted in an optimum manner and consistent with the best interests of the customers of CFPUA.”

The firm, Woolpert Organization and Asset Sustainability Implementation Services (OASIS), specializes in analyzing public sector organizations and has conducted about 80 studies over a period of more than fifteen years.

After an intensive interview and analysis process involving CFPUA management and staff, Woolpert determined that CFPUA:

· “Operates at a high level of performance with little opportunity for significant improvement”;

· “Utilizes its resources effectively”;

· “Has a strong commitment to performance measurement and management”;

· Is the “fifth most efficient organization of 80 agencies evaluated” by Woolpert;

· Has a calculated “performance gap of 4.8%,” which is one of the lowest gaps Woolpert has ever calculated, and “considerably lower than the 26% average gap calculated” for the other assessments conducted by Woolpert;

· Is close to operating at a “Best in Class” status;

· Provides a quality of service that “exceeds that of contractors”;

· Is a “partner with the community – looking out for its long-term interests.”

CFPUA leadership, management and staff are very proud of achieving these accomplishments in three short years as a consolidated organization.

In an effort towards continual improvement, Woolpert did identify some additional opportunities that if pursued could elevate CFPUA to the most efficient organization they have ever evaluated.

These additional opportunities focused in three areas: 1) Practice, 2) Technology, and 3) People. Specific opportunities identified include the need for succession planning, plant automation, and enhanced technology integration. Opportunities also include the dedication of resources and approximately 18 new positions to the Asset Management and CMMS program that will generate additional, long-term efficiencies.

With the necessary commitment and financial investment for projects and programs, reassignment, and more ef ficient work processes, a net efficiency of approximately 16 positions could be realized over a period of approximately 5 years.

The Board was presented the findings and recommendations of the study during their regularly scheduled Board meeting today, August 10. An action plan for implementation will be developed and will generally follow the timeframes detailed in the study, unless otherwise amended by the Board.

Woolpert’s findings illustrate the true successes of CFPUA as a young, consolidated organization. Recognition as a “high-performing” and “efficient” organization is testimony to the hard work, expertise, and dedication of all CFPUA employees.

The Efficiency and Competitiveness Study report and presentation are available on our website (www.CFPUA.org)


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