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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The suspect in a shooting near the UNCW campus last month says he was actually a victim.

Reginald Gagnier says he doesn’t remember shooting David Carroll, but he says Carroll is the reason why he can’t remember and the reason the shooting happened at all.

“I was sleeping in the car on the way to work, and I woke up to him sexually assaulting me, rubbing on my crotch,” Gagnier said.

Gagnier, 18, worked for and lived in an apartment owned by Carroll. Now Gagnier is in the New Hanover County Jail charged with shooting the 42-year-old in the shoulder July 29 at the Seahawk Square Apartments near the UNCW campus.

Last week Gagnier’s family told us there were personal problems between the two men that led to the shooting. Wednesday Gagnier said it was the molestation and other issues.

“Honestly I don’t think I would have shot him if he didn’t feed me valiums Friday and brought me to the bar and had me drinking on top of it,” Gagnier said.

Wednesday Carroll was in New Hanover County Small Claims Court to evict Gagnier from his apartment. When we tried to talk to him about Gagnier’s claims, Carroll said he had no comment.

Gagnier says he only remembers bits and pieces about the afternoon of the shooting, but he believes he was backed into a corner.

“I remember him coming to the apartment after he dropped me off and told me he had to talk to me,” Gagnier said. “So I went down and sat in his car, and he accused me of stealing some money. After that I don’t remember nothing else. I remember waking up in the woods.”

Gagnier is charged with assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill or inflict serious injury. His next court date is scheduled for August 18. Carroll told us he might share his side of the story after that hearing.


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  • Guest

    Once again TV 3 jumped the gun and provided an unsubstantial story. In other words, a story with a big headline and little substance. What happened to good,fact based journalism?

  • Military

    I served over twenty-two years in the Military and as a Veteran; I am offended that these types of offensives take place in our society. More offensive is the little action taken to remove these offenders from our neighborhoods/streets. What has me more concerned are the number of children that keep their mouths shut due to threats of violent actions towards them or their families? How many children each year are drugged and abused then taken advantage? How many of these events never are exposed to the public due to legal implications that protect the predator. Please look at the public offenders list in you area and educate your children. This is not just a child issue, it affects many young adults of all ages and it is happening more and more with young adults. Often it is someone close to the family or a friend. Please tell me that all the lives lost for our freedom is not to give freedom to those that violate our laws and freedoms and pervert our society and children. I am glad that WWAY channel 3 and Clifford Piron are finally exposing the truth; I have talked with the family and felt so poorly that only one side of the story had been told in the beginning. We all know that something led up to such an action. I saw David in court, and yes, I understand how a young man like Reggie was threatened by David’s size, violent approach and aggressive nature. If he was drugged and not able to think clearly during the events that led to the firing of the gun, he may not have been able to make a clear decision. Now learning was not registered and belonged to the sexual offender have me concerned. The gun was taken from David as an attempt to avoid David’s previous threat, that if he ever tells anyone David would kill him! Please never judge people by first impressions, but understand the conditions of the event.

    We often say what happened to the good old days when our children could play safely outside. We have changed our laws so much that the true threat is protected by gobbly gop!

  • Guest concerned parent

    Did you know David was buying the kid gifts and promised him a motorcycle in addition to alcohol and pills. Sounds like a predator to me. If this was your daughter or son, wouldn’t you see him as a predator?
    I have kids and I do. Let’s just hope that if there are more kids out there that David Carroll has done this too, they now will come forward and hold him accountable and prevent him from putting others and their families through such pain and hardship.

  • Guest

    Sounds like you have already tried and convicted David Carroll. What do we need a court for?

  • Das Weibstück

    I’m sure regular posters here have noticed the illiteracy of family/friends who pop in to post in defense of the accused. Its not race based obviously.

    Socioeconomics was mentioned. I tend to disagree with that, there are a lot of poor people who turn out decent, law abiding children.

  • guest concerned parent

    Do you know how many kids are doped up, given alcohol, and then snatched to never be seen again?
    There are over 10,000,000 children 18 and younger that go missing every year.
    Over 5,000 to never be seen again.
    Over 5,000 boys and girls are raped or taken advantage of every year, and these are just the ones that have reported it. How many more of our children go thru this and are afraid to take action or tell?

    Did you know it was David’s gun; Reggie just managed to get it away from him to defend himself. What if Reggie would not have got the gun and David would have driven away and done something to him?
    We could be dealing with a missing 18 year old. He may have been buried in the woods somewhere, or dumped in a canal or river. Who knows? Did you know Reggie told 8 people prior to the events and they did nothing to help him? Do you know there has been 1 warrant issued for David for supplying another child with alcohol. Who knows how many more kids he has done this too?

    From what I understand the boy is not saying he didn’t take the drugs. It was what he didn’t know, David was putting zanax in his beer and buying him shots that day at a bar. It was when the boy passed out David began fondling him again and when confronted threatened him if he told anyone.

    What was the motive to giving an 18 year old alcohol and zanies?

    For those of you that say “He isn’t a kid”, how many “non-kids” are you supplying with alcohol and pills?

    There is a reason they don’t sell alcohol to minors, they are not mature enough to make competent decisions.

    There are reasons Doctors and Pharmacist spend so many years being educated, David isn’t a medical provider, nor does he have a license to prescribe pills for others and could have killed the kid not knowing his medical background. How would people be reacting if the kid had an allergic reaction and died? What are the long term effects of the overdosing David did to the kid. I would think the family will have Lawyers chomping at the bit to for the damages that have been imposed on these children.

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