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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Soon hundreds of brave men and women overseas will receive a little piece of home. It’s all made possible by members of the community, who donated and volunteered their time to send Packages from Home.

For our service members overseas it’s the little things that can make their day. Something as simple as some candy and playing cards lets them know they are appreciated for all they do.

Thursday morning marked the final push for the Packages from Home event. Step up for Soldiers, the Big Talker FM and WWAY got together at Long Island Eatery for a live broadcast. The focus: our men and women fighting overseas.

“They just don’t need the packages and the stuff that’s in the packages. They need to know we care,” Rep. Carolyn Justice said. “They need to know they’re supported back home and that they are not there in vain and their mission is important to us and their life is important to us.”

For weeks people have been proving just how important our service members are by dropping items off at both stations and donating money that will pay to ship the care packages full of items that make life overseas a little bit better.

“When I was in Iraq, as far as USO and other groups like this, you can’t put a price as far as the morale that it really does help,” Army Sgt. Jonathan Crow said.

Retired Navy Capt. Tom Russell says it’s events like packages from home that fuel not only morale but the will to fight.

“You can win all the tactical battles, but they’re fighting you strategically to reduce your will to win and will to fight,” Russell said. “These kinds of efforts help you as a fighting person on the tip of the spear to be able to sustain that fighting edge and the ability to sustain that kind of effort.”

In the end, the support of the community lead to nearly 300 boxes filled with simple items like razors, toiletries and candy — little items that make a world of difference for those fighting half away across the world.

Step up for Soldiers says this is not the last packages from home event. The next one is scheduled for the Christmas season.


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