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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A dead body turned up in a shallow pond in Wilmington this morning. The body was found in a retention pond behind Lowe’s at the corner of S. College Road and New Centre Drive.

According to Wilmington Police, the body was that of Clark Edward Reedy, a familiar figure around town with no known address.

Reedy would have celebrated his 55th birthday Saturday, August 13.

Wilmington Police and EMS got the call around 11:30 a.m. Friday. Crews discovered the man was dead when they arrived on the scene.

Brandon Stanley lives in New Centre Commons right across the street from the pond. He said the grisly discovery definitely creeped him out, but he’s not too bothered.

“I know stuff happens all the time, but it just kind of catches you off guard when there’s a dead guy next to where you live,” he said.

Neighbors tried to get a glimpse of the scene, but Stanley said no one knew the man or anything about how he died.

“Who knows if he fell in there, drowned?” Stanley said. “Just don’t know.”

A couple of hours after the discovery, the medical examiner’s office removed the body from the scene.


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    God Bless

  • Clark fan

    I’m disgusted at some of these comments and at people’s ignorance and lack of compassion. I’ll keep it clean, though. Clark was not a “nut job”. He was a beautiful man with a kind heart. People can’t control having mental illness or developmental disabilities any more than someone can control having Diabetes or Cancer. Mental illness does not define a person. I will define Clark for you. He was honest, generous, loving, friendly and funny. He made me smile every time I saw him. Please refrain from negative comments. Clark had parents, sisters and other family and friends who loved him. Derogatory comments, especially during their time of grief, are rude, immature and unnecessary. Let him rest peacefully, please.

  • Guest

    yes i knew your brother too, he was a wonderful man. i hope the positive comments stay with you. many people my age that live downtown loved clark and looked forward to seeing him at cd alley. clark will be missed

  • Guest

    For those of you who knew Clark or didn’t know him, He was my brother. Yes Clark had his ways and so does everybody else. Clark was in bad health. My sister and I knows what cause his death, but we will never know why he was at the pond on Friday morning. To each and everyone who reads this, all we asked of you is to remember the good things about Clark and to keep us in your prayers. Thank You.

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