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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Wilmington city leaders hope their annexation of Monkey Junction will survive a petition challenge from property owners. If so, they’re not getting any help from the New Hanover County Commission.

New Hanover County owns the Myrtle Grove Library within the annexation area. Today commissioners voted to sign a petition against the land grab and adding to the 60 percent of signed petitions needed.

“This board as a unit does not approve of or endorse any forced annexation of any area within the county,” Commissioner Ted Davis said.

County Commissioners unanimously voted to sign a petition against annexing Monkey Junction. Residents say they’re happy commissioners are on the same page.

“They’re pushing it in the right direction,” Douglas Meyers said. “The people who we’ve put into office, let them make decisions. They’ve made the decision to not want to annex it, so let’s fall along suit with them and not have it annexed.”

The New Hanover County Board of Elections sent out about 1,300 petitions last month to property owners in Monkey Junction. About 800 petitions need to be signed to stop annexation. According to the board of elections website, the board has received 5.37 percent of the total needed to stop annexation.

“If someone does not respond, that would be taken as an affirmative vote, so if people are opposed to the forced annexation and they do live in that Monkey Junction area, they definitely need to sign that petition stating that they’re against it and send it back into the Board of Elections,” Davis said.

Meyers agrees. He says though he has not signed the petition yet, he feels it is important that everyone get on board.

“If you haven’t signed it and you want to sign it, follow me, and I’m going to sign it right now,” he said.

The Board of Elections has received about 300 petitions back from property owners so far, and is still in the early stages of counting them.

In Brunswick County, the Board of Elections has gotten back more than 250 petitions from owners in an area annexed by Southport. The board will decide tomorrow when to start opening them.


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