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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Irene looks to have landfall around 7:30 am Saturday just west of Cape Lookout, NC. The storm was a category one at the time, with maximum sustained winds of around 85 mph. The storm will continue to pull away from our area through the night, and be replaced by a hot and humid Sunday with a mix of sun and few clouds with light winds!

No other weather threats to worry about now. Be safe, take care, and see you every Thursday and Friday on our evening newscasts from 5:00 through 6:30 pm with my special features, “Explore With George.”


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  • pb

    We need more George.

  • I noticed there are alot of comments about this storm and some of them ar a bit sinacal. but my Grandmother always said it is better to be prepared fpr the worse and hope for the best! and through the years this statement has proven to be of good advise. The smart man built his house apon the rock ad the dumb one built his apon the sand and when the one big storm did come in the sand housewas wiped away and the one built on the rock was still standing! so, The thing is you can not out guess these storms and I would rather be prepared for the worst and be thankful for the fact I didn’t get blown off the map!!
    It is always best t be prepared!

  • Pam

    I have trust in George’s forecast. He really has been right on the money from the very beginning. I don’t believe he would steer us wrong. Forecasting isn’t always an exact science and can be a guessing game at times but I appreciate George for being honest and not sugarcoating anything.

    I am very happy that George is back in our area. Keep up the good work George!

  • Dixon

    I feel so relieved that George is on WWAY. There is no one else in this area that has his experience. When there is severe weather he is the only one I trust. Thanks!

  • Wilm26

    Wilmington is so lucky to have your reliable expertise available again. So glad you will be here to get us through Irene’s visit and the rest of the hurricane season. Welcome back!

  • Guest

    HAHA, that’s funny! George is the greatest! So very glad he is back.

  • Debbie Dawson

    George,It’s time, we need the down and dirty on this storm no sugar coating,and we know from your past history of hurricanes that you will give it to us straight.Thank you George for your hard work.Thanks Debbie

  • compound4

    What’s going on now????Weather channel says we are in possible line for Irene since she is now going NNW.

  • Guest

    Question: With regards to listening to wway on the radio, is this still possible? If so, is it AM or FM and what is the frequency? Or, is the only option the NOAA issued “weather radios”?

  • Guest757

    I am glad we have both George and Jerry here during this time of the year.. I have been plotting the storm and I see a west shift everytime the models are run. IE at 72 hrs (8-24) the NHC had it at 33.2N and 76.2W. now as of 11AM (48 hrs) it’s 33.3N and 77.1W.

    Wilmington getting really close with this ..
    34.2N and 77.7W

    everyone has to keep watching very carefully. All the hipe from weather channel is New England, but people of Wilmington really have to pay attention to this one.

  • Guest7969

    DO feel you are overreacting if you are freaking out going to the store…if you have some canned goods in the pantry, fill your bath tubs up with water…YOU’LL BE FINE! Freaking out in a panic going to the grocery store with all the other NUTZ isn’t going to help.

  • p.lawson

    i remember that too !
    so happy to see you back with us george !
    if george says ‘leave’! it’s time to leave!!

  • Guest

    Don’t you think it’s a little coincidental that there were no hurricanes this close while George was gone?

  • Gina

    I wouldn’t want to go through a hurricane without you!
    I don’t tell a hurricane story without a nod or two toward you. “…then George Elliot said…”
    Your Biggest Fan :)

  • Jer

    So glad you’re back for Irene George!! I feel much more comfortable with your predictions.

  • Guesty1234

    As I said when George first came back home: I am glad you are back. You are respected and appreciated and you are an excellent meteorologist.

    I am happy that Jerry is the Chief meterologist, he deserved the promotion long before he actually got it. He is excellent and I appreciate his knowledge and I trust his forecasts.

    Having said that, I am very happy that you, George, are once again involved in meteorology. I appreciate your expert knowledge of weather. It is very comforting to have you back talking to us in such a straightforward manner about hurricanes.

    I think the WWAY TV 3 viewers are very fortunate to have three of the best meteorologists ever on board : Jerry Jackson, George Elliott and Chris Phillips. There is room for you all there at WWAY and you all are much appreciated. I hope you ALL stay here at home in the Wilmington area and at WWAY TV 3 and continue to give us the best forecasts in the entire viewing area.

  • Guest

    My weather queen mom will only listen to George. He has gotten her through many storms accurately. Right on George.

  • Anita

    I am so happy George is back! I really trust him and appreciate the no-nonsense way he delivers the weather.
    I wouldn’t want to go through a tropical storm, much less a hurricane, without George!

  • Guest3293

    Call it a joke if you like…I prefer calling it “being safe rather than sorry”. Altough the technology has improved tremendously, no one can predict where this storm’s center will come in on land (if it does). Hurricane Hugo was predicted to come ashore between Wilmington and Myrtle Beach, and at the last minute, it came in just north of Charleston and went toward Charlotte. A lot of people were not prepared for the disasterous effects it had on them. So go figure!!!

  • Guest 4545

    George – thank you for your concise and easy to understand assessment of the impending storm. Too many of your counterparts i.e. Jim Cantore feel the need to hype the storm. Factual reporting is all your viewers ask for.
    You are truly a subject matter expert when it comes to hurricanes in southeastern North Carolina.

  • Guest28451

    The storm isnt going to be anywhere near us. We get worse weather in a severe thunderstorm then when Irene is going to come through. Shes going east by a long ways. I lived up in Jacksonville when Isabel and Ophelia were issues and even then it was a joke. Reality is I think the continuing to hype the storm around here is nothing but sensationalism. Why spend money on supplies you dont need and arent likely to need when money is tight already for many of us is a dis-service at best. But then again IM sure the stores love the panic the newsmedia is trying to force down peoples throats. Now if you lived up near OBX you might have something to worry about but last time I checked were all here in SE NC not in Dare, Hyde, Tyrell.

  • guest111

    I remember that!! Isn’t that when they sent him to the couch to rest???

  • Guest

    Irene is more than 800 miles in diameter and it is headed up the coast. I think it will make landfall just north of Virginia somewhere. The barometric pressure has dropped to 957 millibars and with water temps at 86 I believe this storm will build to category 4 status still even though they are calling for a cat.3 status so far. All of the conditions are right for this story to continue to build with a very well formed eyewall. Get ready Virginia because you’re going to get some serious wind and rain and if this storm continues to build the wave pushed in front of it is going to be one of the biggest ever seen in history.

  • Guest654321

    George, WWAY,

    Could someone please find the old video from Hurricane Bonnie (I think) when George had his tie tied around his head?

  • Cyndi

    I trust George Elliott more than anybody, and have for YEARS! I’m so thankful that the Wilmington viewing area has him around to keep us safe & prepared. Thank you George!!!! :-)

  • WX_Guy

    When the wind blows and the rain falls, one likes to see and hear a practiced hand at the helm. We are very fortunate to have you George and we appreciate you sharing your vast experience and knowledge in such a pleasant and even keeled manner. With Jerry and Asha, I am confident that WWAY will have the very best local coverage of the storm on the air, serving the public in a most professional manner. WWAY has the Superbowl team of weather forecasting and coverage. In the likely event that cable goes down, will you be making your coverage available via simulcast on radio as well?

  • Rachel

    I’ve started my preparations, and the stores are going crazy. Lowes & Walmart were an absolute zoo today, people stocking up with water & food. If you wait too long…there wont be anything left, or you will be stuck in complete chaos in the stores last minute. These storms are very serious, and not to be taken lightly. Even if we don’t get hit, it’s worth being safe than sorry!!

  • Debbie

    George thank you for being here, you are the person we need around to keep everyone posted on the storm.How big is the storm,if it does vear to the east what can we expected in Wilmington as far as wind and rain.thank you again for being here.Debbie

  • Guest

    WOW..nice to see you George,hope you are back for good.WE have miss you

  • John

    Statistics say we are due for a major storm. Get your stuff prepared today. Supplies will be gone on Thursday. Generators were flying off the racks this morning at lowes at 8am. They are well worth the piece of mind alone. A day or two without power is the pits. Also remember to fill your propane tanks for cooking on the grill.

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