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TABOR CITY, NC (WWAY) — A teen with ties to former state Sen. R.C. Soles is still on the run tonight.

Tabor City Police say Allen “Frog” Strickland called Chief Donald Dowless Saturday and said he would turn himself in this morning. At last check, the teen has not shown up.

According to investigators Strickland showed up at the home of Soles last week. The teen allegedly threw a bottle at Soles’s car, but police say the vehicle was not damaged.

Forty-five minutes later Frog showed up at a nearby gas station and cut off his GPS monitor. He has been considered a fugitive since.


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  • Guest

    Come on WWAY, can’t you find something else to report?

  • JusticeNow

    A mockery of the justice system … a waste of time for law enforcement … isn’t there more important news …

    Well, I agree – to a point. What if RC had been a Republican all these years – chasing after teenaged girls … buying them cars, giving them cash, purchasing homes and land … etc etc? I’d just bet Boy Scout Roy Cooper, our alleged state Attorney General, would have been zealously pursuing Soles.

    I don’t understand why whoever put up the $1 million bond/bail (can’t keep straight which is which) isn’t public knowledge. If it involves a crime against the state, shouldn’t that be public? Why is this being kept secret? And if Soles did put up the $$$, isn’t that cause for ethics violation charges against him, as an attorney? Why doesn’t the NC Bar care? Dumb question – most attorneys are Democrats.

    Something tells me a whole lot of people way up the food chain just want this whole Soles drama to disappear.

    The point is – if Soles did molest young boys, he should be held responsible for his illegal, criminal, and immoral behavior. That goes for the hundreds of cases against Roman Catholic priests – it goes for old goats molesting young girls, and it should go for a good-ole-boy Democrat, too. Few things disgust me more than a person in a position of power, taking advantage of a young boy or girl.

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