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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Wilmington Police have released the incident report regarding their stop at New Hanover County Commissioner Brian Berger’s house Monday night. It refutes much of what Berger said in an e-mail today to Police Chief Ralph Evangelous in which he claims officers lied on a police report.

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Police also released a photo Berger’s girlfriend forwarded them that is reportedly of of Berger’s arm. The records also include a text Blaylock forwarded reportedly from Berger thant reads "You will never have to worry about me ev er again. I’m sorry."

In his e-mail to Evangelous, Berger disputed claims that he had injuries from a razor or that he had a pistol in his home, but that he did have a rifle. The narrative, though, says after Berger finally agreed to open his backdoor and talk with officers, he showed them cuts on his arm and gauze wrapped around his wrist. The narrative says Berger told police he had cut himself on purpose. The narrative also says that when an officer accompanied Berger into the house so the commissioner could change clothes to go to the hospital, the officer noticed and seized a rifle Berger said he had loaded that night.

In his e-mail Berger also disputed the report mentioning that alcohol or drugs were involved. According to the narrative, Berger told an officer he had been depressed since his June arrest, and that he had been taking anti-depressants and receiving professional therapy.

According to the narrative, Berger only went to the hospital after police gave him a choice of going voluntarily or being committed. Police say Berger chose to go voluntarily on the condition no one alert the media and if he was given a ride home after treatment. The commissioner eventually returned home in a taxi, according to the narrative.


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  • smythe

    This guy complains that the report is a lie and that one of the lies is a handgun was seized. Nowhere in the report does it say a word abotu a handgun, just the rifle that he happened to be loading for no reason at night. This guy is way out of touch with reality even when he’s not loaded. And I thought Katherine Moore was as crazy as it could get.

  • Guest3293

    You are so right!!! It will definately take more than officials in Columbus and New Hanover Counties to manage these idiots. These have been ongoing issues for a while now…it is obvious that nothing will be done on the local level. My vote is for Jerry Springer, he seems to have more experience with these types low lifes.

  • Straight Shooter

    If you had seen my many posts in opposition to this wacko since long before the election, you would know I didn’t vote for Berger! Now the issue is how to get rid of him! He is too stupid to do the job and too stupid to step down!

  • Northchase

    Brian Berger got elected because Sid Causey, the former Sheriff, who was running for county commissioner also; had been embroiled in a 2 million dollar county lawsuit with his department; accepting responsibility for the death of college student Peyton Strickland.

  • Carol Kramer

    And I thought to myself, if an election were held tomorrow, I’d still vote for Mr. Berger over Mr. Caster.

  • Realist

    “YOU” elected the “IDIOT”

  • newshog

    I believe Dr. Phil should get involved. He can do joint therepy with Berger, R C Soles, and Frog……Wait a second, maybe it should be Jerry Springer instead of Dr. Phil.

  • Schizophrenic-watch

    Please tell your viewers to appear today Thursday September 1 at 5pm 3rd & Princess for the planning meeting vote on this issue for everyone that is downstream on the Cape Fear River through Wilmington, through Carolina & Kure Beach and past Southport

  • Guest

    It’s hard to have empathy for Berger when he continuously lies, and doesn’t takes responsibility for his actions. He is always the victim. I do agree that he needs professional help. Maybe his family should get involved.

  • Straight Shooter

    Our county has serious business to deal with, Berger is nothing more than a distraction. We should push and support our county leaders in finding a way to get rid of this IDIOT!

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