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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A New Hanover County Sheriff’s deputy has quit after being pulled over for drunk driving.

The Sheriff’s Office says Highway Patrol stopped Lt. Lawrence Miller for DWI over the Labor Day weekend. Troopers stopped Miller during a checkpoint at the Snows Cut Bridge.

Miller has resigned from the Sheriff’s Office before an internal investigation concluded.

“I continue to stand firm on my position concerning alcohol related incidents,” Sheriff Ed McMahon said in a statement of his zero-tolerance policy.

Miller was a 19-year veteran with the Sheriff’s Office. He is at least the fourth Sheriff’s Office employee to quit or be fired after an arrest since May 2010.


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  • Guest87

    See the smirk on his face, he isn’t worried at all. He resigned so when he goes to court, “his” buddies will slap his hand , pat him on the back and say how sorry they are for him….boo hoo hoo, poor Lt. Miller, losing his job, his career….how will he pay his bills, how will he survive? He knows the Judges in New Hanover County, and having worked in the jail he has worked under all of them. Why don’t you people leave him alone….don’t you all see HE IS THE VICTIM of a NCSHP Trooper with a quota to fill. He will get the very minimum. He isn’t worried. Remember “he knows people who know people, that know people”. He won’t do a day in jail, no probation, he “might” pay court cost, surely he will get a limited privilege license to go back and forth, and come November when he goes to court, you know in New Hanover County where his “buddies” work…..no one will care…..it will all be swept under the rug. Wonder if the Judge will ban the Media? Ha Ha Ha you know because of the “sensitive” information.


    of deputies being fired or resigning in a little over a year, does not say much as who is out there upholding our laws does it. The law enforcement community wonders why there is no respect for them..DUH

  • jeff daughtry

    the trooper didn’t give him the dwi,he earned it himself

  • Guest9865

    If he did in fact commit these charges… ( it has yet to be proven) he will have his day in court

    Through COUNTY EMPLOYMENT RECORDS you can verify that Mr. Miller has NOT worked for NHCSD for 19 years consecutively, he actually came to work for NHCSD in 2002 after having worked with the Brunswick County Sheriffs Department, after having ORIGINALLY worked for the NHCSD.His total years of Law Enforcement may possibly be 19 years, but he has switched back and forth from NHCSD to BCSD then back to NHCSD. (and yes we know him professionally) And for those that say because he resigned he will keep his certification, that may be nice but first offense DUI “USUALLY” carries a MANDITORY revocation, so he won’t be driving anything until that is resolved, if in fact he does lose his drivers license. Or it may all get thrown out of court and resolve itself.

    Yes, we have ALL made mistakes, yes, we have ALL made poor choices. And like all of us with things that have gone wrong Mr. Miller will work through this.

    No where did it say he refused a breath test, or indicate what he blew for that matter ( not that we read)…..but the FACT is a NCSHP Trooper ARRESTED him for Driving While Impaired, during a BOOZE IT AND LOSE IT ROAD BLOCK! There is no “brotherhood” it was this STATE TROOPERS RESPONSIBILITY to do what he did. If you have ever gone through a road block, there are many troopers, and LEO’s all around.Not one specific Trooper or LEO calls the shots.

    Mistake, yes, it was a mistake that he didn’t call a cab to drive him home. Sad that he made the choice to resign BEFORE the internal affairs had completed their investigation into the matter, in which he could have very well been CLEARED of all charges. And still may very well be cleared.

    There is a reason for having such a strict DUI law….. you drink you drive…. you CAN kill someone. The “victims” in this are Mr. Millers children. Hopefully Mr. Miller can get things back on track and move forward. We sincerely wish him the best.

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