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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A leaky, out-dated water system means repairs, and that means money. And guess who gets to pay?

The Cape Fear Public Utility Authority board today approved a $52 million bond sale to update the water and sewer systems in Wilmington and New Hanover County.

The system has been plagued by leaks and service problems because of the outdated systems and connections. When the utility was formed it identified $400 million in needed improvements, many of which are required by state and federal law.

The cost of the latest CFPUA bonds will be passed on to users, who will see an increase in their bills in 2013 and each of the following three years.

Board chair Jim Quinn told WWAY the repairs and money borrowed with these bonds is not optional.


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  • SurfCityTom

    by yours truly.

    I can not speak for the porch monkey. But if he could speak, he would note this bond referendum will take 25 years to repay, not 3 or 4, as have been alluded to.

    He would also ask how many peanuts and bananas could be bought for $75,000,000.

  • Guest99x

    7969, I’d more want to describe CFPUA as a poison pill rather than a scapegoat.

    Look at how many of our “elected” officials are allied with real estate development and construction related fields; both in Wilmington and New Hangover County.

    I hope that Surf City Tom will forgive me for stealing one of his turns of phrase from another thread…. I would vote for a porch monkey before ANYONE related to real estate in the upcoming election cycle.

  • Guest99x

    How does a wash-out who couldn’t get re-elected to the relatively menial position of Wilmington City Council manage to float to the top of this fine entity called the CFPUA?

    Jim Quinn says this debt cast onto the backs of the rate payers is “not optional”???

    This board needs to be run by engineers, not ersatz real estate developers who got away with not paying for infrastructure while lining their pockets.

  • Guest7969

    ANOTHER out of control GOVERNMENT organization….called down there to cancel my “service” the other day…CAN’T…must have a completed HUD statement…I asked if it was a service…WHY I couldn’t drop it…said I couldn’t…I then said…IT’S A TAX THEN…if you force me to pay for your service..it ISN’T a service at all…if I call Progress Energy and cancel my electric SERVICE…they could care LESS why….

    Course…CFPUA is being used as a SCAPE GOAT because our ELECTED leadership can’t and WON’T do their jobs!

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