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BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — A Brunswick County family is upset after a five-year-old girl was put on the wrong school bus and dropped off at the Walmart in Leland. Relatives say it happened at Town Creek Elementary Monday. A school district spokeswoman confirms the incident happened.

The school district released the following statement this afternoon:

“On the afternoon of September 12 a kindergarten student at Town Creek Elementary School boarded the wrong school bus and later got off the bus at a stop near her parent’s place of employment. Fortunately, the student was reunited safely with her parent. Brunswick County Schools deeply regrets this unfortunate incident and accepts responsibility to ensure incidents of this nature do not occur in the future.

“Schools actively take precautionary measures designed to prevent situations such as this from occurring. As a result of yesterday’s incident, elementary schools throughout the system reviewed their practices to ensure clear labeling either by sticker, head or wristband all young students to ensure bus drivers verify students are on the correct bus. Specifically Town Creek Elementary School designed and implemented colored headbands for all young students corresponding to the driver’s colored headband.

“There remains an ongoing investigation into personnel actions resulting in yesterday’s incident.”

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  • Guest 1313

    How can you sit there and criticize the mother? She is a working mother. She stated she gets up every morning and has breakfast with this child and then takes her to school. You want to talk negatively about a parent, why don’t you find yourself one of these lazy mothers around this county. That could give less than a crap whether their child gets up and goes to school, if they have anything to eat before school, gives a hoot about supplies or clothes or lunch money, etc. There’s someone to talk negatively about, but NOT this woman!! She’s obviously trying!! Let me ask you this…How many employers do you know, that you could ask to get off every day at 2:30pm to pick up your child and take the to daycare??? Think about that. And if you can’t trust the school employees…then are you not supposed to send your kids to school? Try not doing that for 8 days and see where you end up…The Brunswick County Courthouse. What I really want to know is what would your solution be??? Please explain this to me. Because at this point, all you seem to be is a person that has way to much time on there hands that likes to annoy the people on this site. A SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS man….I doubt that!! But if you are so successful, why don’t you offer this woman a job from 8:30am to 2:30pm everyday???????? And have you ever heard that old saying in school….”it’s better to sit back and be thought a FOOL, than to OPEN your mouth and remove all doubt”? You must have been skipping class that day!!

  • QTPI

    Thank you, thank you, thank you oh GREAT WHITE HOPE, for your gracious observations of our literary ineptitude, as well as the shining examples of your literary prowess. This is why, we cretins, are so proud to have you amongst us. I don’t know how we have been able to function without your kind and genteel tutelage. Your admonishments will be duly noted and acted upon as soon as hell freezes over. What does any of your clap trap have to do with the story at hand. I don’t read these comments to find out who will win the next spelling bee. I read them to hear other peoples observations are of the on the news story at hand. Opinionitis is a form of mental constipation. Stick to the storyline only please.

    Sweet little ole southern girl…………….oops………..that’s old……….almost slipped up until I heard your anal sphincter whistle,squeak,belch or whatever that comical noise was………………..bless your heart

  • CM

    Well, I don’t no speak the qweens english but I just think what done happen to that little girl angle of god was horrible folks, just horrible! That bus driver wommen is the spawn of satin. Doncha yall be judging her momma for not drivin her to school until you walks a few moons in her dadgum moccasins and try providing for a families! We gotta stop busing kids cross town and go back to local schools and that aint rasist no matter whats all sharpton says cause people cant spell good no more.

    Is that a bit more fitting? : )

  • Guest1

    Uh…..you’re going to have to bring your excellent grammar down several notches if you want people posting on this forum to understand you. For example:

    gerund/canards/quasi-illiterate proletarians

    That’s just too far above the range of comprehension for some of them (I’ll let them guess which)….bless their little hearts.

  • CM

    Let me state emphatically that I am not a grammar Nazi and I couldn’t tell you what a gerund is or diagram a statement. At the same time, the caliber of these posts is nothing short of embarrassing: “Gauardian Angle/We want to NO/Them slow learners.” Is this a joke? People, read and edit before you post. Use spellcheck, punctuate and capitalize properly. You will not be taken seriously if your writing is so poor one can hear the accent and twang all the way in cyberspace.

    With regards to the topic I share in the general sentiments of anger and outrage. This must have been very traumatic for both the poor child and the mother. Such an incident is further evidence that the busing experiment has failed and we need to return to community schools. Tired canards against community schools that allege racism and segregation hold no water anymore. We cannot continue to suffer under this failed system which, obviously as seen here, produced a generation of quasi-illiterate proletarians.

  • anne

    There is absolutely no excuse or justification for what happened. The school will start playing the blame game, but everyone is to blame. Perhaps they need to re-think letting 5th graders get children to the buses if that is what they are doing. The principal needs to be upfront about this and re-evaluate the school policy. First of all, the bus driver needs suspension until this is cleared up. He/she has no excuse for what they did – I am sure they are in a hurry to get kids dropped off, but she failed in her job to protect that child. The school board needs to investigate NOW and get clarification on what happened and make sure that it doesn’t happen again. This ended up happily – it could have been worse and no child should have to pay for someone elses stupidity and disregard.

    I don’t think the parent should sue, but she should make sure this is taken care of and keep us informed of what is going on.

    And for some of you that have made such crass, stupid remarks about this situation – it is not funny nor appreciated. I am sure that if it happened to you or a family member, you wouldn’t be laughing.

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