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LELAND, NC (WWAY) — We have learned that a Leland police officer recently filed a harassment charge against the police department – and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission found in her favor late last week.

Multiple sources tell us Sherry Lewis was shot in the private area multiple times with training simulation ammunition by fellow officers.

Her attorney says she was injured by the shots.

Leland Police Chief Timothy Jayne referred our calls to Town Manager Bill Farris.

We called Farris and he told us he couldn’t comment on the story.

The Leland Town Council is scheduled to discuss the matter at their Thursday meeting.


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  • kblue2221984

    You gave yourself a bad name. “Timillicky” Now you will be fired. I’ll be right, cook out my house, any questions dummy? Say’s who? Say’s Kblue!

  • Inside edition

    Actually the car was changed because the TOWN was using the DARE monies for things other than DARE education. Its easy to speculate and spread unwarranted allegations.

  • Pauly 3

    Who are you kidding? You didn’t sign your name either did you? So hiding or what? I really question whether or not you are anything anyway! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Other than J. J. Lightner we know of no other independent investigations made. Maybe you can tell us who, what, when, where and how? He only investigated the misuse of the Chief’s vehicle which he DID find to be true! Between him drivng his kids to school at Rojer Bacon School, Wal Mart, St. Johns Church in Wilmington and yes he did drive to Myrtle Beach to a condo and to several “strip joints” and all being paid for by the citizens. LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Those with the so called lawsuits well maybe just maybe they are standing up for what is right and not dirty of filthy ideas like yours! It can only make things better not worse. Chief Jayne and his cronnies have done this to themselves. They made the mess now they can clean it up by getting the crap out! And yes we all know that Rick wants to become Deputy Chief while Karl wants to become Chief. But to everyone’s amazement Bill asked that the Chief be suspended while Rick wanted him fired. HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!

  • Polly 2

    Who do you think you are. Unless you were there how can you say anything at all. I agree “BILL” or “Officer No Sak” probably wrote this to cover his rear end. Or maybe it was “sell out Rick”. He wouldn’t know how to be forthwith or truthful if the truth snuck up on him and bit him in the rear end. Ask him about the incident at Sturgeon Creek and his bestest buddy. He knew all about that too but convinced him to resign. HAH!!!!!!!!
    Now he’s got a pill head and a no account supposed Detective working for nothing. Why do you think that other agencies come in and make all of the drug arrests? Do you think that they really know what they are doing? NOT!!!! As far as Sherry is concerned she may have not been the greatest but she wore the badge and a lot longer than any of these so called police officers and deserved better than she got! Be a couch potatoe if you want but don’t disrespect the badge. We have earned it and wear it how about you? Just a thought don’t you think that all of the town’s officals knew of this? You bet they did including the only candidate for Mayor!

    liar! liar! liar! liar! Of course you are used to being one anyway huh? You were taught well by your supervisor!

    P.S. Check the records Michelle was never fired from Burgaw. Sherry was never fired from anything either! If you believe this person than I have some land in the Sahara Desert to sell you! The truth will prevail! Pack you bags now or go to yet another agency for work.

  • Guest852

    Hey so called “Source”, first off it’s “ANONYMOUS”. Secondly, you are one to talk about people who want to be ANONYMOUS. Trust me when I say every dog has their day. Some people left other professions not because they couldn’t make it there but to try and serve a better good. I’m sure some of those guys can go back but choose not to.

  • mr. e

    We know your writing these slanderous accusations and we know you have been after sherry’s job for years. Grow up and be a man

  • kmonksmama

    Just to clarify a few things mentioned….
    1- Dare to Care for Children is a foundation Debi and Skip Wittkofsky have created to help children in need. They are VERY close friends with Sherry, and she has done a tremendous amount of work with the foundation and the Wittkofsky’s.
    2- The DARE car the original post mentions is the DARE drug program that is typically in schools. I remember having the DARE program in my school, with the dog as the mascot. The car was NOT purchased by Leland money, yet Leland TOOK the car from them.

  • JBlas

    Pender Couty Sheriff Department defines professional like the un-named captin that was shopping downtown Wilmington for a same sex date(prostatute). I can name many other true professionals within your department. As a 16 yr veteran, probally most of it served in the detention facility, you should know that there is always another side to the story. Silence or Support is the only response our brotherhood needs. Pender County isn’t that where the Lewis Clan lives.


    jokers are why the public has no respect for law enforcement. You might be one of the good ones but when you can go to any news source on the net and see this type of thing why do you think the public will have no respect for your job? Every cop in any dept in the US has knowledge of this type of crap going on but will NOT open their mouths (the brotherhood thing). The point I am making is if an agency like Leland is allowed to get to this point it is the officers there and the ones who have quit that have made it that way. I used to have utmost respect for cops in general BUT in my 59 years I have seen them become as dishonest and crooked as what they are trying to police. They have become a gang of thugs in most cases. Case in point the 2 state troopers caught in Wyoming running blue lights, drinking beer and throwing the empty cans out the windows of the cruiser WHILE on the way to a funeral in another state for a cop killed in the line of duty. They were 31 year veterans!! Brother cops were mad they did not get a pass on it… Take the NHCSD LT that just was caught in a DWI stop another example and people on here thought he deserved a pass, broke the law and deserved no pass! The public is getting fed up with this crap and you and you other cops are suffering for it. Honestly though I don’t think any of you care what the public thinks of you. I would say 75 percent of the public I talk to don’t trust cops no farther than you could throw one. No I have no criminal record so don’t even go there, have security clearances for any military base and nuclear plant in this country.
    Oh and by the way tell your buddies the shaved head deal does not work, no one is intimidated by a bowling ball head or one with the little patch of pubic hair on top..GEEEZ

  • The Source

    This comment is intended to rebut and clarify the statements that have been made falsely and frivolously made in order to protect our officers and the outstanding selfless service they provide…

    I can assure you that corruption is no where in the Leland Police Department and this was founded by and qualified independent investigation agency that looked at the police department and all its entities. Before I begin to set the record straight I would like to address all the Guest posters here that want to remain anonamous, some of whom are officers of the department in question. you are probably the officers that are “ROD” Retired on Duty, the ones that couldn’t make it in the corporate world, the ones that hide behind their hypocritical religious views, the silver spooned mamas boys that never learned the true meaning of an honest days work, food lion managers that didn’t cut it there either, and suite happy sons of wealthy business men. Take some responsibility for your actions and have the intestinal fortitude to self evaluate and be able to admit when you are wrong.
    I’d like to first begin by addressing the only person that did name themselves in this post, Michelle Cox, formerly known as Michelle Gant, of Burgaw. She calls for the SBI investigation of the department and the disbanding of all of the officers within because of corruption. She would personally know about SBI investigations being that she was fired for embezzlement for all of the towns that she worked for. She was fired from Leland for failure to announce this on her application.
    Moving on to Officer Sherri Lewis. Sherri has, in the past, been fired from numerous positions in the Leland Police Department due to her inability to perform the tasks assigned to her. She has, in numerous situations, formally counseled for her lack of officer safety and competence as a law enforcement officer, creating a threat to the safety of other officers the community she served. For example, giving up your weapon in a hostage situation isn’t exactly a tactic they teach at the police academy. Prior to becoming an officer, her and her husband were charged and cited for trafficking and possession of marijuana. During this training in which she claims she was sexually harassed, Officer Lewis endangered the safety of all of the officers on the firing line and was unable to complete the basic tasks to the point where she was removed from the range for retraining. The next day during simunitions training, all officers were instructed to wear additional clothing and padding in the genital areas along with vests. She said that a “piece of paper” was sufficient to protect her genital areas, and ended up getting shot in that area, and many other areas as the article did not mention, because she left herself exposed becoming a target, as did many other officers. It’s training and when using simunitions it is to be expected. While at training she joked that she was shot in her “soft meat” and never complained about the incident until days later.
    Moving on to John Holman, who has received numerous verbal and written counselings due to his lack of honesty and integrity and his inability to complete police tasks, and only upon being disciplined for these inadequacies, he sought out a law suit against the department for sexual harassment and hostile work environment because his friends (at the time) called him “gay”. Never did Officer Holman make any of the complaints until he was removed from his position as detective and then sought retribution. The so called fight that occurred between him and Chief Jayne is a ruse. John Holman was jokingly struck by Jayne in the abdominal area while playing corn hole and Holman was unable to control his temper because of his level of intoxication and had to be restrained by officers at the party. Keep in mind this is at a bachelor party, off duty, in another state, and NO OFFICERS drove anything but their personally owned vehicles and had a designated driver. Also, Officer Holman has recently been granted immunity for an investigation on negligence on his part on a use of force report when he stated in the report that he “rear naked choked” someone.
    In reference to Officer Kozak being corrupt: during this entire investigation Officer Kozak has been cooperative, forthright, and honest with every question asked and at no time has he attempted to cover up any situation.
    As far as Brunswick County doing all the work, you must understand that the Leland Police only respond within the city limits and just because you have Leland as your city or 28451 as your zip does not mean the Leland PD are the ones who are responsible for that area.
    All that being said, I would like to say thank you to those officers who are out on the streets every day, doing the right thing, working long hours for low wages and taking care of the community. The few officers with hidden agendas and lawsuits in the making are the ones that give all of these officers a bad name.

  • PCSO674

    Good thing for these male officers it wasn’t me they did this to … they’d be in a hospital recovering for a very long time, then they’d have to find other jobs because I’d own their department. As a 16 year law enforcement PROFESSIONAL (a term they are clearly not familiar with), it is an absolute disgrace this kind of behavior still exists in our brotherhood. Shame on you!

  • K.W

    he/she is talking about a foundation Mrs Lewis and her husband(who i and my family are very good friends with)have made.Dare To Care is the foundation he/she just spelled it wrong the Leland police wound up charging them for something they had NO business charging anyway so they basically stole money from them.But besides the point,Mrs Lewis is a awesome lady shes nice and she’s all around sweet what they did to her is disgusting and im glad she came out and said what happened.

  • …to get someone on expired registration obviously. A few months back, I was traveling Village Road and passed a vegetable stand near Sturgeon Creek bridge. There must have been 5 Leland police vehicles there, lights flashing, and an older model car (yes, tinted windows if I remember correctly – ha). I thought to myself, “Wow. Whoever was driving that car must be in big trouble.”. A few weeks later, I stopped by the vegetable stand and asked the man who runs it what happened that day. He laughed and said they pulled these guys over that were in the old car and for hours they tried to find something on them, but all they could find was expired registration or something like that. All this hoopla in front of this elderly man’s meager way to make a living detered customers and took money out of his pocket. But, I guess it gave the LPD something to do for an hour or two, because it sure looked like everyone that was on duty was at this one stop.

  • Guest 911

    In all of this talk no one ever mentions who is watching the police. You see abuse of power all across the nation, but no one wants to see it in thier backyard. Like all forms of coruption it must be removed by starting at the top, the next person, the next person and so on. Too many municipalties and government agency’s worry too much about covering up mistakes instead of corrcting them. When this type of behavior is allowed to continue and spread throughout it becomes acceptable behavior. The HEAD of the snake must go. The chopping of the tail does nothing. So many administrations are poisoned by the bullies in charge. The only way to bring this type of corruption to a hault is to do an outide investigation across the board to include police and town personnel. Let them tell there stories under oath without fear of repercusion. You would be surprised at how much truth will come out.The down ide is that the town must be prepared for what they hear and deal with it. It is time for the good officers of Leland who have been degraded into believing they are so messed up only Leland will hire them. These people and there ideas have a lot of good policing to offer to the town. They just need LEADERSHIP. The very thing our current administration is UNABLE to do.Think about it at election time. Which politican is gonna be the one to end the corruption ???? Time is running out..The real winner in the peoples eyes will be the one who’s jobs are terminated, not allowed to resign. Those good police oficers in the past were not given that opportunity. Their careers were ruined for minor trivial stuff.

  • SurfCityTom

    for you.

    Does the town council have a meeting scheduled for this week?

    Will they go into closed session to discuss this issue and a possible resolution?

    This incident took place back in March.

    Does anyone think a Raleigh attorney will have trouble securing a settlement or judgement on this case?

    Remember, it ultimately will be the town’s insurance provider which will determine how much is paid and when.

  • guesty

    Once you are sober.

  • dbw

    Well, Well, Everything is finally starting to come to light in this town. Our so called police department is very good at covering things up, sometimes it takes a while for things to come out. Are our eyes finally opening up? Let see if someone in this town can finally grow a set of balls to discipline there police department, or does the chief control the town counsel too? Well Mrs. Bozeman, our soon to be mayor- what you gonna do about this one, or are you going to shove this one under the door too- like everyone else in the past. It’s time someone takes control of their town. I REALLY THINK THE CITIZENS OF LELAND NEED TO COME TO THE TOWN MEETING THIS THURSDAY AND START DEMANDING THAT SOME HEADS ROLL IN OUR POLICE DEPARTMENT, OR ARE WE GOING TO LET MORE OF OUR HARD EARNED TAX DOLLARS GO TO WASTE PAYING OUR POLICE DEPARTMENT.

  • oosguest

    You should take your own advice. My comment was not in response to a specific posting, but rather to quite a few that wanted the entire PD fired for the actions of a few.

  • Guest20

    I have absolutely no idea what you just said.

    The life of an uneducated man is as useless as the tail of a dog which neither covers its rear end, nor protects it from the bites of insects. Do yourself a favor and go back to school.

  • SurfCityTom

    to many forms of communication. I have to be pretty conversant in street talk.

    Your post makes no sense other than expressing your thought she is a good person. Which may well be true.

  • bill

    sherry lewis is a good person leland took her dair car that leland did not buy now they shoot her wat is next all the cops need to be fired the cheff to they r rent cops

  • Tracie C

    Wow!!! Hey there pot calling the kettle black. Maybe before you JUDGE…you should read this comment as it was SUPPOSED to be taken. I didn’t write the post “Fire Them All” but I did READ and UNDERSTAND that the poster only meant to fire all of the officers involved. Do yourself a favor…we are still in the USA after all….find someone to teach you how to read and interpret what people mean before you answer next time. Although I enjoy watching any pompous ass make a fool of themselves. Thanks for the giggle.

  • Tracie C

    Now we watch as the guilty are protected by anonymity only because they happen to be police officers? And, as usual, the “good ole boys” have to act as one cowardly group. I guess they found this funny? I’d really love to hear this woman’s story. Then I’d like to know how many of these Barney Fife’s have daughters and would it be okay with them to have their daughters bullied the same way by a group of males? Oh no! I’ve got it….their story will be she “let them do it” or she “enticed” them in some way? Isn’t that right “boys”?
    How dumb can the people in power be? I read this after reading a news story about RC Soles sending money to boys in jail, requesting transfers, etc. At some point these types of power hungry idiots need to have accountability.
    These people hold PUBLIC OFFICE!!!! They choose to be in the public eye. Any wrongdoing exposed should mean immediate dismissal.
    Or better yet…provide a group of women some of your “training ammo” and let them spend an hour or so shooting the crotches of the police officers involved in the assault (yes assault) of this female officer. She should be allowed to go first!

  • Shocked

    I am sorry Ms. Lewis had to go through this, but thanks to her I am sure this will result in a review of this Department. Thank you for standing up for yourself. I am sure it was a very tough decision to make. It crossed my mind as to whether you were threatend after you stood up for yourself. If you were I hope you will take this to the furthest extent of the law. My gosh if they treat their own like this how in the world do they treat the people that pay them…the TAXPAYERS. Too bad it is not an eye for an eye and you get to line those IDIOTS up and shoot them in the private area with practice bullets…

  • Concerned2

    Lawless law enforcement officers are dangerous.
    As a licensed driver in NC, I am aware that motorcycles are required to burn their headlights when operating. As a citizen that was concerned for the safety of a Leland policeman on a motorcycle, as well as for the motoring public, I stopped the LPD officer about a year ago and informed him that his headlight wasn’t burning and that he should have it repaired. He informed me that he knew that it wasn’t on because he had turned it off so he could sneak up on motorist before they could spot him. He was willing to put his safety as well as the public’s safety in jeopardy so he could write a seatbelt violation or check someone’s window tint.

  • LA Resident Guest

    Sadly I have to agree with all the negative comments posted about the LAPD……..Protect and Serve – a concept totally lost on this group of law enforcement wanna-be’s. We teach our children to look up to adults and persons of authority yet the example these goons set for our children undermines our efforts. I was witness to an incident involving an elderly person I know and they were rude and loud, cut off the person mid-sentence and belittled the individual with no crime in question; this person merely asked for information about “current law”. I guess being rude was to hide their ignorance, because what they told the person was incorrect according to the NCDMV website. Unfortunately, my 14 and 16 yr old boys witnessed this too and asked me “Tell me again why I should respect them?” I know there are good law enforcement officers in the New Hanover/Brunswick county area, but the LAPD does NOT fall in that category.

  • oosguest

    To all of you who say FIRE THEM ALL….what about the ones that are good decent hard working cops? Everyone is entitled to a fair hearing or have you forgotten that Leland is still in the USA?
    The guilty officers should be terminated, supervisors aware of this incident that looked the other way should also be let go. The officers that were not at this training exercise or did not participate in the cruel treatment of the female officer should not be punished.
    Walk a mile in their shoes, deal with the danger and out and out scum that they deal with daily and then be a judge!

  • Das Weibstück

    I say the men get lined up and let her shoot their privates, see how they like it. What a bunch of total immature twits. Fire them all.

  • DBW



    that was fired from the NHCSD will probably go there, he would fit right in.

  • Guest

    How can the Leland Police Chief run a department when he can’t behave himself at a Little League baseball game?

  • Guest

    Ok first off these police officers put their life at risk everyday to protect you and all you guys can do is say bad things about them. Enough with all the name calling. Anyone ever think that maybe this officer should be glad that it happened during a training session and not in real life or she could be dead. Its clear she needs more training if she keeps getting shot! (regardless where it is that she is being shot) besides if I was going to shoot a female with paintball or what ever they use it wouldn’t be in the “privite area” it would be the breast so come on is this really harassment or someone that sucks at their job and wants a nice payday?

  • Guest

    When is the Chief going to man-up, take responsibility for the actions of the officers under him & resign! He knew these actions were going on and did nothing to stop it! Heads should roll!!!!!

  • Guest 4545

    Professional law enforcement agencies recognize Leland PD for what it is “out of control cowboys”!

  • Grateful Citizen

    Coming from a woman, I disagree! If this were a real situation and a female criminal was holding a weapon down low (near privates), I would hope that officers wouldn’t be hesitant to shoot at the weapon or the person if they were threatened, which is usually instinct. Sounds like this was a good training exercise that was just blown out of proportion because someone took it ‘personally’.
    It seems to me that no one looks at the good things that Leland and other police depts do for the community that is not even in their job description PLUS protecting and serving!!
    I don’t understand why people are so quick to judge and add negative comments (that are totally opinionated) and no one gives appreciation where it is due!
    Just think…the officers will continue to protect and serve…even to those that are making the negative comments. Doesn’t seem quite fair to me!

  • SurfCityTom

    for a minute. Shot in the “private area”. I thought, what is this, a private shooting gallery? Then the lights came on.

    I’ve heard of and witnessed stupid acts before. But given the training an officer must undergo to receive certification, this one tops the list.

    This even exceeds Frog cutting off his GPS monitor; and I thought that was about as dumb as it gets.

    Realizing there may be a suit for damages, and any action, prior to that suit’s resolution, may impact the results, the officers involved have to go. For that matter, the range supervisor must go; and the Chief must go as it appears he took no action after the incident — at least none that has made it to the media.

    If that means the entire force is decimated, so be it. Get the Governor to send some Troopers down to maintain order until a new Chief and batch of officers can be hired.

    It takes a lot to shock me. I’m shocked.

  • Guest

    It’s not just the police Dept. The entire town administration thinks they are above the law-they constantly are covering up things. I am sure there are more to come. Just wait and see it takes the EEOC a while to complete their investigations so who knows what else has gone on in the last couple of years.

  • megan lewis

    Mrs. Lewis did not deserve this! And residence of Leland do not deserve crooked cops like these guys! I don’t understand why they are not behind bars themselves! Why do they get away with acting like this and acting like this everyday. She was the best thing but yet this happened to her
    …sexiest, worthless people serving our community!

  • Gary R..

    This act of stupidity doesn’t surprise me. I can tell you for sure that one single cop wasn’t involved because these jerks in the LPD can’t do anything alone. Has anyone ever saw one of these jerks pull anyone over alone. It takes two and three to make a simple traffic stop. I was with my son when he was pulled for illegal tint on his windows ( FACTORY TINT) I may add and it took two officers in cars, one on a motorcycle, and one K-9 unit to write a simple warning ticket. I hope when the FBI and SBI get through with the investigation the entire bunch of crooks will be fired.I’ve known Officer Lewis for many years and she doesn’t deserve this kind of harassment from those bunch of jerks

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