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COLUMBUS COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — The magistrate who issued a criminal summons for R.C. Soles yesterday says there was no reason to arrest the former senator, who was accused of beating a man.

Magistrate Tucker Ward says it was left to his discretion whether to arrest Soles or to serve him with a criminal summons.

Soles is charged with assault with a deadly weapon after Frankie Lee Jernigan claimed soles hit him in the face with a metal cane.

Ward says Soles decided to only issue the summons because he believes Soles is not a flight risk. The former senator is scheduled for a hearing on October 21.


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  • SurfCityTom

    and that seems to be all many of you Taborcitites do is stand on the sideline and spout off, the Magistrate did issue a summons which means there is a criminal charge pending.

    Too bad you apparently failed reading comprehension.

    Of course, in the absence of a firearm, I am still wondering how an old man, nearing 80 years of age, could physically threaten someone in their 20s.

  • Watching from the Sidelines

    Magistrate Tucker “Mack” Ward made a wrong decision in my opinion for not charging RC Soles with assault. Frankie Jernigan has visible signs of injury and according to his testimony Soles is the one who assaulted him. Considering the fact that Soles and Jernigan have had several encounters that didn’t escalate to violence, Ward should still have issued a warrant of assault against Soles.

    North Carolina laws are for everyone. There are no people above the law. Since former senator Soles helped make this laws, he of all people knew whenever he assaulted Jerningan what the consequences would be. But, I can just about bet you Soles knew no magistrate would charge him with assault. Magistrate Ward has shown that the law he is supposed to enforce is not for all people since he positioned himself with Soles and didn’t, in my opinion, take the correct stand and issue Soles with a warrant. This is absolutely unfair and unjust to the rest of the citizens of Columbus County as well as North Carolina. This makes me think that if Soles killed one of those guys, he wouldn’t be charged. I think the SBI needs to investigate Magistrate Ward as well. Magistrates aren’t lawyers, just former police officers. Their interpretation of the law is not always correct as in this case with Soles and Jernigan. Same on you, Mack Ward for not being brave enough to do your job correctly.

  • RSimmons

    to be 28 and having your butt kicked by a 76 year old man for refusing to reenact the Broke Back Mountain tent scene with him.

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