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LELAND, NC (WWAY) — As we first told you earlier this week, former Leland Police officer Sherry Lewis was shot in the groin multiple times during a training exercise in march. WWAY sat down with a long time friend of hers and found out more about what happened that day.

Skip Wittkofski has worked closely with Lewis for years when she helped with the D.A.R.E. program. He says he was one of the first people she called after being shot.

“Sherry called me two days after this happened and sherry’s a tough person,” says Wittkofski. “I mean she’s really a tough person and she was just about in tears when she was talking to me.”

He says several officers shot Lewis during the training exercise.

“I’ve seen the photos and she’s bruised between the legs between both legs about twelve inches, almost to her knees,” said Wittkofski. “Sherry said they laughed about it. She kept telling them a few times to stop shooting her there.”

The Town of Leland agreed to settle with Lewis. Their insurance company will pay her and her attorney $25,000.

“Sherry is a tough, tough lady, but after this happened, it just broke her down and tore her apart,” said Wittkofski.

Lewis, who has been with Leland PD for ten years, also agreed to resign her position.

Wittkofski says Lewis has since had to get medical treatment for her injuries and is also seeing a psychologist.


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  • bkGuest

    This just in: angry recluses STILL UPSET about that damn cup of coffee lawsuit.

  • Kblue22284

    No one ever said “the whole department” So stop dragging them into this. Their are some really great guys working here. Its the same names over and over and over. Its all about the “Timillicky Show” Timothy “low blow Billy” Jayne. Ricky “waste of air” Delapea, And Bill “I Love Me” Kozak. OMG!!! I GOT IT!!!! Let’s hire a Private Investigator!!!??? I —->”ASSUME”<---- he/she can fix all of this!!! I mean I "ASSUME" he/she went to Private Investigator School? "Change the channel!!?? I once again "assume" this will make it go away? Yall are a mess. K.Blue

  • jeanne rhein

    I am sure she was aware of the dangers she would face on a daily basis in law enforcement. I am also pretty sure she did not expect these dangers or mistreatment to come from her fellow officer’s. The Leland police dept has had a terrible rep from day one. The mere fact that they are in law enforcement in no ways excuses them from the rules and regulations everyone else has to abide by. If she did not have a case then why not fight, why pay and hope it would go away. I guess what you are saying is if they had also shot her in the breast area and she had held out for more money then it would be believable.

  • it dosent matter

    I know Ms. Lewis, and she was a great part of Leland and what happened is only known by Ms. Lewis and the officers present. There are many folks who will miss Sherry to include myself, but there are so many facts that have been so completely twisted and re-phrased to suit WWAY’s agenda. It seems that the commenters believe that every officer in Leland is completely corrupt and totally useless. So in essence I wish Ms. Lewis the best, but really…..all the officers are currupt? Please people realize that you are making an assumption about a large group of people whom you do not know, nor may you ever meet. A large reason that you are unaware of this information is that WWAY is removing the positive comments about the Leland Police Department, I guess the fire will burn out if you allow water to be present. The fact that WWAY is so completely biased is utterly sickening, but at least there are alternatives….change the channel. Its not like it really matters anyway, your not going to post this.


    Have you ever watched these jerks out on the four lane (74/76) They sit there waiting to catch a speeder and let him go a few miles ahead before they start to go after them. Then they en-danger everones lives by speeding over 120mph to catch them. I have seen this a dozen times in the past 2 years. They act like a bunch of teenagers, not adults. They do not deserve to keep their jobs.E

  • Sheree Harrell

    Sex Discrimination like this should not be tolerated. The men who did this should be fired! The Leland Police Department has lost the Public Trust in these men. Purely sickening. God bless her male friend for speaking out about this horrible behavior.

  • Guest1033

    I guess everybody forgets that there are two sides to every story but that doesn’t matter right? It seems like we have tried and convicted the LPD because, God knows, if WWAY reports it it must be true. You guys sound like a bigger bunch of thugs than what you are making LPD out to be. When I read some of these dumbass comments from you people I can see how Casey Anthony got off and how the idiot that spilled hot coffee on themselves got so rich. People keep saying how unfair it was that she had to resign and that her lawyer wasn’t as prepared as the town’s. SHE agreed to the terms, SHE agreed to resign. Nobody forced her to take that deal, she could have pushed it further but she didn’t. SHE felt that the deal was fair. That would lead one to believe that she got exactly what she was looking for the whole time..a payday. I’m sure that WWAY’s “independant sources” include a disgruntled former employee whom was fired. Maybe WWAY should look into their source’s pasts..you will be suprised what you may find if you are looking under the right name. Just remember everything the news says is not always the truth.

  • Sparrish

    She received her whole $10,000 after taxes… If you get in a car accident and sue the other driver.. The insurance company gives you $10,000 almost automatically bc it’s cheaper than going to court. It seems the town got their money’s worth… $ 25,000 to make her go away! It seems to me she was looking for a lawsuit from the start. If this guy Skip saw the pictures and the pictures were marks to her legs .. Then that is not her “Groin area”!!! Seems odd that if they were harassing this poor lady, it would be in the groin area and not her breast!! How many times did she get hit in her “breast area”?
    Wake up people… This sounds like an ambulance chasing attorney and a lady who was looking for a payday. Most people would have sued for at least their worth… And would have sued to have kept their job. Unless she was only making $18,000 year .. She knew she didn’t have a case and settled for what she could get…
    How it’s poor pitiful me.. now we the tax payers must pay her to laugh all the way to the bank! Get real.. Officers put their lives on the line everyday and must see and experience horrible things… If this lady has to see a psychologist from this one incident, then she never deserved to wear that badge. Were there any other harassment incidents we don’t know about?? I’m sure if there were she would have already released that to the media or had one of the “Lewis’s” posting unsense on this website do it for her!!

  • Polly 2

    Way to tell the truth Skip. These guys are scum. They are fooling the people in the community they pretend to like and respect. All they care about are themselves! They will lie to everyone, open your eyes people!

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