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LELAND, NC (WWAY) — The Town of Leland agreed to settle with a Leland Police officer who was shot in the groin multiple times with training ammunition during an exercise.

The town’s insurance company will pay Sherry Lewis $18,750 and her attorney $6,250. Lewis also agrees to resign her position, and neither party will admit fault or liability.

We asked Town Manager Bill Farris if the officer that shot Lewis had been disciplined.

“I couldn’t tell you an answer to that,” Farris said. “I don’t know that anybody shot anybody.”

Then we asked if he denied the shooting happened.

“I’m not denying anything,” Farris said. Then he got up and left the interview.

We also asked Mayor Walter Futch about the incident, which happened in March. He said he hadn’t talked to Farris about it until yesterday and added that Hurricane Irene, which passed through our area in three weeks ago, had taken up most of his time lately.

When asked about Police Chief Tim Jayne punching another officer, Futch said he hadn’t talked to Farris about that issue. Futch said he’s not involved with hiring and firing, and that he left that up to Farris.

We asked Futch if he was Farris’s boss. He said he wasn’t, but finally admitted that the council actually was, but that he would need at least three votes to do anything about Farris.

“I’m out of touch. That’s exactly right,” Futch said. “I stay in my purview, which is policy making, and I let the town manager handle all the other stuff. I don’t think it’s appropriate for me to tell him what to do.”

We asked Chief Jayne for a comment as well. He told us he needed to step out and that he would be right back, but then got in his car and left.

Mayor Futch has agreed to join us for a live follow-up interview Friday during WWAY NewsChannel 3 at 5:30 p.m.


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  • Guest879879

    I couldn’t agree more! Well said.

  • Not at all surprised

    I would like to let Sherry know that there are so many people in Leland that appreciate all the things she has done in the past. What a hard working, genuinely good person! She ALWAYS busted her butt for the Department and for the Town. There are several teens that probably would not have even made it through high school if it were not for Sherry. Good for you Sherry… for finally speaking up ! I can remember when the officers treated you like crap 5 years ago…It didn’t start with Mr. Jayne…What was that last chiefs name?..You know, the one who looked like Charley Chann…ha What a jerk and a joke…and always did nothing about similar things that went on. You know, how do these things continually keep getting swept under the rug? I thought when they hired Jayne, he may change things some. I guess not. To all of you people that think Sherry has been waiting for an opportunity to file a suit and then retire with loads of money….get real…she loved her work… when they crapped on her several years back and while she worked with the teens at the high school..she loved it all. Too bad the LAPD jokers aren’t more like her.
    To the guys that repeatedly shot Sherry….Do you have a Mother ? You know Sherry has a son. How would you like to hear that someone did your Mother that way? What goes around comes around…you did it to yourselves.
    Town of Leland……wake up….there are so many things that happen at Town Hall and get covered up ..you would be amazed!


    you think there were any positive comments about Leland??? A turd is a turd..

  • Guest00000

    Why is it that the comments that have been pro-leland police have been removed by WWAY? WWAY decides to sensationalize a story that HAS been resolved, and also allow people with problems with the Leland Police Department to have an open forum to bash anyone by name, rank, or position, without regard to the facts in the issue and anyone who has an opinion other that which will continue to drive this story, is deleted. Just another reason why WWAY is the Weekly World News of the local news industry.



  • Jean Sidbury

    Officer Lewis had to resign her position????? Then Jayne should have to resign his….and ALL officers involved…this is so unfair…Sherry is one of the BEST they ever had….she REALLY cared….This makes me want to spit bullets. What an idiot Chief…Would a MALE officer have to resign if the complaint had been the other way around? I DON’T THINK SO!!!

  • Brunswick County Resident

    Anyone who has ever worked for Leland or lives in Leland knows that the Mayor is in control. Bill Farris and Walter Futch meet regularly behind closed doors and Bill Farris does exactly as he is told. Make no mistake he is 100% involved in the personnel issues because in the Town of Leland it is his way or the highway.In fact they wheel and deal and decide what they want, then they decide what lies they will present to the rest of the council so they can get things their way.The Mayor is trying to save face for his future political ambitions. Bill Sue, you need to protect your spot when you leave or all of Brunswick County will be hurting.The same goes for the reset of the Council. Those with political dreams will look the other way, say they weren’t aware, but in reality they cave just so they can keep what they think they have.

    As far as the amount that is probably all the Town of Leland was willing to offer because they need to hold on to some. They probably have future claims coming.

    Bill Farris is already scheduled to retire and don’t be surprised if the town forces Jayne out. Oh, and by the way, the force out will come at a price. It will be presented to the public that it was mutual but in fact they will pay him to resign because that is the way they operate. Instead of handling things they just dump.

  • Peyton Garrett

    Walter Futch, What a loudmouth jerk. He is usually in touch with anything he can become controversial about, get his name to the forefront. Town personnel? He is like Sergeant Shultz. I see nothing, I know nothing. Walter, You better learn something about the character of your Key personnel or else Leland’s insurance carrier will be writing more checks. Perhaps You have known about the shenanigans going on because You are right in the middle of them?

  • SurfCityTom

    as predicted yesterday, the papers have been drawn up and a payment agreed to. The attorney gets 25% of the total amount paid for what appears to be little work.

    But, did the agreement release the Police Chief and Town Manager from personal liability? The report only refers to the town. If it did not, she has 3 years, from last March, to bring actions against those persons.

    Will she work again in law enforcement, someone asked? Good question. She did nothing wrong as evidenced in a check being written with her name on it. One might think Sheriff Ingram or Sheriff MaMann would discuss a position on their staffs with her.

    Can she file for workers comepnsation benefits? Good question; and one which I would hesitate to answer without reviewing the agreement which accompanies her payment.

    Next Step–let the voters begin raising enough cain with the elected officials and perhaps the Town Manager will be encouraged to seek alternate employment. Voters — it’sin your court now.

  • Leland Boy

    Stay with this story WWAY. This story is only going to get better as time goes by. There are quite a few attorneys with litigation pending. There are FBI Agents waiting for the invite to come into Leland and Investigate.

    Its just a matter of time before this house of cards comes to a abrupt end.

  • SurfCityTom

    someone has better sources than I. There’s a follow up.

    Have Wuzzardo down in Leland when that state agency conducts its review. Have him ask the tough questions of them and Farris.

    Is Farris any relation to Ferris Bueller who was always taking days off?

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