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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A pair of brothers are now charged with a murder last week in Wilmington’s Creekwood community.

Jermaine Hankins, 21, made his first appearance in New Hanover County Court this morning. Police say after several days on the run, Hankins turned himself in Monday. He now joins his 17-year-old brother Tevin, who police also charged with the murder in Creekwood last week. Jermaine Hankins is also charged with attempted murder and burglary.

“It hurts me to see both of them in this situation, because no one is winning in this situation,” said a man who lives near the scene of the crime. He said he knows the Hankins brothers. He did not want us to show his face or say his name, because he is afraid of what could happen to him for speaking publicly. “It’s kind of scary to think that somebody would just run in your house and gun you down.”

But that’s what happened late Wednesday night when police say a group of five or six men chased Jonathan Jones, 19, and Joseph Hanible, 24, into a home on North 30th Street and shot them. Hanible went to the hospital, but there’s no word on how he’s doing.

It’s the latest example of violent crime in this public housing project.

“I’ve been in this neighborhood for a while, and it’s like people aren’t learning from other people’s mistakes,” the neighbor said. Afraid of being the next victim, he said he wants others in the neighborhood to realize that violence is not the answer.

Jermaine Hankins also was already scheduled to be in court today for drug charges.

Police say the murder investigation is still open.


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  • Guest007

    Put yourself in their shoes,
    Right now, if i came up to you, kicked yo a$$ then robbed you and you had a weopon to defend yourself what would you do?

  • SurfCityTom

    everyone but I refers to race; yet I am the one accussed of bias?

    You go to a good school. Now face the facts.

    Did you see Tevin’s interview in another media outlet yesterday?

    He starts out by stating he never left the car.

    Then he states he was inside and had an altercation with the wounded victim.

    He may be a nice person. He may be a great football player.

    But guess what? His own words are undoing him. And he didn’t even qualify for bail.

    So take a deep breath. Tevin is likely going to put his foot in his mouth and give the Prosecutor what they need. And what they really want is for him to implicate his Brother.

    And guess what. In the same interview, he does. He states his Brother had the gun.

    Those are not my words. Those are not guesses. They are his words.

    So get on with your life and if he ever walks free then resume your friendship.

  • Tarheel


    Please stop insulting my brothers. Was that helmet comment really necessary? Or those weasel comments? It doesn’t help you prove your point, it just makes you seem callous.

    I did not know the man who was killed, and I don’t know Germaine or the wounded boy. I do, however, know Tevin. I’m not saying that he is perfect or that he has never made a mistake. But I can tell you that he is one of the nicest boys I have ever met. That will be my opinion of him regardless of whether he committed murder. You can think that I’m stupid or naive for saying so, but that won’t matter to me. Tevin is a good boy. Everyone who knows him would love to see him be proven innocent, redeem himself for his past mistakes, and prove himself as a role model for the youth in our community. We all know he has the ability, and that is why we continue to defend him.

    And just in case you’re wondering, I’m a white, female, eighteen year old student at UNC Chapel Hill.

  • SurfCityTom

    they are innocent until proven guilty or they plead to avoid extremely harsh sentences.

    Having said that, I would note they would not each be in custody under multi-million dollar bonds if there was not a strong indication of guilt.

    And lest we forget, they each had charges, from other incidents, pending.

    And one of them was only 17.

    Should I go on?

    I shall anyway.

    Let us not forget one young man lost his life and hopefully is with the angels. Another young man was shot and sent to the hospital.

  • port city

    I look at it like this. No one really knows what happen that day or night. Everyone has their own opinion. Until we now further info, people are going to post how they feel. Just because someone has been charged for a crime…. doesn’t mean that they are guilty. Innocent until proven Guilty. Tevin still have a bright future in front of him, as well as Germaine.Hell look at Allen Iverson, Michael Vick, Martha Stewart, Ronald Hewett all of these people have done active time in a Federal Prison. A.I was given a second chance. M.V. got another chance. We all have done some things in our lives in one point of time…. we just never got caught caught. Instead of saying they shouldn’t have done this or that. We don’t know if Tevin and Germaine were victims of anything. My heart goes out to all the families, because they all are victims. We lose good men to society every day. We as parents raise our children to be the best. As they get older, they have a way of going astray, of becoming followers instead of leaders. I had a child who was accused of a very serious crime.Would have caused him his entire fuure. I being a parent stuck by him and at the end justice did prevail. So to the Hankins family, HOLD YOUR HEAD UP HIGH, BECAUSE IT COULD BE SOME OTHER FAMILY THAT IS GOING THROUGH THE SAME SITUATION.

  • guesty




  • Guest461

    You know GRAMPS, you didn’t even take the time to read what I wrote before pulling that angry knee jerk comment. The only thing I said was, the younger murderer WAS popular in school, a great student and a star athelete PRIOR to the murder. I did not know of his previous record. That kind of person CAN have a positive influence to help people help themselves instead of living off MY dime! He blew it with all of the opportunity in the world staring him in the face.

    You have absolutely no idea of the efforts I perform to make a difference. I tutor math and science to kids that have drug addicts, ex-cons and drunks for parents. I SEE their little eyes light up when a littles support goes in their direction, when they are encouraged to learn and excel instead of watching mommy suck on a crack pipe or jab a needle in her arm. So Mister, don’t tell me damn thing about what I don’t do! I have first hand experience with positivity and encouragement and I have first hand experience with success!!! Looking at your spelling and composition, you could have used some help yourself!

    So get off your anger kick GRAMPS and instead of just throwing them all to the dogs, YOU go out there and try to make a difference! Just try to do it before they turn into murderers, rapists, thieves and drug addicts. I’m not “preaching”, I’m telling you FACTS mister!!!

    By the way, if ANYBODY were to shoot MY mother, I’d hunt them down like a sorry, stupid dog. No screaming required…BET ON IT!

  • Das Weibstück

    “Anyone who thinks sitting in church can make you a Christian must also think that sitting in a garage can make you a car.” Garrison Keillor

    I didnt know the exact quote, so it is what it is.

  • Gramps1935

    You’re right. It would be nice, if you would do a little more research before opening your mouth. Don’t give me that “positive side”, “disadvantaged” junk.
    You preach that stuff, but I bet you don’t have to live near it, nor are you the one whose son was shot.
    You’re a phony, and a hypricrite. If one of these animals shot your mother,and killed her, you would be screaming to have him crucified.

  • SurfCityTom

    one reason is to show these witless wonders, who want to defend worthless street bums who take lives, that anyone with half a brain knows the truth.

    Another reason — just to tick them off.

    They certainly prove one thing. As Forrest would say “stupid is as stupid does..”

    And maybe those worthless DSS workers will get off their fat rumps & get out to the projects & do a real job.

    It would be a site worth seeing to see the Mayor & Police Chief walking the projects with a camera crew. After all, project dwellers are voters too.

  • Sharron Cain

    Tevin has never been in touble, neither did he having pending charges before this. Please let them have their day in court. some of you are posting comments like you were there. Stop assuming !!!!

  • Guestxyz

    08/29/2011 01:55 Arrest Arrestee: HANKINS, TEVIN SH`QUR QUINTELL
    Charge: FTA / FTC 124 WAYNE DR

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    I did at one time, but regardless of the truth behind what you write, regardless of the well-meant intentions behind trying to foster a discussion about what the Black community is doing to itself, you get insulted and called a racist.

    After I was called a racist about three times, the last for posting the statistics on the effects of illegitimacy from an article written by a Black woman and posted in a Black on-line magazine, I gave up on caring.

    They can shoot each other two at a time every night for all I care. They don’t want to change and they don’t even want to hear the facts surrounding what they’re doing to themselves and their children.

    They stopped caring a long time before I did….

  • Guest465789

    Wait, aren’t parents supposed to teach their children what is right and what is wrong? I know if my daughter was to grow up and turn out like they did, I would be ashamed as a parent. Just saying. Roles and upbringing at home play a huge part, and if you don’t emphasize enough of what is right and what is wrong and keep your children in a positive environment, then it’s going to fall back on the parents. Whether it be a charge for a DUI or a charge for murder, IT ALWAYS FALLS ON THE PARENTS. As parents, we have to accept the responsibility of being blamed. If we weren’t ready to do so, we should never have had children.

  • SurfCityTom

    some unemotional and accurate comments.

    What happens if young black men grow up and take responsibility for their actions?

    WHA might have vacancies in the housing projects as these young men would be employed and would want a better homelife for their offspring.

    They might go on to higher education. Regardless of your financial background, education opportunities are still abundent — as long as you do not have a hard crimminal record. No school is going to willingly admit applicants with recent convictions for multiple felony convictions — especially if the convictions included violence.

    Medicaid might cease to be such a drain on our state’s economy as these working young men might have the means to secure private health insurance.

    All of the other entitlement programs might cease to be such a drain on the economy if these young men furthered their education; got jobs; and thought twice about the consequences of actions such as indiscriminant child bearing and acts of violence.

    But, then, all of these low lifes who want to make suspected and charged felons feel good about the act of taking another’s life would have nothing to do with their time if the crime rate declined and these young men had more to do then shuffle around and stand on street corners.

  • Whitey

    The fact that anyone would try to throw the “race card” on a poster on this subject is just plain stupid. They are the ones that should have the “race card” thrown on them. I think it’s rather ridiculous that any time there is a race mentioned at all in any form of news, people automatically try to protect the suspect/criminal/victim by race. I’m white, and I have seen MANY people on the news, and people I have encountered in life that have run down the wrong path in life. Whether they are black, white, asian, middle eastern, european, etc. THEY’RE STILL PIECES OF TRASH NO MATTER WHAT COLOR THEIR SKIN IS, WHAT NEIGHBORHOOD THEY GREW UP IN, OR WHAT COUNTRY THEY ARE FROM! If a person has the will in them to commit any crime, especially murder, then they deserve to have the same punishment they dished out. I don’t care if you’re a grade-A citizen who has always paid your taxes on time, have a suburban family, well-rounded person… if you commit a crime; you, your family, your friends, and your neighbors all suffer the consequences. If people want to stop crimes that cause prejudice, then start by helping out in your community. Do something with your life other than thinking everything is about “color.” Make something of yourself, and also try to help the people in your life to make something of their selves. It’s called “motivation” and if people don’t receive it, it’s a lot harder for them to conquer quests in life. I really hope that my daughter will grow up to live in a world where racial profiling is minimized. If you, a family member or a friend is going down the wrong path, do everything in your power to set the path straight! Being racist just proves how ignorant you really are.

  • SurfCityTom

    and unlike so many of the posters, I leave my emotions at home and rely on fact, the drug and resisting charges were from one or more prior incidents. That certainly undermines the statements of all those who stated he was an upstanding young straight A athlete who had never been in trouble.

    Even if he is ultimately found innocent, he’s shot his future in the foot.

    But try to tell that to all his friends, cousins, and non-believers.

  • guesty

    “Hankins, who made his first court appearance on the murder charge this morning, also has pending drug, trespassing and resisting an officer charges among others.”

    Now he can be a straight A inmate.

    Good try at defending a criminal but you have failed.

  • SurfCityTom

    you might want to get some reading comprehension skills before you spout off. Everything I posted was present here or on the Star News.

    Just takes a few minutes to read; unless you’re engaged in watching Sponge Bob.

    Look at my first post in this article. I suggested DSS investigate to ensure there were no other at risk children in the household;I suggested WHA get active in the project; and I suggested Mayor Saffo declare a war against all of these needless youthful fatalities which should be avoidable.

    You on the other hand seem to have no other skill than to slam SCT; well you failed. You can crawl back into your hole until entitlement day on the first.

  • guesty

    Read this story:

    And read the last line of that story:

    Hankins, who made his first court appearance on the murder charge this morning, also has pending drug, trespassing and resisting an officer charges among others.

    So you want us to believe he wasn’t arrested for the drug charges, trespassing and resisting police? If so, I have a bridge for sale. I currently keep it in California and have it painted orange.

  • SurfCityTom

    for the young people who could have used these young men as positive influences in their lives. Your words not mine.

    Younger Brother had several drug and other charges facing him for issues not related to the shooting.

    Older Brother faces attenpted murder and burglary charges in addition to first degree murder. And the older brother is not exempt from the death penalty due to his age.

    So Please, share with us what the positive influences are which you felt the two young gentlemen could share with other young people.

  • Guest0429

    so being a church going, well raised person, and a straight a student gives you the right to chase two people down and kill one really??? no it doesnt. nothing gives you the right to kill anyone. it dont matter how good a kid you are or were. you have a choice to do right thing or the wrong thing. so all you sick people praising the kids for killing someone you should be ashamed… its sad to see that these boys lives are ruined now for the actions they did.

  • Guest0429

    ok really nobody knows what all went down less you were there and part of it. you could be the best person in the world that dont make it ok to chase anyone down and kill them. no matter what the other person did or didnt do. killing someone is not the answer to things. wow people amaze me …

  • Guest461

    …but I didn’t realize the criminal background.

    SCT, you need to realize that unlike yourself, I am not an old fart that sits on a boring island with nothing to do but provide negative commments about everything I read and consistently display sour attitudes to prove that I am bored, lonely and out of touch with society.

    I like to keep a sense of the positive side. I would like to see any of the “disadvantaged” project kids have any positive influence with some potential of crawing out of the ditch they live in and are taught they can never emerge from. If just one is able to come out successful and teach others, it is positive. THAT was my point!

    The next time, I’ll do more research of the criminals if I have as much time to waste and bitch as you do.

    As I’ve said before, since you seem to think you know so much about everything, put your excessively wasted time to good use and become active in the LOCAL criminal and political issues of Pender County where you live!

  • 118th5

    You have no life SurfcityTom or who ever you are grow the hell up, my friends are good people. You just want to see to black males go to jail!

  • guesty

    I don’t know about SurfcityTom but I would be willing to guess he would want what I want. I want to see black males grow up, take responsibility for their lives and be productive members of society. What benefit would I get out of blacks being jailed? That only places another burden on tax paying people. If young blacks could see past the few blocks they aimlessly wander around, they could see there is a whole world of opportunity waiting for them. But before they can try to get the opportunity, they need to be able to speak English, not hood mumble, dress appropriately, not with drawers showing like it is a badge of honor to have underwear. Stay in school, don’t hang with fools that will only bring you down and make something of your life. Don’t just breed another generation of welfare sponges that only want to hang out and “get ma check!”

  • PCperson

    TEVIN HAS NEVER BEEN ARRESTED!!!!!! He is a 17 year old, high school student. Can you read? Or do you just post nasty, sarcastic comments without a simple fact check. Go get a job!

  • PCperson

    The older brother is the one that was in trouble. The younger brother was a straight A, high school football player. If you are gonna post nasty comments, at least be accurate idiot.

  • SurfCityTom

    or did you play football without the benefit of a helmet?

    Tevin has multiple drug and related charges from incidents not associated with the shooting. And he is 17.

    Germaine was also charged with armed assault and robbery; so could it be all those posts concerning vengance for a shot Uncle were just bogus.

    Hate to tell you, but neither Brother has a very bright future in front of him; unless the thought of 3 squares a day and shelter, at the taxpayers’ expense is your idea of a great future.

    Why do you weasels continue to try to defend the actions of these 2?

    An individual was shot and killed. Another was shot and wounded. And there was nothing reported indicating either of the victims were armed.

    So face reality.

  • Guest Lee

    Nice quote by Garrison Keillor. Be sure to give him credit or it’s considered plagiarism, which is the practice of taking someone else’s work or ideas and passing them off as one’s own.

  • Guest2020

    Can you explain to us what this young man, who “has a bright future ahead of him in football” was doing that night? And, please, tell me what chance they gave Jonathan before they killed him? From what I could gather of those involved, Tevin HAD a bright future, but that doesn’t change the fact that there is a man dead because Tevin and Germaine chased Jonathan and Joseph into an innocent woman’s home and shot them. Germaine has prior drug convictions. Jonathan has prior convictions including two misdemeanor assault charges and was facing a DWI charge. Joseph has prior misdemeanor assault charges as well. Nothing in the sites I searched indicate that Tevin had a prior record. Of course, if it’s a juvenile record, I have no access to that since they are sealed. But it seems to me that there is a kid who had a bright future that blew it to hades.

  • Guest20

    Were the drug, trespassing, and resisting an officer charges in connection with this incident, or were they previous charges from a different incident? I don’t think it’s really clear in the article.

  • guesty

    Since it states he has other pending charges I would imagine that they are from another date. This fine, good boy has had many run ins with the law over his short 17 years.

  • Gramps1935

    Even if he may have been “in the wrong neighborhood”, Does that justify them murdering him, in cold blood ? This “Guy Jonathan” was a man, whose life should not have been taken, and what about his family.
    By the way, 118, I’m white, so don’t try that race card crud on me.

  • SurfCityTom

    to criticize someone and accuse them of inaccurate posting, you would do well to check the facts.

    Young Tevin was in fact facing drug and resisting arrest charges for incidents not related to the shooting. Fact not supposition.

    Older brother was also charged with attempted murder and burglary in connection with the murder. Fact, not supposition.

    Weasel, you can crawl back in your hole until entitlement day on the first of the month.

  • Das Weibstück

    Sitting in church doesn’t make you a Christian any more than sitting in a garage makes you a car.

  • guesty

    4. Both of these “good church going boys” have numerous previous as well as pending drug charges.
    5. Both of these “raised right” boys have been charged with murder.
    6. Neither of them deserve to walk among law abiding tax paying citizens.

  • Guest Samir Nagheenanajar

    Correction, Tevin HAD a bright future ahead of him. That’s gone now – get used to it.

    It really doesn’t matter what the victim did, not after he ran away. Tevin and Germaine chased him down and shot him like a dog. It really hard to claim self defense when you’re the one doing the chasing.

  • Guest461

    …and switched it for gun, thug and drug life. I hear a lot of comments about these two young men, especially the young one. A friend of mine says he sat in front of his daughter in class, was a star football player and was very intelligent.

    These two young men had what it takes to make a success out of themselves, but chose to get caught up in a thug-drug lifestyle. They decided to take the law into their own hands and commit murder. It’s a real shame that young men with such potential purposely threw their entire lives away due to their concious decision making. This is THEIR fault, nobody elses!

    I feel sorry for their parents, but I feel even more sorry for the young people that could’ve used these young men as positive influences in their lives. I don’t feel sorry for the young men themselves. They had success in the palms of their hands and threw it away forever. It was their decision and they will pay dearly for the rest of their lives.

  • Guest20

    Your comments would carry a lot more weight if he hadn’t been hanging around in Creekwood with bad guys and murdered someone.

    He got caught in the same trap that they all get caught in…hanging around with the wrong guys in the wrong place at the wrong time. It doesn’t matter if they’re a straight A students, grew up in the fanciest neighborhoods in town, and sat in the front pew at church every Sunday. They’re still hanging around with bad guys in bad areas of town at all hours of the day and night. As the old saying goes, “If you lay down with dogs, you’re gonna get fleas”.

  • when their trial(s) start, unless they’re allowed to plea to a lesser offense. Then it will be up to 12 people to decide whether to convict or not. At this point, they stand accused of the murder…at that’s it…but in the court of public opinion…they’re guilty.

  • SurfCityTom

    for the posters to remove the barrier to my further comments.

    One poster said, give them a break; he didn’t know what brought them to it. So insightful; I guess it’s okay to take another’s life if we have cause. Why let the judicial system do its job when you can just become vigilantes.

    Another poster said, they did not live in public housing. They had good parents. That may well be. BUT, something is wrong when two brothers are implicated in a murder and an armed assault on another.

    That same poster said they went to church together. Great; I guess they missed the lesson about turning the other cheek.

    Another poster said there was a great football and college future for one. Come into the light and see the foolishness of your comments. Perhaps college is available when one is sentenced and incarcerated. But, in today’s time, forget a free ride in college; you would be lucky to even gain admission.

    And to those who would stress they are innocent no matter what is posted or reported, get real. Bail would not be $2 million each if there was even the sloightest shred of doubt or if they did not pose a threat to disappear.

    For all of you who want to be defenders, why not go to the other report on Little Bro’s arrest and just copy & paste your favorite defense posting?

  • ashamed of ya’ll

    1. First off this family DID NOT LIVE IN PUBLIC HOUSING!!!
    2. The boys come from a VERY GOOD HOME, with a mother and father who raised them right!!!
    3. Both boys even attended church regular!!


  • 118th5

    Both Tevin and Germaine are good friends of mine and i think they should be given a chance,no one know what that guy Jonathan did to make them proceed to their actions. I’m sure they just didn’t do it just to do it. Everyone thinks he’s perfect him and Joseph. No one is just gone to take action like that, Tevin has a bright future ahead of him in football, i know because, him and i played for NHHS together.

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