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LELAND, NC (WWAY) — We are still uncovering more details of alleged corruption within the Leland Police Department. We’ve told you all week about issues with the department and Police Chief Tim Jayne. We’ve learned today that Jayne has had officers do work on his home and around his neighborhood for other homeowners.

Yet another source close to the situation says he and other officers worked for Chief Jayne and his neighbors while on the clock for the Leland Police Department. You’ll remember that three years ago, former Brunswick County Sheriff Ron Hewett was indicted on an embezzlement charge that included having deputies do work on his home.

These latest allegations along with sources telling us Jayne took his police cruiser to Myrtle Beach last year for a bachelor party are two instances of the chief allegedly utilizing town resources for his own gain.

We’ve also uncovered a document dated May 26 that shows Chief Jayne using as much gas in his town-owned car as Lt. William Kozaz, who’s often out of the office and in the field. The document shows that during 15-month period, Lt. Kozak bought 403 gallons of gas. Chief Jayne used 395 gallons. Deputy Chief Karl Smith used 360 gallons, but lives 45 minutes away from Leland. And Lt. Rick Dellapia, who’s also on the command staff, lives in Leland and works in house like Chief Jayne, only used 243 gallons.

District Attorney Jon David says if witnesses come to him with their allegations of criminal activity he will ask for an investigation. But we’ve been in contact with multiple sources today who say that while they are glad this information is coming to light, they are also afraid for their jobs and in some cases their life if certain information comes out.

We also contacted Jayne and Town Manager Bill Farris about our story today, again asking them to correct us if any information we were running was incorrect. Farris did not respond.

Chief Jayne sent the following statement: “Test the accuracy of information from all sources and exercise care to avoid inadvertent error. Deliberate distortion is never permissible.”

Jayne copied it from the Society of Professional Journalists Code of Ethics.


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  • DS

    The wife is always the last to know. Read about Vernon Lane from Washington County. http://www.witn.com/home/headlines/Plymouth_Officer_Facing_DWI_Other_Charges_121791779.html Guess everyone, well not everyone, but his friends and co-workers, thought he was wonderful also.

  • Windsor Park Resident

    The Leland Police and their families have turned Windsor Park into a TRAILER park.

  • Duh

    @ Phylisha DellaPia — the first one to go Jerry Springer was your good buddy Stephanie Blasingame. You know, the one you are spanking in your New Year’s photos and who is grabbing your breasts in another pic? Jerry, Jerry, Jerry!

  • Mean People Suck

    Phelicia, of course your are trying to save your husbands job and reputation, that is your duty. However, it is his duty as an officer to not issue orders to take out Sherry Lewis’ crotch. Your husband is not a nice person. In fact, he is worse than Tim Jayne ever thought about being.

    I believe you have even told him he better hold on to his job with Leland because no one would ever hire him again. This is the case with most of the Leland command staff. Tim Jayne hired the local misfits to act as his guard dogs. Well, the jig is up. I hope a lot of people lose their jobs and their freedom over the hell they put good officers in, each and every day.

  • JaneQPublic

    Maybe you should drive down to Leland, follow 74 east until you see the industrial park/BCC north campus, drive through Windsor Park, and just count the WPD cars parked in their. I bet there’s at least 15. I’m not complaining because it seems to be that where there is a police car parked, people usually try not to get to stupid in that general area. But if you are going to point fingers at leland then you need to look at the surrounding areas also.

  • Kelly Blue

    I know Officer Lewis, The female your husband and Bill Kozak shot in the groin? Yes he’s a wonderful man! NOT! I don’t blame you or step father for sticking up for him. But your hearing his side of the story. Soon Mrs. Lewis will release a statement letting all of you know how AWESOME your husband is. And Step father? it’s “life” not live on the line. Also he does the Christmas drive because he “has to” trust me, its not something he wants to do.

  • guesty

    Your math is correct. That isn’t much fuel at all.

  • Phylisha DellaPia

    Mr. Guest14 (Anonymous coward) I will take your advice…. I will not watch or endorse anything sponsored by WWAY. In reference to “the second officer’s wife to go Jerry Springer”.. I have no idea what that reference refers to… I’m assuming it may have been the show you were watching on TV today while the rest of us were being productive citizens at work. Thank you again for the great advice!

  • Phylisha DellaPia

    I apologize… thank you for your kind statement. People are on here blogging without any thought for their fellow human being or fellow police officer. Please think of the hurt your words can cause… that is all I ask. I apologize again.

  • Phylisha DellaPia

    Our First Amendment right gives you the right to speak anonymously online as a “faceless coward”. It is a sad world we live in that an anonymous coward can slander a good person’s reputation and hide behind something that our founding fathers fought to protect. However, there is the Sixth Amendment right that gives my husband the opportunity to “confront” his accusers. Attacking someone personally without justification and doing it anonymously is just wrong. The statement you provided is untrue and inaccurate. I am not here to defend anyone but my husband. Unless you can prove your statement as fact, then you have committed the same crime that you have claimed this department has… Are you publicly and anonymously criticizing and attacking these officers simply for entertainment? Because not one of you can or will provide any proof to your claims.
    I am proud to be a Leland Police Officer’s wife and I’m proud of the job he does.

  • sparris

    Are you serious? Pop another pill you idiot, you watch way too much tv. Are you seriously questioning this man collecting toys for kids? You are a sad individual. I feel sorry for you! He doesn’t have to explain anything to you. You and Mr. Scott need to find some real facts before the people in the real world believe any of this crap. Mr. Scott hasn’t provided any “real facts” nor has any of has alleged sources been identified. Why can’t they name the alleged officer’s who worked at Chief Jayne’s house? How are all these “sources” scared for their jobs? One article said the source was a past employee… who could not be named. Has Mr. Scott heard about the Whistler Blower Act. Maybe he should explain that to these so called “sources”…. Because just maybe these “sources” are not providing Mr. Scott with the truth and that is why the don’t want to go public. Breaking news tomorrow uncovered by Guest14 and Mr. Scott…. Unnamed Sources state: Chief Jayne and his officer’s killed Kennedy. Get a life!

  • SurfCityTom

    most, if not all jurisdictions allow the Police Officer to drive his assigned cruiser to and from his home to the station. Something about being visible in the community.

    You’re trying to beat a drum that won’t be beat.

    Unless there is a town restriction on commuting outside of the jurisdiction, the officer is doing nothing wrong if he lives at or near Monkey Junction.

  • Guest9995

    Is my math right? 403 gallons divided by 15 months. I come up with 26.86 gallons, average per month. That looks like about 1 tank (2 at the most).

  • SurfCityTom

    if the officers are driving Tahoes, EXplorers, or Crown Vics, at best they average 20 miles per gallon.

    Four hundred gallons at 20 MPG equals 8000 miles; divide that by 15 months and you get a little over 500 miles per month driven. Assume a 20 day work month, and you’re talking 25 miles per work day.

    The math may be off slightly, as I am not aware of their driving habits or vehicle assignment.

    But, this is not the big issue some are trying to make it.

    YOu’ve got other much more serious issues. Stay focused and someone have the scrotal fortitude to speak up on the record with the DA. Until that happens, not much is going to get corrected.

    The Town Manager has already announced retirement.

  • Common Sense

    I have read most of the articles and I see many people jumping the gun. many of these so called reports are coming via the media, now let’s be real here, the Media will often, distort, add, change stories to sell stories.
    If there is a concern then file your complaint with the town manager and the city council and ask them to investigate
    I have found after many years in Law Enforcement, that the story and the truth are far apart.In my city officers with take home cars are expected to drive them every where for higher police visibility, (deterring crime), so I don’t understand the anger from some citizens over gas.Would you rather the vehicle be sittinng at their house or Pd, doing nothing?WHAT is the big deal about driving a few miles to eat,,,, u put your life on the line but can’t use and extra buck of the City’s gas to grab a nice dinner. ( Rediculous)
    Again file the appropriate complaint before being judge and jury. I have investigated complaints for years and sometimes it’s legitament,sometimes a piece of it is legitament, but most of the time it did not happen.
    I would like to see these credible witnesses that the news claims to have, also keep in mind employees can become disgruntled when they are not getting what they want,,,,,

  • Guest14

    I am sure the gifts he collects are part of the rest of the towns money that has been misused.

    Of course, no one is going to have the guts to put their name on here or they may be shot like Sherry Lewis.

    I respect law enforcement but it is a choice. If he is such a good man, let him post on here or let him tell his side of the story. WWAY has already found the law that states it is perfectly ok to tell your side of the story when there is alleged public corruption occuring. I am sure Mr. Scott can find that story again for us.

  • the citizen

    I for one know Lt. DellaPia he is my son-in-law. He is a very level headed honest man who is very professional with his job. He arranges for Santa Cop to collect Christmas toys for disadvanage children in the Leland area. How many of you sharp-tongue people helped with the toy collection? Can you really say that you have helped your community by saying such undocumented things?
    He puts his live on the line each and every day. I wished for my daughter’s sake he worked a regular job but he LOVES being a police officer.
    You people are so cruel, how can you attest to what goes on with a another person’s job.
    Will the police department be seeing your appication soon? Or you just don’t have the gusts to put yourself in their position.

  • TGIF

    I am going to have to agree with the wife in this one. I don’t see how someone can judge a person’s character based on a news article that doesn’t even have verified facts. Were you there to see that he shot the female officer or there when he was ‘supposedly’ working at the Chief’s house? My guess is NO. If you weren’t there, then maybe it’s best to read the articles but keep your comments to yourself. Don’t believe everything you read, until there are facts to back it up. I’m not saying one way or the other but it’s not fair to accuse someone, when you don’t even have the facts. Let the officers do their jobs! I know that if I needed help from an officer, I wouldn’t want them to be preoccupied with these nonsense stories.

  • Boom Boom

    That was posted by BoomBam, I have defended the good cops, and by the way I know your husband and he is a good cop and a good man… but General Jayne is not…

  • guest1495

    You must get your facts from the same source wway does…I know for a fact he never shot anyone…maybe you should get the story right before you slander others …and the town will not allow the chief to comment on anything, that’s why he hasn’t said anything

  • Guest120

    Read the article, it was used in 15 months.

  • Guest14

    If you husband and his fellow officers are so innocent why is their leader not responding to WWAY’s request for an interview? Why is the Chief of Police sitting back not saying anything? This, while you claim, his officer’s “good reputations” are getting trashed.

    I just find it funny that you are the second officer’s wife to go Jerry Springer while Chief Jayne says nothing.

    My advice to you, if your husband is innocent, have the town tell the truth. If that can’t happen, simply don’t watch or read anything regarding WWAY.

  • Guest12168

    Sorry to hear about the “Husband” thing. But did you know he was one of the AWESOME, Terrific piles of trash that shot Sherry Lewis?

  • Phylisha DellaPia

    My husband is Lt DellaPia. He is one of the most honest and work conscience people I know. BoomBoom you have spread lies on these post for weeks now! Im sick of it! If the town is not going to take up for my husband, I will! Please provide dates or even one day, that my husband sat at the house, while getting paid. WWAY… I’m so disgusted with the way you are allowing these post to damage these good officers reputation.

  • guesty

    The story said: “…during 15-month period, Lt. Kozak bought 403 gallons of gas.”

    That is over one year, not one month.

  • GuestHa

    Guess you can’t read. It’s not in one month it’s a 15 month period.

  • BoomBAM

    Lt. Kozac used over 400gal’s of gas in one month? Sounds like he has been doing a lot of driving around using his unmarked car for personal use. There is no way you can use that much fuel driving around Leland in one month. Lt.Dellipia used the least amount because he sits at his house most of the time when he should be at the office. They fired a Lieutenant about six months ago for the same things, sounds like they need to do some more cleaning!!! Should be easy to replace these guys whith unemployment being so high!!!!! Leland…just when you think they have finally made it into a professional department it turns back into the same little crooked town it has always been known for!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Guest6969696969

    Are there ANY Leland police Officers Employed, that currently, reside SOUTH of Shipyard Blvd./Carolina Beach road?

    I ask this question,in response to what I’ve seen and witnessed, As *I* reside around the area, So I as a Citizen,in My question above, would like a Answer, at Least for the Tax Payers that reside in Leland.
    I’ve seen Personally,3 times this month, a LELAND POLICE CRUSIER,, around Lunch-time, in other words, between the hours of,about; 12:30~2:00 PM time frame, of the aforemention described Leland police Crusier headed TOWARDS, (south) , To the Monkey Junction area(s), or points South?
    A Couple questions come to mind…

    Is a Leland Police Officer using a Tax-payer funded & Fueled car, as a *personal* vechile, getting to & from work, on the Lelands Tax-payers Dime?
    Why would this be?

    Is there a Suspect/Crime in question that Occured in Leland, where-as the suspect or evidence is such; that a Leland Police Investgator is Dispatched to *Investagte* here in Wilmington, (at least 3 times I’ve seen, this month)? Where-as; Co-operation between Counties law inforcement agencies, are avalible?

    Is there a Police/Law Enforcement Traning “Seminar” happening during the afternoon Lunch hours, during 3 different times, in this Month, at a secret location towards Monkey Junction? Or down by Carolina/Kure beach?…

    Was the Police Crusier following a Suspected Drug Dealer~Murderer~Rapist, or something of this nature around the same hours, 3 different times during the Lunch-hour(s) this Month?
    Just Courious, Inquiring Mind(s) want to know..
    TIA, Guest…

  • P. Leahy

    I hope that the comments about Chief Jane are unfounded. The Leland police are as a whole professional and dedicated. They’re doing a difficult job and doing it well. They are doing community policing and keeping our neighborhoods safe. We LOVE them!!

  • PF

    Even more stupid of the guy and glaring evidence he’s not fit for the job seeing how former Sheriff Hewett got in trouble just recently for similar stuff (not to mention more).
    This is very disappointing. The public faith in our Government officials is at stake over “little” things like this.

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