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CAROLINA BEACH, NC (WWAY) — It looks like there will not be a third pier added to Pleasure Island anytime soon. The state has not yet taken the necessary steps to build the aquarium pier near the Carolina Beach boat basin. That lack of action caused the town council and Carolina Beach Public Purpose Properties Inc. to meet Monday night to discuss options if that pier is not going to be built.

“My gut feeling would be there’s not going to be the funds we are looking for available for the pier,” said Dan Wilcox of the Carolina Beach Town Council. “So we’re probably looking at retaining part of the ocean front as a park, a parking lot right behind it that ties into our existing parking lot, and then subsiding the rest of the property and selling it as individual lots.”

That is only one of the options if the ocean-front property does not become a state pier.

Officials will attempt to figure out more details next month in a meeting with state delegates. At that meeting they hope to find out for sure if the pier is going to be built or not. Many still believe a pier is what town residents want the most.

“We would all benefit from the pier coming in and I think that’s really what is in the best interest of Carolina Beach,” said Mayor Joel Macon.

The property where both the Guy Johnson Motel and the Surfside Motor Lodge are located was purchased by the CBP3 Inc., for $4.3 million. The town is left covering the debt if the state does not give them the necessary grant money. Therefore they are looking at their options.

“Do we want to raise taxes to pay for the property? In this economy I don’t think that is something we are prepared to do so we are looking at every other option besides that,” added Macon.

The most popular option seemed to be that of a park project with beach access as officials anticipate that it would be easier to obtain state money for something like that.

“There seems to be park funds available in different grants that would be available for this project,” said Wilcox.


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