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LELAND, NC (WWAY) — We have new information in our ongoing investigation into issues that continue to plague the Town of Leland and its police department. We learned today that District Attorney Jon David has asked the the Attorney General’s office for help.

David told us he has asked the Attorney General to appoint another attorney to be the point person for anyone who wants to come forward with allegations against the town or the police department, but the AG’s office says that’s not exactly the case.

David has not been interested in meeting with sources close to the situation. One person has said they tried to talk to David on the phone, but says he only laughed and hung up. David says he does not recall doing that. He’s also continuously tried to discredit our sources, saying they have a vendetta and are disgruntled employees. Still, he has yet to sit down and listen to their stories in detail.

We even tried to broker a meeting between multiple sources on this story with him, but David has now deferred them instead to the attorney general’s office.

David says he made the call to the AG after we told him there are some sources who do not want to talk with him because he lives across the street from and is friends with Leland Police Chief Tim Jayne. They say they don’t trust David because of that. David has acknowledged that is an issue.

The Attorney General’s office, though, says it is available to answer any questions brought forward by law enforcement agencies investigating allegations about Leland. A spokeswoman says it is not available to the general public like David said.

In the meantime, we requested documentation from the Town of Leland in a records request a week and a half ago. When we checked on the request Tuesday, Town Clerk Carol Ann Floyd said none of it was done. The Local News Review in Leland has also made a similar request. We and the the newspaper have been told it will take weeks to fulfill the requests.

In an editorial Tuesday morning, the StarNews encouraged Leland Town Manager Bill Farris to act quickly on the allegations that have been made against the police department and to share the results with the public as soon as possible. Late last week, Farris told the paper he was aware of the issues, and had been conducting a three-month investigation, but was not ready to share any information.


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  • Bob

    I have been reading all of these comments concerning our Chief. Although I don’t know him, I also don’t know the identity of the accusers. If they are terminated employees that want give their names and want go on camera and make these accusation known then they are just a bunch of liars out for revenge. Maybe the News needs to stop reporting until they have more concrete facts.
    Please idiots; don’t post anymore comments or stories about how much gasoline someone used or where they went in a City vehicle. As a former Police Chief I know personally that driving, meetings, community projects and where employees perform duties can be misconstrued as free work on tax payers’ time. Sometimes employees have to do things they don’t want but this is what being a Public Servant is all about. Chief Jayne appears to be a good and honest man with ethical decision making skills. Before bashing a man’s careers let’s take a look at the accusers past and determine where the motive is coming from. You’re giving way to much credit to unidentified sources that make threats of the Attorney General’s Office, SBI and FBI investigations. These are mere intimidation factors to rouse the public opinion.
    Are you for real “I saw him in Costco last Week”. Is this where fired cops go to work after they cannot handle the job of be a Public Servants?
    So here is my question to all the readers. In the event of an emergency, are you going to call on Chief Jayne and his Officers or the ex employees working at Castco?


    WWAY will probably never see the Emails, if they do they have been cleaned and reviewed for any and all incriminating evidence. Leland has an IT person that can access and transfer any and all emails at once. they are saved on a server in one location.

    They will make fools out of WWAY, they have been cleaning those records for weeks. they could have been forwarded in 10 minutes.

    If you get them please post for review and ask if anyone has an email they did not provide. anxiously waiting!!!! how many do you think went to David, there will be none from Farris, he doesnt answer any thing by email. if you want to find outs whats happening Have all staff meet in a room with the FBI, and leave out JAYNE, STRICKLANDS, FARRIS, and remaining directors.. then you will get your answers.

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