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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The Occupy Wall Street movement is spreading across the country and making its way to the Cape Fear.

If its purpose is the same here as it is in the Big Apple, then the mission of the event is to end what protestors call the greed and corruption of the wealthiest one percent of the country.

We tried to catch up with an organizer of Occupy Wilmington, but without much luck. As we tried to find out more about this popular movement today, we were shot down in a very strange way.

Based on the Occupy Wilmington NC Facebook page, Jim Natale is one of the movement’s local organizers. We called him and even visited his Hampstead home, but he did not answer.

As the Occupy Together movement continues to sweep across the nation, there is a growing interest in its cause. We simply wanted to talk with Natale or anyone involved in our area about the movement and get more information about an event planned Saturday at Greenfield Lake in Wilmington.

Natale posted on the Occupy Wilmington NC Facebook page that we were outside his home, but that he would not talk. Members of the group posted comments saying he should stay strong.

One comment from a member of the page says: “We can’t allow the media to dominate the message. It’s our message and it’s not tidy, and it’s not in sound bites.”

Protests in other states have turned into sometimes violent clashes with police. Although Wilmington’s movement shows no signs of that, it does not indicate much of anything.

In a Facebook conversation between Natale and WWAY’s Kevin Wuzzardo, Natale said Occupy Wilmington NC is “a leaderless movement,” and that there would be no communication with the media until Saturday’s event.

On a separate page he goes on to say that “main stream media will always portray things into there own light. We the 99% are not disorganized…….”

At this point we still do not know what Occupy Wilmington NC is doing, if it will protest in the city or what its true purpose is.

We have tried to let the group know if anyone wants to talk about the movement, we’d love to hear from them.


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  • Guest3

    While I can sympathize with everyone’s plight, and I, myself, have not had a salary increase for 3 years now, I have to wonder if some of these folks were living well above their means. It seems to be the order of the day in this country to charge, spend, and overextend. Not just “Keeping up with the Jones’s”, but “Far surpassing the Jones’s” has become a national pastime.

    Most of the groups you mentioned make good money, but if they don’t know how to budget it, they are one step away from disaster. A millionaire could become a pauper in short order if he overextends himself.

    Life happens. People get laid off, or they may develop an unexpected serious illness or have an unexpected emergency. If they don’t have something in savings, it will wipe them out.

    Americans are now being forced to cut back and live within their means. That doesn’t go down very well in today’s society of big cars, big houses, and big TV’s. But it’s a lesson we all need to learn. And learn it we will, one way or the other.


    I like to think me self a guru in some matter for instance, mom and dad worked hard and earned a living, not enough to send me to school so the easy road was to not work and save money and then go to school, it was to go straight to college get an education off of someone elses’ dime and then get a job and pay it back.

    Nice concept, but that is in fact the most backwards thinking ever invented. Maybe if you had gotten a PHD in post hole digging first and then went to college times wouldn’t be so bleak.

    If Americans would quite buying things they cant afford, but earn those things and then buy them we wouldnt have so much discontent.

    My oldest sister worked everyday in the summer to pay for her education and it didnt cost our family a nickel or a bank or the goverment. she’s not whining. Instead she was willing to work for an education (literally) not borrow it for the future. she got her PHD in working in a restaurant first.

  • 1ofmany

    Brian, you really need to do some homework. Some of us are PhDs, Social Workers, teachers, police and firefighters, graduating students who played the game and are now five figures in debt with no job to begin the pay back. Please, don’t dismiss what you clearly don’t understand. If you’re not concerned that government is now for sale, that we are now plutocracy instead of a democracy, that families with two working parents are being foreclosed upon because both were laid off, then don’t bother commenting on what others are doing to address the problems.

  • guesty

    And I imagine you wear a neon hat saying “I love the NY Times, CNN & Huffington Post” because you clearly know nothing about working for a living.

  • guesty

    Your group seems to go for higher education in fields that don’t pay more than $14k a year. So you have a bachelors degree in liberal arts and wonder why the only job you can qualify for is McDonald’s? It doesn’t matter what GPA you have if you earned it in a low paying or unneeded field. Want to earn some money, get a degree in a technical field.
    Otherwise you are no smarter then paying $100k for $5k car and then bitching you are now in debt for $100k.

  • Diane

    Wow ! That was terrific….thanks. By the way I saw several people decades older than you who, I know, agree completely with you as I do.

  • JAGS

    Quote from: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Federal_Reserve_System

    “According to the Board of Governors, the Federal Reserve is independent within government in that “its decisions do not have to be ratified by the President or anyone else in the executive or legislative branch of government.” However, its authority is derived from the U.S. Congress and is subject to congressional oversight. Additionally, the members of the Board of Governors, including its chairman and vice-chairman, are chosen by the President and confirmed by Congress.”

  • Briam

    I don’t blame him. The media in general, and especially WWAY, seems to want to take a negative and contrary position to whatever is happening. Why would someone want to grant a media interview, only to have their statements twisted and presented in a negative light?

    As for the movement, all I have to say to them is stop whining. If you’re broke and homeless, it’s your own fault. The opportunities in the USA are the same for everyone – if you didn’t learn how, or are unwilling to play the game, then you’re not allowed to whine about the success of those who worked hard to get where they are.

  • Guest121

    Because it IS a leaderless movement, it would not be fair for one member to speak for the movement before people had even convened. That’s hardly a media “blackout,” WWAY – it seems you’re already trying to force this into your narrative.

  • Pedantic Pete

    Not my movement, sunshine.

    Not even my country.

  • Betony

    Lighten up! From what I heard, it was explained to the media that Saturday afternoon would be the first time information would be available. Channel 6 indicates it has a reporter at the Sat. afternoon meeting. Doesn’t sound like a media blackout to me.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    I’m quite comfortable because of Wall Street. I do my own research and invest based upon my own understanding and predictions of world markets.

    You don’t get it, do you? A CEO is ONLY obligated to the shareholders. He has an obligation to maximize their profit and if laying off 5,000 workers makes the stock go up a dollar, THAT’S WHAT IT’S ALL ABOUT. A corporation is not created to be a social welfare program – it’s created to maximize profit for the owners.

    How can you people be so ignirant and/or naive and expect to run the world? You don’t even know why a corporation is created!

  • john

    Nobody is protesting that people are too rich. What they are protesting is that 1% of the population has gotten rich from a counterfeiting scheme called the Federal Reserve. They create money with a click of a computer key and then charge interest on money that they just created. Nothing backs that money except for the labor of the 99%. So when the Fed sells a bond, they are selling you! They are selling your labor! Now isn’t that the definition of slavery? You bet it is so keep waving your little flags and pumping your chests about how “free” you are in this country when in reality, you have been sold on the block many times over, slave.

  • zipper

    preach on brother.

  • Guest7969

    what I have seen on TV…the people in your little movement couldn’t form a coherent sentence, much less a paragraph…they can’t even wipe their own rear ends without government toilet paper!

  • Guest7969

    When NANCY PELOSI comes out in praise of a movement…

    1. You KNOW you should be against it!
    2. You should pay attention to both hands…cause one is hiding something!

  • Guest7969

    as a young adult…you don’t know SQUAT! Your still in your STUPID stage of life…what your saying is…I want what other people have and HEY…I have that in common with the guys on welfare..they want the same thing I want…OTHER PEOPLES STUFF…

    Go look up COVET….THAT is what you are doing here…I wouldn’t call the movement a SUCCESS…your a VERY VERY small percentage of the 99% you claim to be!

  • Tim Moyle

    How would you know who these protesters are? You may as put on a hat with a neon sign saying “I’m a Fox News puppet” because you clearly know nothing about the real world.

  • Tim Moyle

    The greatest irony in America today is; non-millionaire conservatives fighting like crazy to support those whose only goal is to financially rape them. Talk about suckers and fools, omg!

  • robo

    The Progressive movement advances to Socialism, and ends in Marxism/Communism. Study history.

  • Tim Moyle

    I need a job. Where do I apply for “professional protester”?

  • MarchingVoice

    You know, speaking from experience as a young adult, I think its:

    A) We’re busy just earning a a living, and

    B) We’re all scared to talk about the political and economic situation with each other, we feel isolated.

    One of this movements successes is that it has opened the dialog and let many struggling people know that they are not the only ones that feel the way they do. I think that’s valuable.

  • robo

    While I agree with many of your frustrations, it would be better if you vented them toward Washington, DC, in the next election. Creating chaos is not making progress.

  • 28472

    Let them do their thing, their passionate about it – just like your passionate against it.

  • Guest7969

    YOU don’t get is that you are .01% of the 99%…PLEASE DO NOT FIGHT FOR ME OR TRY TO HELP ME! I LOVE CAPITALISM!!!

  • Guest7969

    NOW YOUR GETTING IT!…Corporations and small companies DO NOT PAY TAXES…go ahead..RAISE em..TAKE EM….they will just raise the costs of goods to adjust…You know…it’s SAD when something THIS simple goes over these peoples heads…SHEEEWwwwwww..right over it!

  • Guest3654789

    Hey geniuses, if you raise taxes on the rich, who do you think will suffer? The person buying their products, you. All the companies will do is raise the price of their goods to recoup their tax money. Think about it. They are going to make their money somehow.

  • Guest7969

    The shareholders are YOU AND ME…IDIOT!…OMG..the socialists have REALLY WON..they have succeeded in making us STUPID! If you believe in this EVIL CORPORATION thing…I apologize for my parents not stopping the socialist movement into our schools hard enough by putting bullets in their heads in the 60’s and 70s!

  • Guest7969

    HAVE A SOLUTION…YOU…YES YOU…are providing those EVIL corporations ammunition…in order to stop them…you MUST stop driving your car, stop buying gas, stop buying clothes and food and stop using electricity and water…basically you need to become Mountain Family Robinson and move into the wilderness….OTHERWISE YOU ARE CAUSING WHAT YOU HATE…YOU…YES YOU are complaining about the VERY THINGS YOU USE! So STOP supporting what you hate…if you are SINCERE in what you are saying you believe…you will do it…OTHERWISE…your a big fat HYPOCRITE!!!

  • Guest7969

    LET me get this straight…you want the GOVERNMENT..you know those Republicans and Democrats….to TAKE more money from the EVVVvvviiil corporations..in taxes I suspect….you want the GOVERNMENT…the ones who got us 15 TRILLION DOLLARS in DEBT…to do this?…and you think YOU will benefit from this!?..PLEASE…WHATEVER YOU DO…DON’T SHOW UP TO VOTE 2012!!!

  • Guest123

    Believe it or not readers you are the 99%… and these people are 99% fighting for you not matter your race, religion, or political preference. That’s what this movements about.

  • he said it

    I think one of “their own”- former Goldman Sachs partner and current chairman of the commodity futures trading commission Gary Gensler said it best of his time on wall st:

    “I am not smarter than other people, I didn’t invent anything or build anything or create lots of good jobs in America…There are lots of people who are hurting across the country and to say that “no one knew” or “no one is responsible” is not right. The people who helped create the game, and I am one of them, should say “I’m sorry.” and start making amends.”

    hear, hear

  • SurfCityTom

    As head of the SEC, that’s the Securities Exchange Commission, Joe Kennedy saw the coming stock market crash; used that “insider” information to liquidate his stock holdings; and then after the economy tanked, really built the Kennedy fortune by purchasing distressed real estate and a movie studio for literally pennies on the dollar.

    But liberal blowhards don’t want to face that reality do they?

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    ..any knowledge at all, you would allow the TRILLIONS in offshore money to return to the United States on a one-time tax-exempt or tax-reduced basis.

    Once here and put to use it would result in billions of property taxes, inventory taxes, and income taxes within a year.

    You people really don’t know much about economics, do you?

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    Even if they inherited their money, IT’S THEIR MONEY.

    In a country founded upon the equality of man and possessing a Constitition that guarantees “equal treatment of law,” how can anyone legitimately argue that we should tax Mister Smith at 39% and Mister Jones at 10%?

    If OccupyWallStreet is not advocating raising taxes on the rich, then just about everyone being interviewed on the news is out of touch with your goals. You’d better tell them to shut up and stop talking to the press. (The guy interviewed on CNN, who didn’t know about the bank bailouts being already paid back with interest was quite impressive, too!)

    Face it – it’s a staged movement with one intent: To re-elect Obama.

  • American

    For a bunch of over educated, do nothing, professional protestors, they sure have created quite the conversation in America. Anyone wonder if that is what this is really for? Is this just to wake up Americans of any and all political, religious and economic beliefs to start talking and get involved in your government, in your life? How many people actually vote these days? We, the people, have to be involved to make the changes. Maybe if we all cared more in the past, we wouldn’t have to depend on “professional” protestors to get us to speak.

  • Fotursmnedbt

    This is the most stupidest movement I have ever seen. Go get a job. Don’t reply with “there isn’t any jobs”. How come the newspaper has want ads? These people are being duped big time.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    This has nothing to do with race, sexual orientation, or women’s rights. This has everything to do worthless, lazy bums thinking they are entitled to the earnings of others.

    You’re not entitled to it and you’re not getting it. We will not surrender and become an Eastern-Europe styled Socialist nightmare.

    Last weekend, your cultural icon, Michael Moore, stated that it was “…not time for violent action against the wealthy – yet.” I disagree. If we’re heading for civil war, then bring it on now. You’ll be in for a rude awakening to how most people still feel about this nation.

  • Guest7969

    Common..it’s USELESS to try to put out facts to these idiots…just listen to some of their drivel from yesterday! They have NO REAL grasp of what drives capitalism…it’s all flowers and puppies to them!

  • Guest7969

    for the MAJORITY…we all know what the word “progressive” means…and you can go to China or Russia for that if you want! As far as your Tea Party comments…it’s apparent you are a left wing NUT JOB!

  • thegiant

    do they need or have permission / permit
    to conduct this progressive agenda gathering ?

    will this movement really be receptive to counter ideas or will any speach other than theirs be shouted down?
    i guess we will see, i will have video

  • Guest5150

    progress. I was waiting for it. The racist word….. We North Carolina natives hate the gays and blacks. We hate having a black president. We all want our women barefoot and pregnant. Thank you for clearing that up. You have defined this movement for what it is. A rally cry for the most useless president we have ever had and the most dangerous movement that our great republic has ever faced. The liberal/progressive movement. BTW I am a black american with a wife who works and two children. What is your argument now? Am I an Uncle Tom? Oreo? Take your hate filled anger elsewhere.

  • Robert Green

    This is the face of the NEW AMERICAN SOCIALIST MOVEMENT! Your hostilities need to be directed towards this dysfunctional Obama regime.You think things are bad now.Give this clown four more years and I will consider these people to be a glutton for punishment.

  • Fouche

    1. The Occupy Wall St. protest and the coinciding protests being planned or underway in over eight-hundred cities across the globe to stand in Solidarity with OWS have in no way, shape or form made an official declaration advocating for the redistribution of wealth or for raising taxes on “those who dare to be successful.” (http://www.occupywallst.org, http://www.occupytogether.org)

    2. Let’s examine the phrase you used, “those who dare to be successful” a little closer. Making the inference that the aforementioned quotation applies to the top 1% of tax payers, it is not an entirely accurate statement. In fact, 32% of the 400 wealthiest Americans did not even earn their fortune as the entirety of it came from inheritance. (http://www.forbes.com/forbes/2009/1019/forbes-400-rich-list-09-net-worth-statistics-recipe-for-riches.html) One cannot exercise daring in being successful when it is dumped into their lap irrespective of their efforts.

    3. You also mention that the top one percentile of taxpayers were responsible for paying 38% of our country’s cumulative personal income tax. While this certainly paints a rather majestic picture of these individuals as inveritable saints, it doesn’t actually equivocate to their having paid an absurdly larger portion of their earnings in taxes compared to the lower 99%. One also has to consider the fact that the heads of 500 largest companies had a collective income of $5,100,000,000.00 in 2005.(http://www.forbes.com/2005/04/20/05ceoland.html) I’ll assume you are capable of basic mathematics and can thus understand that a small percentage of a very large number is quite often greater than a considerably higher percentage of a very small number (unless one were to irrationally take either percentage to an extreme in an attempt to use logical fallacies to counter-argue.) Thus, stating that the top one percentile of taxpayers payed 38% the total income tax collected does not do anything to advance the argument of the same top one percentile paying their “fair share.”
    3.A. Regardless of who payed their fair share of taxes or not (what authority decides what constitutes a fair share with 100% certainty anyway?), the Occupy Wall St. protest and its companion protests have never even raised that issue. Why then are you attributing this political stance to the movement? At best this is a logical fallacy called a Red Herring; an attempt to divert attention from the original issue with irrelevant facts.

    4. Though I can, I don’t think I need to go into the tax giveaways of which 40% flow right back into the hands of the wealthy. And please don’t argue this created jobs as only $.32 of every dollar went back into the economy.

    Its generally best to fully research your facts before forming an opinion.

  • Pedantic Pete

    Well I doubt that any of these people would use the third person singular with the word “jobs” but I’m sure that your prejudice doesn’t exceed your intelligence.

    Could be wrong though . . .

  • guesty

    That is a priceless website. All the saps crying because they are having to work to pay for school. That just breaks my heart. Maybe I should give them my houses, my vehicles and everything else I own. After all, if I have more vehicles than I can drive at one time, I’m greedy. If I have more properties than I can occupy at one time, I’m greedy.
    What a crock of losers.

  • Guest26

    I am pretty sure I saw the job listings in the obituary section…

  • nonassociated

    It’s amazing how you blanket an entire group with accusations that are unfounded. You speak of them with the same disdain you think they have for minorities and gays. When dealing with someone like you, there is no reasoning and I understand that. I just wanted to call you out on your though process, or lack thereof. That “Tea Party are racist bigots” arguments is a little played out. This country in the hand of progressive liberals like you would quickly sink from it’s lack of foundation your kind is trying to destroy through your misguided frustration. March on Washington instead of Wall Street. They set the regulations and allow the big banks to do what they’re doing. The liberals you vote in have you engaging in class warfare and you don’t even notice it. How sad.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    It’s a staged movement that is being paid for. There are rumblings coming out of New York that George Soros’ is paying big bucks to fund this.

    In Sacramento today, rally organizers admitted that some attendees were being paid to show up.

    This is the Obama camp’s answer to the Tea Party, and it’s going to fail. You cannot spearhead a movement that is totally opposed to American values and expect it to succeed.

  • Guest22885

    You’re guaranteed the pursuit of happiness in America..Actual happiness may require work. See below for some of these protesters ramblings.

  • Reginald Denny

    Anyone care to wonder why this guy can not set off his little revolt in his own town of Hampstead? I did, What a nasty and vial individual.


    You are sick dude, really sick.

  • JO

    The system keeps us occupied with Democrats vs. Republicans, blacks vs whites, liberal vs conservative, whatever vs whatever. That way we fight amongst ourselves over pointless drivel. Anything to keep us from focusing on the real issue, corporations rule America. Corporations run the politicians, the media, everything.
    I say good for you Occupy Wallstreet, its about time.

  • Guest678

    The “Facts on Semen” and “What Does Semen Contain?” sections were interesting and tie in nicely with another recent WWAY story.

    These anti-capitalism folks have some interesting business ventures!

  • privatisation is deprivation

    Apples and oranges. Is it fair for somebody to break into your house and steal? As long as we are making generalisations and comparing apples and oranges, how is that any different than granting tax holidays for profits that have been tax deferred while you don’t get that same tax holiday because you arn’t a corporation. The 99% pays for the 1% to do their lobbying. In 2009 BCBSNC spent 23 mil on lobbying against health care reform. That was part of our premiums.

  • MarchingVoice

    Sure, some protesters are just that: professional protesters and students with no jobs and nothing better to do. But do you really think THAT MANY people would come out for no reason?

    The problem is on Wall Street AND the problem stems from Federal policy. The American elite has never been so removed from the rules of ordinary citizens.

    I worked my way through college, working 40 hour weeks and got a Bachelors a few years ago. I have worked two and three jobs simultaneously, full-time, contract, left the state, moved to areas I didn’t really want to go to get by. The fact is that I and MANY others in this generation work, and work hard. We don’t take the time we should to go out and get involved in politics and social issues. We’re busy and we’re tired, so we just let our frustration build… well now its boiling over.

    We worked hard to get degrees, and now we are drowning in Federal-controlled loans. The cost of education has risen disproportionately with wages (which I might add get garnished if you don’t pay, reducing many to less than living wages…). The cost of housing when I bought mine was more than double what my parents paid ten years earlier, and 500 ft smaller. My wages are low, my job prospects are fought for against tough competition, my taxes increase every year…

    And so many others I know– smart people– 3.8 GPA, part-time work through college… aren’t willing or can’t move like I did to scratch by. They can’t find work. Not because they aren’t willing, but because of the pressures (many stemming from Federal policy) that have driven hiring into nothing. I work for a small business– we are afraid to hire. Big business is afraid to hire (hire contract at best!). The country is in a state of limbo waiting to see what is going to happen with the economy, and its like everyone has stilled to slow motion waiting for the ball to drop.

    I’ve never gone out to a protest in my life, in fact I’ve always been a little on the conservative side. This time though, I think people like me— NORMAL, HARDWORKING young people are coming out and joining in this protest. We are saying that we didn’t make these policies, we didn’t have a say in this. We didn’t allow the banks and large corporations to reach this level of corruption over the past decades (and again I agree with many that say this stemmed from federal involvement in corporations).

    The fact is though, we didn’t make this bed. It’s only been in recent years that we’ve been able to vote, to speak and be heard in policy (and even still we’re young enough to be sneered at when we stand up at commissioners meetings!–and that’s only the local level). Its not just the young though, its also the displaced workers, those that are willing to work at all ages and can’t, or can’t unless they are willing to leave their homes and families behind!

    This generation of young professionals is weighted with more debt, a higher cost of living, and very few promises that the future will be brighter. Those in mid-career are losing the potential to build up for retirement and provide for their own children.

    Its not just the ‘hippy’ protesters this time. I believe that many young adults–many professionals, college grads, recently separated military members, displaced workers who are desperately seeking new training–are hearing the message that this is sending, and we are responding.

    We are frustrated that we spend our time working overtime just to get by, and that things are getting worse. We are frustrated that so many of our worthy hardworking friends have lost houses and jobs, delayed having families, been forced to move away from their families.

    We care about the political and corporate situation in America, and we care about what policy made by those 2, 3, 4 decades older than us– or simply those with more connections–are doing. Is anybody really looking at the long run? Are corporate America or our Federal (or state/local for that matter) representatives really out to serve the long run, our are CEOs and politicians in it for their term’s haul?

    Its time that this generation stood up, and took the time to voice our concerns– even when its not easy to squeeze the time between work, and freelance work on the side to make ends meet. We need to be heard, we are invested in the coming half-century or more. WE will feel the ongoing ripples of today’s financial and economic crisis long after our current representatives and the current CEOs of these corporations have retired to their beach homes.

    This is an outpouring of frustration. We feel like we aren’t being heard or served. Is it a shock that the protests are growing exponentially? I for one am willing to come out for this, and I’ve never protested before–and I’m not alone. I’m so frustrated its all about to boil over.

    I’m not saying I share all the opinions of this group– in fact, thats part of the group’s strength and purpose: it conveys many concerns and beliefs that are UNHEARD, UNREPRESENTED, and UNSERVED. I think that I– and they– deserve to be heard. In fact, our country was founded with that as one of its core principles.

    If nothing else, I am happy to see people in my basic demographic standing united and finding a voice–finally.

    That being said, the ‘leadership’ in Wilmington should have said just that, that this is about a huge segment of the population being underrepresented. Its not about the rich vs the poor. Its about the American elite being able to use and brutalize the system with complete disregard for the long-term good of our society.

    It’s about those that have used the system being rewarded– or at minimum relieved from the consequence of their own negligence– and those that are blameless (in the case of the younger generation of adults, those who didn’t even have a say when this downhill slide started) being forced to foot the bill for decades to come, probably to rest of our lives.

    I know others may have other opinions, but, as I said, I for one am glad to see someone voicing this mounting frustration that I know many of us are feeling.


  • John Osmar

    These groups are always the people who don’t do anything constructive with their lives, but have plenty of time to throw childish tantrums whenever someone else accomplishes something. They want to be called Progressive, without ever showing any progress. Like two-year-olds who cannot stack their blocks, they just want to tear down someone else’s. Go home, grow up, and come back when you have something to show for your life.

  • Bocephus

    Hey everyone, don’t get so hysterical. The nightmare (that started in 2000)is almost over. In 2012 we can go back to the way the real America is supposed to be. Just look to the horizon and you will see the lone ranger riding into town. An ignorant, mumbling, bumbling know-nothing hick with the Texas swagger to get America back on track with its moral compass. Wait a minute… maybe we have seen this movie before???

  • Its the fact a CEO can make well over 6 figures a year and possibly even above 7 figures yet justify laying off 10’s of thousands of workers to appease the shareholders. Its the fact we currently have funding for some form of military operations in over 70 countries on any given day yet cant afford to help out the less fortunate. Its our for profit health care system. The millions of dollars we give away to other countries while public education fails our children and the roads around us collapse. And when the top 1% controls over 40% of the wealth in a nation I would say 38% of all income taxes taken in sounds about right. OPEN YOUR EYES. Becase if you have time to comment on a lowly news thread you are certainly being screwed over just like the rest of us.

  • JAGS


    1. Look at your tax dollars spent here:

    2. President Nixon abolished the obligation of U.S. dollars to pay in gold.

    4. The Fed’s answer to recession/depression is to print more paper money.

    5. Your stock market investments and bank account balances have an equity comparable to the intangible web page your reading now.

    6. If you think the “housing bubble” is headlines, wait until the “default on student loans” comes to surface.

    7. Have you wondered why one out of three TV commercials is insurance related? Everyone knows “Flo” by now.

    8. Banks are legal robbers, the stock market is legal gambling, and the insurance companies own it all.

    9. One who receives monthly government assistance other than SSI would be “right at home” in a socialist/communist society.

    10. The #1 entity hiring is the US Government. http://www.usajobs.gov/

    11. Half of four billion in federal funds disbursed this year to small-business lending by banks was spent to repay bailout funds that the banks received under the government’s Troubled Asset Relief Program.

    12. If a large percentage of the cable/digital TV subscribers cancelled, it may be provided for free. Why do we pay for corporate American to advertise to us?

    13. Where do the NC Educational Lottery Dollars really go?: Quote “Perdue said last week that she would use $87.6 million in lottery profits to ensure that there is money available in the state’s day-to-day operating accounts to pay the bills through mid-April. Legislators who voted for the lottery law say they are frustrated by the decision, even though they know she made it while facing the state’s worst fiscal emergency in a generation.” End Quote

    14. Look at the ILM budget forecast shortfalls on the below document: http://www.wilmingtonnc.gov/finance/budget/fy_11-12_adopted_budget.aspx
    NOTE figures in parentheses denote a SHORTFALL such as (11,577,848):


    1. It is my hope everyone arguing at one another in the comments of this article will ask themselves “What positive contribution did I make today”? “Were my comments to this article positive or negative”? Did I assist in enlightening others reading this article OR did I argue at others via my comments”?

    2. For the comments above bashing WWAYTV3 reporting, ask yourself “Why am I visiting this site”? Obviously you have an interest in the news article.

  • Progress is Possible

    North Carolina has a proud progressive history. Think of our role in flight and the Greensboro lunch counters. We still however have the angry and fearful TEA Party idealigurs who who wish blacks were on the back of the bus, gay people should hide in the shadows their entire lives, their wives should shut up and get back to cooking and cleaning and that kept their children in fear of them, and a world where a non-white/ non-Protestant was inconceivable. This is the world they want to go back to. Guess what, we are going forward. Progressives push our country and the world forward and it is always with the resistance of folks who ” want their country back” as soon as it finally starts to look the melting pot that we have always bragged it to be. Wake up, for almost the history of the country the very top layer of wealth has pitted one race, ethnicity and religion against the other to distract you while they lone their pickets at your/ our expense. Again wake up, YOU ARE the 99% wether you like it or not… And so am I and so are we. Stop helping by providing them with a distraction they created you for.

  • privatisation is deprivation

    The answer to the problem is to ensure that this happens over and over again by deregulating the stock market? You do realize that is what caused the mess? You do realize that the bankers panic of 1907 happened in an unregulated market and JP Morgan ran away with other peoples money? Then he used his crime to set up the Fed as a fake regulatory agency he could use to bail himself out. Enron pulled the same stunt in 2001. Just because Steve Jobs died doesn’t mean I’ll let him off the hook. Apple, Google and Cisco have been using their money to make the government take yours. They are lobbying congress for a tax holiday that would allow them to pull tax deferred money from the Cayman Islands without paying tax on it. People talk about double taxes. For every “double tax” corporations have a loop hole that triples their tax return.

  • Keenen Altic

    So your answer to the problem is to ensure that this happens over and over again by deregulated the stock market? You do realize that is what caused the mess? You do realize that the bankers panic of 1907 happened in an unregulated market and JP Morgan ran away with other peoples money? Then he used his crime to set up the Fed as a fake regulatory agency he could use to bail himself out. Enron pulled the same stunt in 2001.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    …and even more punitive taxes on people who dare to be successful. What else do you need to say?

    Let’s go over this again: In FY2008, the top one-percentile of taxpayers paid 38% of all the personal income taxes in this country.

    So the minute you or one of your speakers claims that they aren’t paying their fair share, YOU’RE LYING.

  • soundguy

    we are NOT blacking out the media. the local movement cannot be defined until we have met on saturday for our general assembly, where everyone gets to voice their concerns and an agreement can be made regarding what we stand for, until then we have nothing to say besides when and where the open meeting where ANYONE can speak is happening.

    saturday 1:30-4 greenfield lake, by the pedal boats.

  • Guest10

    “We were shot down in a very strange way… Protests in other states have turned into sometimes violent clashes with police.”

    This is balanced reporting? Sounds like editorial bias to me. Anyone reading this, please question the motives of this news agency – and seek the facts for yourself.

  • QuietOne

    you know who makes me mad? Those brainy people who study really hard and get straight A’s. I think we should force them to give up one point on every test to each of those less fortunate people in the class who don’t have time to study because they are exercising their right to party and hang out with their friends. Everyone is equal, so we should all get the same grade regardless of how hard they work. That will make life fair!

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