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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — They say politics makes strange bedfellows. A candidate for Wilmington City Council is finding that out the hard way after we’ve uncovered a campaign record that says if he died, he wanted to give his campaign money to a controversial county commissioner.

Among the many documents candidates have to fill out is the Candidate Designation of Committee Funds, which says where any leftover campaign money would go if they die. Some council candidates want their funds to go to non-profits or political parties. One candidate, though, originally designated his funds to New Hanover County Commissioner Brian Berger’s campaign.

Joshua Fulton is the youngest candidate for Wilmington City Council. He’s a fiscally-conservative graduate student at UNCW who says he re-designated his funds after Berger became the center of numerous controversies.

Fulton refused to talk on camera, but in a statement to WWAY said: “In February, I designated Brian Berger’s campaign as the beneficiary of any campaign funds I might have in the event of my death. At that time, like the more than 30,000 people who voted for him, I thought Brian was going to be a voice for limited government and fiscal responsibility. As a result of his personal and political actions, I thought it was best to disassociate myself with him. I wish Brian well and hope he can be a voice for fiscally responsible, limited government on the county commission.”

Fulton made Berger’s campaign his beneficiary in February. Between February and July, when Fulton changed the designation, Berger was arrested, was involved in a car accident with questions about his insurance, got into arguments with fellow commissioners and was late or did not show up to several meetings. It was also discovered that Berger, who claimed to own his own consulting business, was collecting unemployment.

After all of the public drama, Fulton said Berger was not who he thought he was. His funds would now go to the United Way.

Fellow council candidate Margaret Haynes also chose a charity: the Domestic Violence Shelter and Services.

Ronald Sparks wants his money split between Ephesus Junior Academy and the Red Cross.

Laura Padgett’s cash would go to the Making Waves Foundation of the Cape Fear Public Transportation Authority.

Two candidates, Frank Meares and Neil Anderson, decided to give money back to contributors.

Napier Fuller would give his funds to the New Hanover County Republican Party.

Candidates Ricky Meeks and Matthew Hinson have not filed a Candidate Designation of Committee Funds form, because their campaign coffers are below the $1,000 threshold.


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  • Guest99x

    Before this article I was considering voting for Fulton. Now, I will, most certainly be voting for him.

  • wilmastute

    The comment above is so right– a website designed to smear a young man–has all the smell of the old guard crowd.We have seen this garbage before and we will again. Why? McColl, Saffo and a tight group of old line dems and reps want to keep control of wilmington for themselves, developers and –and their buddies. This from the same crowd that gave you lavish spending on the Gravely, higher sales and property taxes, and wants to build a “golden” bridge and use our money to fund arts councils and ball teams –we should reject the smears. What they fear most from any independent is their loss of secrecy and special deals. Transparency and an end to annexation and wasted tax increases only came about when we throw these losers out. They represent the worst in ourselves- they can attack anyone they wish- but they can’t cause us to lose sight of their years of self help.

  • truthseeker

    When it comes to “real” what we don’t need are these three misfits–just more of the same miserable crowd that has done things to help entrenched interests and themselves– say no to these three and say no to annexation, spending and more of the same nonsense that Wilmington shouldn’t tolerate.There good at spending our money- we can do better with Fulton!

  • Guestwit

    It is a sad commentary that the old guard in wilmington is on another smear and destroy campaign. They are very desparate so they create site full of untruths- rather than have voters focus on the pathetic records of Padgett and Fuller(a real lightweight realtor)-let alone Sparks and his questionable conduct. Old guard folks like McColl would like more of same– avoid transparency, tax and spend–let’s fund an arts council and ball team with public money. WE KNOW BETTER- reject the smears–Vote for Josh.Say NO to Louise McColl, King Saffo and the rest of the old guard who will do or say anything to maintain power. Let’s follow the money for the past 10 years and then the smears will be exposed for the nonsense they are.

  • Guest2012

    Running for Political Office in the Bible belt.
    I would die laughing if we didn’t elect a Socialist to the Presidency in 2008.
    I know we are not going to go to the polls without VETTING the candidates to the nth degree in both our local and national elections ffrom now on.

    Everyone should check out the site above.

  • nd1

    Check this site out!!!! Be sure you check it out carefully, it is worth the time, I found it very interesting to say the least…….



    Fool me once, SHAME ON YOU….Fool me twice, SHAME ON ME. Let’s make sure we know who we are voting for…these guys are making a mockery of the process.

  • MeMyself,and I

    This guy has alot of suprises up his sleeve. Please, without calling us “Haters”, Mr Fulton, explain your affliation with Brian Berger, and your alledged views against Christianity.

  • Guest1492

    Quite to the contrary-Josh and brian stand up for others. perfect there not but when we look at the self dealers like catlin and barffield they look mighty good

  • So what! Do we know what department he was auditing, since insurance companies have auditors in most of their departments. Painting with a rather large brush, wouldn’t you say? I’ve only listened to Josh on the radio, looked at his website, and have no idea if I’d vote for him or not…at this point.

    But the website specifically built to smear Josh gives me reason to believe Saffo, Louise McColl and her thugs are behind it.

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