Wilmington steel company assisting in Haiti


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY)– Almost two years after a devastating earthquake shook the island of Haiti one Wilmington company is looking to make a difference there. Steel Frame Inc. recently shipped about 60,000 pounds of steel to the country to build an orphanage, a medical building and a medical housing facility.

“There is a lot of construction going on and a lot of it is steel framing in Haiti at this time. We are anticipating doing a lot more of it,” said Wallace Vanhoy, CEO of Steel Frame Inc.

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Advantages to the steel framing are that a natural disaster may bend it but would not break it like it would a wood structure. Termites also would have no impact on it.

For many it would be incredibly easy to assemble.

“One of our customers that bought a machine from us sent a 31,00 foot building to a couple in Arizona, they are not builders, they put it under roof in two weeks, just a husband and wife,” said Arthur White, CFO of Steel Frame Inc.

Vanhoy and another employee of the company will go down to Haiti in two weeks and show people there how to use his product. He says after he helps once, builders there will have it all figured out.

“Match it to the corresponding piece and snap it together. It’s just that simple. I can’t emphasis enough that anybody can do it,” said Vanhoy.

This technology of steel framing not only looks to make its mark in Haiti but also in other countries struck by disaster.