Spider-Man robber continues hold-ups; police, store workers react


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Wilmington Police say the Spider-Man robber has struck again. The mysterious criminal held up a Kangaroo convenience store Sunday morning making it the fourth robbery of its kind in less than a month.

This string of convenience store holdups by a man in a Venom Spider-Man mask has resulted in the loss of cash and cigarettes.

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“He came, demanded me to open the register and get the cash and he was holding his gun like this,” said Mark Headstrong, a clerk at Wrightsvile Country Store. “I responded to his request, because he was holding a gun.”

Headstrong was the man behind the register when the Spider-Man robber hit the store just over a week ago. He says it was hard to pick up on any of the man’s characteristics.

“I tried to catch anything, like anything, but it was so hard,” Headstrong said. “He was disguised perfectly.”

When the robber hits stores he asks for Newport Cigarettes.

“We’re looking for any information of people that are selling cigarettes on the street,” Wilmington Police Lt. Tom Witkowski said. “This person has gotten a fair amount of cigarettes each time he’s committed one of these robberies, and we have information that he may be turning around and selling them on the street.”

The burglar has gone from robbing a convenience store on South College Road to Wrightsville Avenue to Market Street and most recently Oleander Drive. If he continues, many want to know where he will go next. Some convenience store owners are already preparing.

“We’ve got a good (camera) system here,” gas station manager Ali Rammuni said. “If we could hold him until the cops come here that’s fine.”

“I now have heavier tools, I would say,” Headstrong said. “If they would do that they are going to be shot or we get shot. I don’t know how to express this. Somebody is going to be hurt.”

Police say the suspect is most likely a 6’3″ to 6’4″ black male. If you have any information on these robberies please contact Wilmington Police at (910) 343-3600.