Man who accused Soles of assault wants charges dropped


TABOR CITY, NC (WWAY) — The controversy surrounding R.C. Soles continues as the former state senator once again faces criminal charges. Soles is accused of beating a man on his property back in September. Today he was in court, but after court, Jernigan said he wants to drop the charges against Soles.

“I just wanna get it over with,” Jernigan said. “I made a bad decision. I mean, I was on his property. The man ain’t done nothing but help me, and everybody makes mistakes. So I’m trying to drop the charges and go back to peaceful.”

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Jernigan says he regrets pressing charges against Soles in September after saying the former state senator hit him in the face with a metal cane. Jernigan does not deny he was assaulted, but says he believes he was also in the wrong by being on Soles’s property.

He says Soles has always taken care of him and helped him financially when he needed it.

“He’s got a big heart,” Jernigan said of Soles. “He’s like a father to me, you know what I’m mean? I didn’t have a father. He’s like a father to me.”

Jernigan has been linked to the former senator before with incidents of trespassing on Soles’s property. When we asked why Soles was so generous, he said Soles just wants to help. Jernigan says he made a mistake and wants to look out for someone who has always looked out for him, but he says he does not know what to do to get the charges dropped. For now, the case has been continued until December 9.

We tried to catch up with Soles on his way out of court, but he said he had no comment.

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