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BOILING SPRING LAKES, NC (WWAY) — Some controversial signs in Boiling Spring Lakes have some folks very upset. The hand-written political signs calling Mayor Richard White a liar have some asking if this sort of political attack should even be allowed.

Natasha Yarolin is responsible for the signs that call White a liar. She says she just wants people to know the facts.

“All I’m doing is telling the truth,” she said. “I have not slandered him in any way. I have not said one thing about him that I cannot back up with documentation.”

But some people, like Eva Hayes and her daughter Tracy Kelley, find the signs distasteful and untrue. Kelley says when she removed a sign from private property, a BSL Police officer threatened to charge her with larceny. Hayes claims her daughter did nothing wrong.

“If they’re not on your own personal property then you have a right to remove a sign that is offensive,” Hayes said.

Yarolin said, “To my knowledge, I’ve followed all the laws, and if I haven’t, I welcome them to tell me which laws I’ve broken, and I’ll abide by them.”

BSL City Manager Paul Sabiston says as long as Yarolin did not place her signs on public property or right of ways, she did not break any laws.

“Certainly there is a long history of freedom of speech in this country, and we don’t really want to get into this issue,” Sabiston said. “We’re just trying to limit our responsibilities with just political signs at the right place at the right time.”

Yarolin says she will continue to put up her signs around Boiling Spring Lakes and hopes her message about White gets across to voters.

“He’s bullied people for years now, and I’m just showing that he’s not going to bully me,” Yarolin said. “I’m going to get the truth out there, and pretty much he’s going to get a dose of his own medicine, because they’ve tried intimidating me, and I’m not going away.”

Boiling Spring Lakes Police Chief Emmett Ballree says this kind of situation with candidate signs is common during elections.

We tried to talk with Mayor White, but he declined an interview.


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  • Guest28451

    I know I, and several of my friends have commented on several of the remarks on here, but they are NOT being posted! If Ms. Yarolin can slander Mayor White’s name, why can’t we, who KNOW her, air her “dirty laundry”. What happened to freedom of speech?!?!?!?! SHE opened this can of worms, let her squirm!

  • Ricky

    Everyone Is always worried about the he said she said crap! And I understand this is just politics in general, But really this a small area that’s nice and quiet. Everyone for the most part gets along and minds there business. So why don’t we focus on who is going to put the effort in to improving BSL and whats best for all the people living in this community. We are all human and have dirty little secrets, I am not much of a voter b/c of this kinda stuff right here!!! This BS that has nothing to do with the issues at hand. What are the potential mayor’s going to do for the community the spillway to save the lake that is boiling springs lakes, lower taxes etc.. I don’t know about everyone else but I want to know who is going to make the decision that effect my pocket. Not who has a criminal record and couldn’t get a job as a BSL cop, and who told lies on who. I really don’t know what the situation is and none of us probably ever will know the whole store. Which the Whole police dept. seems corrupt and that really is just sad considering nothing really goes on as far as crime around here, I guess that’s what boredom leads to… poor decision making. It’s a sad world out there and all of you are feeding into this, you are just as bad as this lady plastering signs everywhere!! Please make your decision based on something other then this nonsense. I want to make this clear I am not a supporter of Richard White or Craig Caster but am making my choice based on the ISSUES at hand and the options giving. Hope there is someone else out there in this confusion that feels like we are getting way off track!!!!

  • Missy

    WWAY has given this woman an opportuntiy to slander a candidate for public office.

    They now have an obligation to explain the facts so that voters can make up their own minds.

    Just what are the lies that Richard White told??

    We need the rest of the story.

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