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PENDER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Topsail High School’s principal has been suspended, but no one is saying why. Pender County Schools spokeswoman Joyce Keith says Marcus Skipper was suspended Monday with pay. Keith said in an e-mail to WWAY, “There are no further comments.”

Back in June the school board reassigned Skipper to Cape Fear Middle School leading to outcry from Topsail parents and students. Within days, the board reversed its decision.

“Marcus Skipper requested to be reinstated,” Keith told WWAY in an e-mail June 16. “The decision is in the best interest of Topsail High School and Cape Fear Middle School.”


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  • For Skipper

    If you don’t like the direction Skipper is taking THS, then take your kids and go to one of the other Pender County Schools or better yet go to New Hanover, see how that goes. For me and my family I prefer THS and Skipper at the helm.

  • GuessWhat.

    Oh my goodness. All of these comment owners apparently are in the Pender family yet throwing stones at each other. I’ve had more principals than Skipper and as far as I’ve seen he’s handled situations very maturely and has never been hostile or rude towards any students or parents speaking by what I’ve heard and experienced. There can be room for improvement in any situation, but as of now Topsail needs a principal so it would be very helpful if parents/teachers/staff people would quit yelling about how wrong each other are and finding a solution for we, the students. Merci famille de Topsail.

  • Jordan Gulliams

    What did he do?

  • Jordan G

    Can you guys stop putting my name on here, Juliana and Dante

  • Jordan G

    thats what you get

  • 123

    Mr.skipper is a great pricipal at Topsail high school he has been my principal for the past couple years since middle school he’s a very kind,gentlemen he do not deserve to be put under something he didnt do. I think they should vote new peoples in the Board Eductation cause they full of it .I Do attend topsail high school to this day

  • THS parent

    I have heard from a source very close to this issue why Mr. Skipper was suspended, and I believe he deserved to be. It has NOTHING to do with any axe the school board has to grind. I have an Honors student at THS and I am very unimpressed with the direction the school is going under Mr. Skipper’s (lack of) leadership. “Walking down the hall with a happy face” is nice, but not the only thing a principal should get paid such a high salary for doing.

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