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LELAND, NC (WWAY) — Former Leland Police officer Sherry Lewis says she has been to hell and back in the last couple of years. For the first time since settling her harassment claim with the town of Leland, Lewis is talking about her experience in the Leland Police Department.

She says things were so bad that she no longer feared what she would come across on the street, but what she had to face inside the station.

March 10 was no different.

Officers were scheduled to participate in a new training simulation exercise. Lewis and other officers agreed that this was going to be another situation where she was targeted.

“I knew how things were and how I was generally targeted and how they felt about me and that they would probably target me to drive me away and humiliate me,” Lewis said. “I knew it was coming. This was typical. This was not new to me.”

Lewis says during the exercises, she was shot about eight times between her legs before the group broke for lunch. She says she asked the sergeant who was shooting her repeatedly, who we’ve learned was Mike Landen, to stop shooting her in the crotch because she did not know how much more she could take.

“At this point it was so painful. That’s when I had asked them to please stop it, but, of course, they laughed and giggled and just added to my embarrassment,” Lewis said.

Lewis says she did not stop participating and tried to ignore the pain. When she was shot in the crotch about four more times, she said she finally broke.

“It hurt pretty bad,” she said. “If I describe what I said or did at that moment, I basically clenched my fists and my teeth, swore under my breath, as the two lieutenants were on either side of me yelling and just demeaning me and humiliating me as the other officers watched.”

Lewis says after that, her supervisors told her to leave immediately. Because she had ridden with other officers, she was left without a ride home and was made to walk, which only made her injuries worse.

“My pants were sticking to the little cuts, and every time I’d move my legs it’d pull out of the cuts and make it bleed more. It hurt horribly. The only way I could walk was with my feet apart and I had to walk quite a distance,” Lewis said.

After calling her son to pick her up in Kure Beach, Lewis says she called Leland Mayor Pro Tem Brenda Bozeman.

“I poured my heart out,” Lewis said. “I told her everything that had happened. Everything that had been happening. I told her I had to resign. I could not face them again. Could I please please turn my badge, my gun, everything from the department into her? That I could never walk into the department again. I couldn’t look these men in the eye again.”

Lewis says Bozeman told her she needed to make some calls and would get back to her. She never did.

Lewis got a call from Police Chief Tim Jayne an hour later. She says he told her he met with Bozeman and Leland Town Manager Bill Farris to discuss what happened.

Other than giving her statement to the then assistant town manager, Lewis says she never heard from anyone of authority in Leland again. Lewis says that’s when she got her attorney involved. She says she wanted the people responsible for the issues in the police department held accountable.

“This was not about money,” Lewis said. “Not once during the whole process did I tell my attorney, ‘I want X amount of dollars. I want money, money, money.’ This was never about the money. This was about righting a wrong, keeping my reputation in tact so that I could continue to do the job I was sworn to do at another department, and also to make sure that the officers that remained there didn’t have to keep going through what they’re going through.”

Lewis says she knows the abuse at the training session was no accident. She says to her knowledge Landen was never disciplined for his involvement.

“I have several witnesses that are sworn officers that heard the planning and actually heard after the fact when I was made to leave the facility that they had done it and it was funny to them,” Lewis said. “This was not a training accident. This was an intentional act against me.”

Lewis says she was going to try to wait out the bad apples, but she could not stand the situation any longer. She now hopes that by sharing her story, other officers will come forward so that the truth will come out and Leland will have a reliable department again. For now though, she says some cops are not living up to the standards they swore to uphold.

“We, as police officers, are held to a higher standard than your average citizens,” Lewis said. “We are the sheep dogs. When the sheep dog becomes the wolf, who do you turn to?”

We’ve tried to talk with town leaders in Leland, including Jayne, Farris and Bozeman, about what happened to Lewis. They have all refused to discuss the situation citing personnel confidentiality.


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  • Bean Counter

    Bravo! As a fellow American, and humble veteran, I wholeheartedly agree with your opinion.

  • guesty

    Since it doesn’t apply to you Juan, feel free to skip over any and all my posts. Now come mow my lawn.

  • anonymous

    as a prior employee of the town i can only say this to all of you. there is no one here making alligations of you doing any wrong doing anything illegal or otherwise detrimental to you, your family, and the job that you have. yes you sleep safe at night because of people like the patrol officers of leland who are in your neighborhood at night trying to catch the guy breaking into your unlocked car because you were so smart you didnt remember to secure your crap! as far as being educated i know a few of the officers there have a degree or are working towards a degree in something all while being paid crap and what education do you have? these guys risk there lives everyday simply putting on a uniform makes you a target. are there bad people in leland? YES! do they need to go to jail? YES! do the officers write tickets YES you jokers cant drive! if you think you could do so much better than these officers… i invite you to shut your mouth grab a BLET t shirt go to school. and when you get done you do the job. be the bully see the bad guy with a gun 3 foot from you then come on here and tell the truth YOU need cops in leland period. does Jayne need to go yes! Futch YES! Lieutenats YES! anything involving Officer Lewis you should be Fired yes. but the guys you see working 6-6 they arent there for the money theyre there for YOU! remember that.as far as the veterans let me ask you something you didnt serve????WHY are u AMERICAN? so you dont know why these men and women CHOOSE to serve there country and the little old town of Leland its a duty an honor. the Military is Never just an obvious alternative respect your veterans theyre the reason you are able to sit here and talk crap. do a ride along then come back and write what you witness be safe lil buddy. its a very thin blue line

  • Guest31415

    Didn’t the Sheriff’s Dept take over for a while? Restructure, evaluate, etc?

  • Guest3

    Headache? His brain SHOULD feel as good as new…seeing as how he’s never used it.

  • Grand Ole Party

    The Hence comment, was a quote from Leland Boy. HENCE the use of the quotation marks. Guess you failed to understand that? Doof!! Next…

    Says who? Says kblue don’t have a clue.

  • Guesttoo

    The answer to all of your questions is that the investigation currently being conducted has not been completed. Are these folks supposed to be fired based on rumor, allegation and accusations? Would anyone want their job status determined by rumor rather than fact?

    This isn’t to say that the investigation won’t find wrong-doing. It’s entirely possible and, if so, I hope that those found guilty will be dealt with properly.

  • kblue2221984

    Just give me a chance to explain, please? Not all Officers are like that. I assure you their are some OUTSTANDING Officers on the Leland Police Department. With such poor leadership it’s hard to see this. After the new change in leadership you will see a brand new Police Department. Say’s who? Say’s Kblue!

  • Juan

    That same reply is getting very old!!! Try something else! NOT FUNNY AFTER THE 100TH TIME!!!

  • deputy 25

    well, first of all Karma, i am a deputy still. there are not good officers that allowed this to happen in their presence. when this was to the point that an officer had to walk over a mile in uniform with paint blotches in her crotch area and wet from the rain , then this is unacceptable at all after she said QUIT. someone would have toted an a@$ whoopin. i have never tolerated this in training and never will. this is not a MISTAKE! this was intentional not a mistake. as far as someone coming to my rescue, these people cant even police themselves . i am the police and who do we call when there is an emergency,not 911 , i take it upon my 24/7 status to take care of it. i do it right. these officers have a right NOT TO BREAK THE LAW AND OATH. as far as nothing nice to say, i have dealt with a det. at this dept after some break ins and he was a jerk. just a reak jerk. no brotherhood there when i tried to pass on info. next time he can deal with it himself. now as far as all this going on, i do know that there are more serious things coming to light than this. you will see civil right violations, assault charges and misuse of gub-mint property. i will say that the unemployment rate will be going up in leland and that they also will be the biggest company providing jobs at the same time. thanks karma for your time. no issue with you. i think the citizens deserve better. now this is from the inside of the uniform. it goes on in alot of depts. but this is at home and it really looks and smells of something bad and i believe charges are coming!!!

  • Guest525

    Maybe the DA should take a note of what happened in the 12th District, Cumberland County, with the Spring Lake PD.

    The DA’s Office would not allow them to file felony charges, only the Sheriff’s Dept could. It took Spring Lake PD a while to get their act together, but they did.

    So Mister DA, maybe it is time for you to learn a history lesson, and do what it right for all the people in Brunswick County.

  • Observer

    I don’t believe everything I read, but some of these folks are really proving other people’s points by opening their mouths. Mark Twain once said, “It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.” I have NO doubt now that the allegations Holman made about the harrassment he endured is true. I have read comments, some signed and some unsigned, from LPD officers AND families that implied that male commenters were sexually interested in their husbands. One said that her husband was both “straight and taken,” while someone else claimed that Kblue, who is believed to be male, must have a real “hard on” for the chief and lieutenants.

    After reading the Star-News article where Lewis talks about being made fun of for her “appearance” by other officers, I also see now why the name calling and insults are being thrown around. These officers have been bullies, and it is only in secrecy that their victims can throw it back at them. It looks like their wives like to take part too. Victims, don’t stoop to their levels, even though I understand you enjoying seeing the mighty fall. Come forward with all the information you have about criminal and inappropriate conduct if you haven’t already. You don’t have to be afraid any more. We SEE what has been going on.

  • Grand Ole Party

    Go to your post above and correct the line that reads- “Hence, the Military was the only viable option for these guys and obviously it paid off because they would able to land an awesome job with the Leland Police Department!” Remove the word WOULD and replace it with WERE then you may return and correct Shawn. Leland BOY fits you well. Drive on cowgirl.

  • Boom Boom

    copied from Southern Born,

    Is it possible could it be,
    that the legend has written
    what the clowns can’t see.

    The legend he listens for many lies.
    while the three stooges disapear befor thier eyes.

    He wishes for justice,
    some could expect.
    Anger and fear he can detect.

    Farris he agrees these are the ones
    and the legend he picks each one as thier done.

    Right knows no wrong when the rules they scribe.
    The legend he knows they cannot hide.

    so before his time comes at the hands of three.
    he retreats with his king,so to be free

    behind he leaves, a army of good.
    while the three cover themselves,
    with a dark and dirty hood

    The legend is proud he did a good job
    while the three did what you read on this here blog.

    The Legend Lives.

    is he referring to Stricklands, Jayne, and Farris

  • Guest2020

    It is truly sad when law abiding citizens have lost confidence in the people who have been sworn to protect and serve. I am grateful that the corruption is not rife in my town’s police department. You and your family should not have to feel this way and it is past time for Leland’s alleged leadership to step up and do something. They are there to serve the people and they have let you down. I pray that the people of Leland keep all of this in mind when they head to the polls. Apparently y’all can’t make the council do anything, but you can fire them. My prayers go with you and yours while you wait to see if this mess ever gets straightened out.

  • kblue2221984

    Allow me to fix “YOUR” post “Grand Ole Geek”
    1) Hence,< ---(no coma needed) the Military was the only viable option for these guys and obviously it paid off because they would-->(be)<-- able to land an awesome job with the Leland Police Department!" <----this is whats called a "run on sentence" B)Your wasting my Oxygen and making my head hurt! 32)Your breath smells like cheese and hippo butt!!! Say's who? Say's Kblue!

  • Leland Gal

    That’s assuming they even were in highschool long enough to take the SAT. Giving them too much credit! A GED is good ‘nuf for the LPD. Computers and phones have spellcheck, guys. You’re blowing your cover with all the incoherent posts!

  • Guest22

    I know one that graduated from college with a Business Degree AND graduated BLET with flying colors!

  • The harassed

    The Leland police dept is a disgrace to all of law enforcement. I have been harassed countless times and think the area would be better off without a dept at all. Replace the force. Lol if you could call it that. My .02

  • Disgusted

    Thank you for sharing what you heard, Joseph. I’m actually even more outraged now. No, this Officer didn’t belong with the Leland PD, she has too much geniune interest in the community to fit in. You say the Toys for Tots/Cop Camp loving Lt. was part of shutting down DARE? WOW!!!!! Did the donations get returned? No??

    Sherry Lewis for Mayor. That’s all I have left to say.

  • Bye Bye Bad Guys

    Why does Tim Jayne still have a job?

    Why does Michael Landen still have a job?

    Why does the two Lieutenants still have a job?

    Why does Bill Farris still have a job?

    Why does John Blasingame still have a job?

    Town of Leland you are a joke, from top to bottom.

    When you knowingly allow people to commit crimes and violated policies and procedures, you too, are guilty.

    All of you are a disgrace to government. You need to go!!!

  • ArnoldSchwarzenegger

    -In my Arnold voice- It’s not PTSS.

    Read this description and see if it fits better “Delusions of Grandeur is a false belief that one is more important or powerful than they really are. It is often associated with Psychosis (an inability to correctly evaluate reality). PTSD is not a psychosis. Personality traits and character flaws are usually set in childhood. Those diagnosed with PTSD do not lie any more than anyone else.”

    Well, guess that excludes JC from having PTSD as he has supreme delusions of grandeur AND he’s a HUGE pathological liar. This information came from http://www.pownetwork.org, a site devoted to bringing military imposters to justice. Oops. Have no idea why I was there.

  • Sick and Tired

    Nah, it sounded like a threat to me too. I don’t buy that first sentence at all. Men and women who wear a badge are held to higher standards. I would expect them to aid even their worst enemies with urgency, respect, and care. If they can’t do that, they should resign.

  • Sick and Tired

    Unfortunately this is not a court of law, which is also why no one has a right to confront an accuser just yet. In a forum like this, it’s a court of public opinion. If most of the things being said are from your peers or former co-workers, then maybe you are already guilty in their eyes if they have knowledge of proof. If we are discount your peers and they have to say, then why are juries made up your peers? If we are also supposed to discount “ignorant” citizens who aren’t police officers, then WHO is supposed to judge you here on Earth? No one, I’m sure. Are you above God also?

  • Sick and Tired

    I have been following this story for some time now. Let me tell you, I am absolutely sick of these officers, their wives, and supporters bringing up their military service in conjunction with these ongoing stories. They want to talk about relevancy, yet they can’t stick with the issues at hand.

    I have family members who have served in the military (in combat during the draft)and are police officers. Not once EVER have I told others that they should be thankful for their service.

    Stephanie Blasingame wrote on 9/19/11 the following statement regarding a post made about her husband: “I’d also like to point out that Officer Blasingame, along with many other Leland Police officers, have spent years of their life proudly serving in the military defending your right to post ignorant things, and get this..he had those “unbelievable tattoos” on his body!!!!! Outrageous I tell you! LOL. See that’s the problem with this country. You want to be judgemental and stereotypical when you have no idea what you are talking about. Ignorance and stupidity never cease to amaze me. Not to mention being totally ungrateful!! I hope you have a blessed day relishing in the freedom in which we provide! :-)”

    I cannot tell you how much this sickens me. If you want to talk about inflammatory remarks, those last two sentences take the cake. I naturally respect anyone who has served, but when they have attitudes like that, it is rather difficult. It also proves exactly what some of the commenters are saying about these officers and their wives’ self-righteousness. No one owes anyone anything for VOLUNTEERING to join the military. The Outback does not even owe you a free blooming onion on Veterans Day, nor does this town owe you a parade. What ever happened to serving WITH pride, instead of serving FOR pride? What ever happened to self-less service instead of selfish service? If anyone on here is interested in seeing what REAL HEROES look like, drive up to Fayetteville and volunteer for the DAV. And then don’t flaunt it. That’s the important thing.

    Those who are criticizing the Leland PD the loudest probably are in law enforcement or military themselves, because they know and understand the integrity these people are lacking. I would guess most comments are not coming from average citizens within the community or people who have “no idea what they are talking about”. Hear that Leland? If you don’t bow down to the Leland PD then you are “ignorant” and “stupid”. Don’t you people recognize excellence when you see it? Sheesh. To suggest that Leland PD would respond less enthusiastically, for lack of a better word, to anyone who has had issues with them, is really childish and immature, just like Chief Jayne deleting WWAY from his media contacts list. They learned it from the best, but certainly not the “finest”.

  • karma1427

    I’m not a Leland Police Officer…And I’m not even a police officer at all.

    I know several Leland Police Officers, and its ashamed that all of this is giving their department a bad name and hurting their reputation as a whole. The officers I do know “ARE AMBASSADORS OF THEIR BADGE 24/7.”

    I did state that I understand there are some issues that hopefully get dealt with appropriately…meaning that people who Are in the wrong should accept the consequences when it comes to punishment. BUT there are officers in Leland who are GOOD officers and go to work everyday to protect and serve their community. Not necessarily this story but in ones past, people are just bashing the department and all the officers as a whole. My original post wasn’t a THREAT…it was more of a “think before You speak” or “if you don’t Have anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all” kind of post because you never know when you may need help and the ones you bashed are the runs coming to your rescue.

    And it is ashamed that peoples names are being thrown around in comments….We are only human and we all Have made mistakes in our lifetime.I’m sure Sherry herslef has even made a few mistakes before…

  • Leland Boy

    Guys and Gals,

    Let’s quit singing the same tune. Yes, the officers in Leland “fine department” put their lives on the line every day. Some even served their country. THAT WAS THEIR CHOICE. This country has no draft and doesn’t require citizens to serve in the police so these officers choose to serve. Much like you and I choose to do our jobs.

    That is the only defense I can see on here is people saying these officers put their lives on the line every day. With the exception of the robbery last Friday, Leland doesn’t have a lot of situations where an officers life is on the line. Look at their daily police blotter and you will see these officers putting their “lives on the line” to investigate thefts of stop signs, lots of shoplifting at Walmart, and sometimes a larceny of a dog. I certainly appreciate the risk the officers take in investigating these matters.

    As for their military service, the officers should be thanking us. If you combined the officers in the Leland Police Department SAT scores, I still doubt you would get a high enough score to ever attend a college. Hence, the Military was the only viable option for these guys and obviously it paid off because they would able to land an awesome job with the Leland Police Department!

    I sleep at night knowing Smith, Blassinggame and all the other Ex Military Guys in Leland are “on the case.”

  • guesty

    You should see a key labeled ‘Caps Lock’ and you should press it once. Check to see if the little light on your keyboard goes off. Otherwise, ask an adult for help.

  • anne

    If all of these allegations are true, the police officers that did this to her should be investigated thoroughly and disciplined severely. It sounds like the “good ole boy” network is alive and well in Leland. What a shame! There are so many good cops out there and these pathetic excuses for officer’s give all of them a bad name!

    A good housecleaning needs to be done in Leland – start with the ineffectual mayor and go from there.

  • kblue2221984

    My bad!!!Say’s who? Say’s Kblue!



  • deputy 25

    first let me say, i have been in Law enforcement for 25 yrs. i would never let this happen. i would fire , not let resign or quit the first officer that done anything out of the scope of their duties or oath.. when you take that oath, you SWEAR to keep your life unsullied . there is no time clock on the badge, you are an ambassador of that badge 24/7. as far as Karma goes, you should not be throwing out the “i hope you dont need us for anything, just remember who is coming when you call 911” that is the kind of childish, inmature unprofessional, bias that goes on in the Leland Dept. if you can look at yourself in the morning and say’ am i doing the right thing in my job within the dept and in the public?? answer that without lying to yourself. an honest man will stay honest when no one is looking. there is to much smoke for there not to be a fire. you are there to protect and serve 24/7. that doesn’t mean serve yourself! by the way Karma, when all the wash is done and everything comes out, some officers may be calling 911 themselves or should i say the employment office. remember there are 10 people waiting on your job each day in these tough times. Leland PD needs to remember who they work for , and who is paying them to do an honest job. do you get your monies worth when you pay for something? that is what the public wants.i would be ashamed and embarrased if i was on Leland PD and had anything to do with the malfeases that are going on there. for the ones that are straight up, i know it is hard to have to walk in those shoes each day. it seems that you can make a Jerry Springer show off of this dept. Chief Jayne is no Chief, he looks more like sitting BULL!! straighten your act up down there and be a dept that is credible. when you become the news of the day each day and the story is about and on you, then it is time to grow up and be mature and not like a whining bunch of spoiled officers that think that the public keeps owing them and that they are exempt from the morals that GOD gave us or either step aside and let the moral officers come in . quit taking leave of your senses and get yourself straight and clean your own doorstep up before you start making threats about people needing 911 services! 910-754-6120. that is the number to the Employement Security Commision in Shalotte. if i was the Chief or Town manager, that would be some of you officers pink slip today. D.A the people elected you to do a job, do it!! no matter who you live across the street from. stand up and do your job as well. Leland/ Brunswick county deserves better than this!!

  • Get your lie Straight

    Has no one noticed that she can’t even keep her lies straight. The story she told Skip is different than this one and the story she told the star news is different too. One story she says she was made to walk home then the other she says they told her to stand in the parking lot. One story she says she was hit in the crotch than the other it was her legs and abdomen. Come on lady get your lie straight. I’m glad the star news is starting to tell the other half to the story and not just taking sides with an obvious liar.

  • kblue2221984

    Stupid people ROCK! My words were “when the arrest’s are made I will not only give my name but have a cook out”. And just for you? An autograph!!!!Say’s who? Say’s Kblue!

  • hj,ghg,g,

    Good morning officer. Good luck in your future endeavors as a night shift security guard and some dump of a warehouse. Your days in law enforcement are numbered.

  • Guest 55644633

    I told my wife not to call Leland PD because I know whats going on more than this one little incident. There are some great cops in Leland but there are a lot of dirty cops and I am not going to risk it for my family. I would rather my wife grab a gun and wait 20 minutes for me to get home than to take a chance with the Leland PD. And in case you haven’t noticed it isn’t as easy to sell a house these days as you may think. Shouldn’t have to even consider that I should be able to rely on elected officials to do their job and clean up the department


    ok so called leland boy why dont you put your big boy pants on and go serve your country then come back with your opinion! actually there are several men and women in the service with college yet they choose to serve this country… for you to make comments about people that have fought for our “country” as if its no big deal just tells me that your a piece of work… for our military to be the best in the world i would agree with you that they cant be very smart lol.. sounds like your the smart one “leland boy”… I sleep well at night knowing these guys that you named are on the case as well because they are two of the best that the leland pd has… if at the end someone is found guilty of a crime then judge them but until then they are innocent until proven guilty… i also say read all the statements and see how there has been several conflicting storys between WWAY,STAR NEWS ETC…

  • Karma1427

    To everyone who has had nothing but negative things to say about the men who protect and serve in Leland…. I sure hope Karma doesn’t bite you in the tail. These are the men who put their own lives at risk to SAVE YOURS!!!

    I understand there has been some issues, and hopefully they get dealt with appropriately. BUT this doesn’t mean EVERY SINGLE OFFICER at the LPD is a bad policeman. Did anyone notice the officer who helped the old lady who was choking near Wal Mart a couple weeks ago? Or how about during Hurricane Irene when all these officers had to leave their families at home to work extra hours to help protect YOUR families?? Or how about that bad accident on Hwy 133 a while back where Leland officers were some of the first responders making sure the people/children involved were comforted?

    To anyone who lives in Leland and has had negative things to say…I sure hope you don’t find yourself in a situation where you’re calling 911 for help….because these officers who you all are bashing will be the ones showing up at your doorstep offering their help…

  • SurfCityTom

    I am candidly surprised the case was settled for $25,000. I would guess her attorney was looking for quick holiday money. The insurance carrier adjuster certainly earned his income on that case alone.

    This should have been a 6 figure claim settlement.

    And I know she said it was never about the money. But she should have gotten more.

    Still unanswered is whether she filed a workers compensation claim for injuries and emotional trauma on the workplace.

  • kblue2221984

    I don’t understand. Where are all the people who wrote “What Crime has been committed”? Where are all the people that said “Not my Johnny”? Where are all the people that said “Kblue don’t know what he/she is talking about? Where are they now WWAY? The people that yelled at you for posting “lies” and “tabloid trash”? Where are they now? Again “IT TICKLES ME” to wonder what rock they are hiding under…..Say’s who? Say’s Kblue!

  • Ruth Ann Bob

    Out of all of your posts you haven’t mentioned good ole Karl. You know the one that orchestrated the whole training. He was the one that set up all of the groups that day. He made sure tht the refs(K&D) and the “bad guys”(L&O&I) knew exactly where Sherry was. And of course he has been the pillar IA investigator. Especially since he has never been an investigator anywhere else at anytime. Now they have good ole Joe Pierce the other Chief’s boy. He has taken a couple of investigator courses and that makes him an investigator as well. LMAO! These guys also sure don’t like being beaten by the truth. What a shame. If they can’t make it up it didn’t happen. Pathological lyers always believe the crap they spit out!
    Hope you’ve read the new article in the Star News. “Sgt. Landen is one of the best officers in this department”. LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Sgt. Crybaby, Gofer, Scardy Cat Landen? Then we have the famous gun pointer/shooter JC? Not going to go there. PTSS?

  • Joseph@Pender County

    Speaking of DARE, I would really wonder if any of the town knew, or had any clue of, how the end of this program came about?? From what I am aware of it was discontinued in a somewhat illegal manner.

    OK, here is what I have “heard” (mind you pie throwers, I did not say “KNOW”):

    Lewis raised all of the funding for the Dare program so as not any of the funding of said such program would cost the town any monies.(FYI) This means the town of Leland did not actually endure the blunt cost!!

    In this I mean: applying for Government grants with extensive and laborious methods to assure procurement of such grants. i.e., letter writing, applications, phone calls, applications, letter writing, follow up, phone calls, applications…….most all of this on her own time.

    She also researched the local community so that She may have an incite as what type of Dare curriculum that may be most needed in her/your community. And then applied that in an educational atmosphere so as to be the most beneficial to all that had partaken. Guess what?? The kids loved her!

    But, when it came time to weed out her as an individual, because she could not allow herself to play by “Momma Jayne and her boy`s rules”, Dare was going to have to go first. Local citizens with children in middle school can reflect, a timeline, as to how long this has been going on, as they know when their children last received Dare training.

    Here is what bothers me:

    Local business` had donated money toward a cause that they had felt would benefit your area as well as themselves. Some (a lot)of those donations came from real estate companies and land
    developers who could have benefited from the selling point of having local schools with a concerned curriculum. We all know how much todays mom is concerned with what the schools have to offer.

    Officer Lewis not only promoted a successful campaign, but raised well above her own expectations, such as to, be able to, purchase a beautiful Dodge Charger. Which was freshly painted in the modern Dare scheme. Wow, the kids, is what this did!! And thinking like the car buff that I am,at 45, I could only imagine how great of an educational tool it was. I wish that all teachers could have such an effective tool to educate children with.

    Well, seems, after a summer break and its time to go back to school, There will be NO MORE DARE as per the town. Ok, says those that are powerless to change this, so lets apply the Dare account toward something that can be possibly as effective and something that could still be good for the kids. The towns answer was “what account?” we used those thousands, yes many thousands,that were in a separate account earmarked for Dare toward what we seen as more Fit” for the town. I wonder if the donators making contributions for a Dare campaign really know what they supported. I wonder if this kind of money (mis)appropriation is actually legal.

    And then there is Officer Lewis` “pride and joy”, that beautiful, awesomely painted charger that she personally paid for. Guess what? They took it from her as a matter of spite and gave her a blown up ninety something piece of junk to drive. While explaining their giving the new car to a rookie, road jockey, as just the way the cookie crumbles…

  • Mumofthree

    I am a retired female firefighter from another state and it makes
    me sick to hear that these things are still happening. We go to
    the same academy, have the same training, endure the same physical
    tests, and prove we can do the same work. It’s sad to hear that
    15 years since I retired this is still going on in these departments.
    Time to clean house Leland!!

  • Leland Citizen


    Didn’t you post a few days ago that you were going to provide your full name? Sooo, you’re not only a coward by hiding behind your alias but you are also a liar. Not surprising. You’re probably more corrupt than any of the others. This is probably a ploy to divert attention away from you. You are a disgraceful coward. You are probably the type that waits for other officers to arrive at dangerous call for service first so you don’t have to actually be the one to do something. Liar.

  • GuestOutsidelookingin

    Would someone please articulate the protocol for such a mess as this. Surely, there are procedures that are followed to ascertain the facts and punish the wrong doing. What is the governmental chain of command? Is there at least an ethics board that could become involved?
    It seems to be obvious to many folks that there is corruption, ignorance, and abuse in the governmental body of Leland. Someone please, please take the lead that is desperately needed to expose and end this as soon as possible.

    This drama will adversely affect the town of Leland in terms of reputation and ability to attract newcomers. My gosh, aren’t the property values low enough as it is.

    Somebody do something!

  • Bad Apples

    I’m a retired Police Officer that is ashamed to call these Police Officals and Officers, Brothers. They give Brothers a BAD NAME. They really need to be held accountable for their actions. I’ve seen NO REAL investigations into the wrong doings and you could see that they were SCARED to allow the Brunswick County Sherrif’s help. I have no confidence in this Police Department. There is TOO MUCH Corruption here and if they can’t or wont take care of their own(Other than covering it up), then they are not worthy or capable of taking care of the needs of the citizens of this town. WAKE UP PEOPLE this is a Bad situation only getting worse.

  • kblue2221984

    I just talked to Sherry, shes doing well and your positive comments really make her heart feel better. So please keep them coming. “For Sherry” 1964…….Say’s who? Say’s Kblue!

  • Doing the right thing

    I think Sherry would make an excellant write in choice for MAYOR OF LELAND its not like we currently have a good choice. What do you think Leland lets hit them where it Hurts.

  • Guest11221

    You are a fricken nut, lady!!!

  • I don’t think I would have stood for 2 shots! The first one…maybe an accident ….the second ? I would have been passing out blue ball trophies to all the gigglers.

  • kblue2221984

    “By not coming forth as a victim or witness, these officers/sources who took an oath to uphold the law, should be held accountable for impeding an investigation. I believe in justice and if anyone is proven to be guilty of a crime, even if it is my husband, I believe strongly that they should be dealt with in a court of law”.

    I agree with Mrs Delapea. Her husband should be arrested. I’m sure he was one of the 2 Lieutenants that laughed every time Sherry was shot. Egging on Landon. I’m also sure he was one of the Lieutenants that made Sherry walk home injured. Bravo P. Delapea. Your a brave lady!

    In Mr Balboa Jaynes letter to the SBI he writes, We have no Victim/witness, or complainant to be investigated but can you investigate us? Timmy boy! Things just got messy huh kiddo? Say’s who? Say’s Kblue!

  • Meesha

    Wow. Just the idea that something like this is happening in a law enforcement agency in 2011 is amazing. I can tell you that law enforcement officers from across the state are talking about what is happening in Leland. Last week I was at the North Carolina Justice Academy in Salemburg and the Leland PD was mentioned in the class I attended, at lunch and on breaks. All of us are amazed at what was going on.

    WWAY, my suggestion to you is to go outside your community and speak to training staff at the NCJA and other large agencies that use sim guns and see what they think about the shooting of officers with sim guns. ALE, Fayetteville Police, Cumberland County S.O., Raleigh PD, Asheville PD, Durham PD and S.O. and many others use sim guns for training. It might prove enlightening to your viewers to see what policies and procedures these agencies have with regards to their training.

  • QuietOne

    I’ve following this story from the beginning and I have to say that I’ve never been quite so embarrassed to say I’m from Leland. Did ANYONE help this woman? It seems that everywhere she turned, she got a slap in the face. If even half the citizens in Leland are as upset as I am, those in power right now should be afraid for their jobs… very afraid. Unforgivable that we have such morons as police officers. Even worse that the town leaders covered it up.

  • Whoslaughinnow

    Sherry….So proud of you for standing up! I know that this is just one of many times you have been treated unfairly. I hope the officers that treated you this way pay and I hope an EXAMPLE is made out of them. I don’t understand what makes people think that they are untouchable. What goes around comes around. You would think that such smart officers would know that. I guess it just proves how smart they are. As far as the Mayor, Council, and Chief, maybe they will listen a little closer now, when people tell them things…… Good luck Sherry, believe me when I say that the community (the ones that have known you since the beginning of Leland) are all standing behind you !

  • Guest 8560959

    I work in public safety for 24 hour shifts in a neighboring town. I have to leave my wife and children at home to go to work and it is sad that I have to tell her not to call the Leland Police if she feels in danger. I have instructed her to not even open the door if they were to knock for some reason. I would almost rather pay more money to live in Wilmington and at least know my wife and children are safe while I am at work. Somebody needs to do something before this town goes to crap.

  • Boom Boom

    Hang in there girl, you have handled this with dignity. As I understand it the Legend is about to drop the Hammer. You deserve better and he is going to finish what he started. when it come to political payback in the work place, he is the most dangerous guy out there he’s coming armed with notes dates and the goods to prove you had no manager.

    You were a target thats why they convinced the council to rid the town of the dare program. not becouse it was a bad program but because you were simply next on the list.

  • guest 1234

    Know exactly what this officer must have gone through. I was a state officer for over 13 years and avoided my co workers anytime I could. If you are not one of the boys life is not good !!!

  • Leland Boy


    Its Leland not “Leand.” Thanks for proving my point for me Shawn, AKA Leland Police Officer.

    Also, if Smith and Blassingame are the best Leland has to offer. Heaven help the worst ones. The one officer couldn’t even finish Sampson Community College.

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