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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — It looks like a popular Wilmington festival will happen next month after all.

New Hanover County Parks Director Jim McDaniel says this morning Lucy Vasquez, Director of Amigos Internacional, paid the more than $2,000 the group owed for use of county parks. Earlier this week we learned the county had given Vasquez a deadline of 4 p.m. Friday to pay the $1,000 she owed for using Hugh MacRae Park for last year’s festival and $1,255 to use Ogden Park this year. If she missed the deadline, the county planned to turn the reservation over to another group that wants to use Ogden Park Nov. 12.

With the debt now paid, one issue still remains. Vasquez sent out news releases promoting the event yesterday, including a hot air balloon. The problem is New Hanover County’s Risk Management Department has told her that it does not allow hot air balloons on county property, McDaniel said.

Vasquez has not yet returned our call for comment.


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  • Guest99x

    I checked Guidestar under “Amigos International” and did find a charitable organization registered under that name… Interestingly, the entity name shown on the filed documents is “Amigos Internacional”…

    The organization was formed in 2000, the filings (Forms 990) are professionally prepared (only last 3 years available on free Guidestar account) and have been timely filed. The organization has a large and diversified board of directors.

    Well, 9000, this spelling variation in the organization’s name led me to an incorrect conclusion about Amigos’ nature.

  • Guest9000

    They are listed as “Amigos International”.

  • Guest99x

    Hey, I just did a search on the IRS site to see if this not for profit organization described as “Amigos Internacional” really exists. This organization is NOT listed…

    What is happening here is that our county is allowing a commercial venture to use Ogden Park at a deep discount.

    Go to http://www.irs.gov and click the tab “charities” and do a search in Publication 78 and try to find “Amigos Internacional”…

    It ain’t there JUAN and Ms. Vasquez….

    You have a great scam running… Maybe WWAY will help to either A) Get you to pay your taxes on this racket you are running or B) SHUT YOU DOWN.

  • Guest123

    The festival could get some free help I bet. Our tax dollars at work. Wonder if ICE would check IDs on the festival attendees? Can’t let any felons prevent people from having a good time. Free help means paying park fees!

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