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CASTLE HAYNE, NC (WWAY)– One of the more interesting elections that happened in New Hanover County was in Castle Hayne. Residents went to the polls to decide whether they would become a town, and the answer was a bit one sided.

The final tally from Castle Hayne is 620 people against incorporation and 203 for it.

“I’m very excited that the people have spoken and I’m just glad that we’ve put this to an end,” said Jim Bordeaux, a Castle Hayne Town Council candidate.

Tom Radewicz was candidate for Mayor of town that does not exist. He is worried that this outcome may eventually lead to the expansion of Wilmington.

“I think that consolidation will come,” said Radewicz.” It might not be for another 3 years or so but it is coming. I think that when it does come that day then people will look back on this day.”

People on both sides of the argument stood outside the Castle Hayne Community Center all day trying to make last second impressions on voters. Despite the signs reading “Welcome to Wilmington” and “Say yes to Incorporation” scattered across the area, voters still said “no”.

Some residents say they will avoid the extra taxes and government that comes with the title of town.

“I think Castle Hayne as a community has to pull together and work with our county commissioners and local elected officials for improvements in our area,” said Bordeaux.


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