Occupy Wilmington issues first news release


DOWNTOWN WILMINGTON, NC (NEWS RELEASE) — Occupy Wilmington NC was inspired by the actions of Occupy Wall Street to empower American citizens disenfranchised by political and financial systems. The General Assembly of Occupy Wilmington NC, with a current member total of over 1,000 residents in Wilmington and surrounding areas, has voted to file 501c3 and pursue nonprofit status as the first step in a long term program for financial and economic change that must start on a local level.

With a membership including nurses, medical professionals, teachers, software and IT developers, construction workers, veterans, artists, and many others from diverse occupational backgrounds, Occupy Wilmington NC would like to share our vast set of knowledge and skills to empower the people of Wilmington and surrounding areas to take charge of their financial situation and improve the local economy. As Occupy members across the nation fight bravely for financial change and breakdown of socioeconomic barriers, Occupy Wilmington NC continues to think globally and act locally.

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In downtown Wilmington, Occupy Wilmington NC members have set up a free community book and toy exchange program, and the group is actively accepting toys, books, clothing, and blankets that will be made available at no cost to community members in need. As a nonprofit organization, Occupy Wilmington NC will conduct no-cost job skills training workshops, facilitate volunteer organization with current local nonprofit organizations, and provide free financial information to Wilmington citizens.

Occupy Wilmington NC promotes positive community action and involvement, as demonstrated by our record of zero arrests and zero crimes during the life of the organization. The group has opened dialogs for cooperation with several local nonprofit groups and businesses, and we are actively seeking organizations that may be interested in cooperative programs to increase opportunities for our members to use their individual talents to empower local residents.

Occupy Wilmington NC will continue to raise awareness through active community demonstration with an increased emphasis on organization of community empowerment projects, such as job skills training, community workshops, and cooperation with other nonprofit groups. We hope to have the support of the community. We encourage community members act locally getting involved in these events, donating time or materials, or hosting events. Community members may contact us through our website at OccupyWilmingtonNC.org

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