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WILMINGTON NC (WWAY) — The issue of bonuses for city employees was expected to be a hot button topic at tonight’s city council meeting, but with no public opposition, council passed the motion unanimously.

The Mayor says all of the money for the bonuses and the party for city employees came from payroll cuts and budget reductions over the past two years.

With it’s cut backs the city has saved the 1.2 million dollars to fund the bonuses and all departments are challenged to continue to save.

Here are the numbers: $1,000 for current full time employees, pro rated for current part time, $100 for other employees and $7,000 for a party

Mayor Saffo says, “It is time to to say thank you to city employees who have faced cuts”.

With the bonuses coming just in time for the holidays, council members hope the money makes for a Merry Christmas and flows back into the local economy.


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  • interesada

    How many employees does the city have? If all the money is to be used on the bonuses and “party” then my math tells me about 1,000 employees but that sounds out of the ballpark. How is the remainder of the funds going to used?

  • Guest12

    Since you dont live in the city limits then your opinion does not count!

  • GuestAmazed

    It’s so funny how you admit you weren’t at the council meeting, but you continue to ramble on and give your uneducated opinion about how city employees should feel about giving part of their bonus to short timers.

    No, I’m not a city employee. But I watched the meeting, and I can tell you that city employees believe they are all in this together, whether they are long term or short term, and unlike some selfish people, they believe in sharing what they get with their fellow coworkers.

    What’s the point in having an appreciation party for employees if you make them bring their own dish? How ridiculous is that? You’re going to fault them for giving their employees a few hot dogs? Really?

    Honestly, your job must be to spread ignorance.

  • Guest yea right

    Absolute arrogance. Tough times call for tough decisions, I guess times are not as tough as we’re being told.
    Bill Saffo don’t cry poor mouth if you’ve got 1.2 million to throw around.

  • Guest Reply

    Bookmark this story so when the city council starts crying about how they can’t balance the city budget…well…do I need to go on?
    On the flip side of this bonus…when they find out 45% of it is eaten away in taxes and pension holdings/then will be adjusted gross income filing next year…it won’t seem as sweet as the media is making it. The $1,000 take home will be more like $250. Just saying…..

  • sam

    maybe brunswick county can find a little this year for a cost of living raise it’s only been 5 years snce the last one!!!!

  • Where I work, we are awarded bonuses based on our longevity at the job and the proformance, and what we brought to the table for our business in the past year. I am very blessed to have such a job, and I am inspired to do more because it benefits my company and my family.

    I find it difficult to believe that $1000.00 would be given out unilaterally based on being “full time” only. That means that the employees that work hard, give input, strive to make the difference get exactly the same as an employee who slacks off, could care less except for the paycheck, and doesn’t appreciate the opportunity they have. Believe me, these people work for the City of Wilmington, just like they do for any corporation! If I was a go-getter and worked for the city, I would be pretty upset at this whole notion.

    And $7,000.00 for a party? PLEASE! Tell me why everyone couldn’t just get together and bring a covered dish and have a good old time! How many families would the additional $7000.00 have helped.

    I know, I didn’t go to the meeting either, because I don’t live in the city limits, but still, people of Wilmington, think about it….you SHOULD have been there.

    Now all of you who have reading retention deficit, which is rampant it seems, I am happy for the employees to receive these bonuses. I simply think the method of dispersement is unfair and the party is a waste of money.

  • Guest111711

    First I am happy for the employees of the City of Wilmington as I am sure they deserve it. I am surprised though as I have always been told as a local government or State employee, that bonuses were not allowed with public funds but perhaps the City is structured differently. I can only hope that the County Commissioners and management can learn from the City and provide us with compensation for our hard work in the near future. In my case, I have gone without a raise for five years while everything has increased including our work load but I am thankful for my job and pray they will recognize our dedication.

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