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CONCORD, NC (WWAY) — WWAY NewsChannel 3 won eight awards at the Radio Television Digital News Association of the Carolinas annual convention Saturday at Charlotte Motor Speedway in Concord, including Best Newscast in the Carolinas. WWAY won top honors in six categories. The two silver awards came in categories in which the station won top awards.

“I’m really proud of our team,” WWAY News Director Scott Pickey said. “They work very hard each and every day to bring our viewers the best newscast possible. It’s very humbling for our peers to honor us with this award.”

In addition to Best Newscast, WWAY also won Best Special Report for its coverage of a deadly line of thunderstorms and tornadoes that swept across the state on April 16.

Sportcaster John Rendleman was one of the day’s biggest winners. His story about a girl with cerebral palsy who is a member of her high school track team won Best Sports Reporting. He also won Best Sports Special for the “Coach’s Corner,” which airs Sundays at 6 p.m. on WWAY. The silver award in the Sports Special category went to John, Trot Nixon, Jesse Jones and the rest of the WWAY sports team for the “5th Quarter,” our weekly, Friday night high school football highlight show.

Weekend anchor and reporter Ramon Herrera adds Best Investigative reporter to his resume. Ramon won the top prize for his coverage last summer of the investigation into a state trooper in New Hanover County accused by a Raleigh attorney and his wife of misconduct. Ramon’s reporting helped uncover both sides of the story, which eventually led to the trooper being cleared of the allegations.

WWAY swept the Best Documentary category. “Pirates of the Carolinas: Storm at Sea,” produced and hosted by WWAY StormTrack 3 Chief Meteorologist Jerry Jackson, won first place. Our annual hurricane season special explored the intertwined history of pirates and hurricanes along the North Carolina coast. The silver award in the documentary category went to WWAY’s coverage of the USS Gravely Commissioning, produced and hosted by Kevin Wuzzardo.

WWAY won more best in category awards than any other single station in RTDNAC’s Division II, which includes stations in the Carolinas’ smaller markets including Wilmington, Greenville/New Bern, Florence/Myrtle Beach and Charleston.


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  • virgogirl

    Kblue, you’re a real freak and appear to have nothing valuable to contribute to any story that I’ve seen you comment on. Since when did the mental hospitals allow access to the internet??

  • Guest3

    You have a lot of well-wishers. They would all like to see you thrown down one (myself included).

  • Guest20

    Enough! We’ve been looking at this same article for weeks now. Please…move on with it!

  • Grand Ole Party

    With any luck you can find your hero in the unemployment line.

  • Enough

    Ok Ok, we know you were named best for small market. You have let us see it for some time now. You have patted yourself on the back, hell you almost knocked yourself down with the continued pats on the back. Let this go WWAY. I can see you guys in a staff meeting saying “were #1, were #1”

  • KBluefan

    Where did you go KBlue???

  • Guesttoo

    It just amazes me that the only news to report is Monday through Friday…

  • Citizen of the Republic

    WWAY gets it out there.

    It may be fuzzy around the ears to start off, but they end up zeroing in on the stories you’ll never see on the other station.

    They aren’t afraid to call out the nabobs when it’s needed.

    If your going to be a news station that reports the truth, you can’t be too chummy with the power brokers in this town, and they end up doing a good job drawing the line.

    I think WWAY has done a good job exposing the unprofessional behavior of many so called public servants that have taken the public for granted way too long.

    Good job, keep it up!

  • Southern Born

    I’ve been watching WWAY since we trans-planted tobacco by hand. It’s where I get my news. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!!!

  • kblue2221984

    That’s it! You are so NOT invited to my cook out!!! AND? Your only friend is a Dog named “Big Jerk Face Freddy”!<-----That aught to learn him! Say's who? Say's Kblue!

  • Guest111

    The best thing to do with kblue2221984 is ignore him. Don’t respond to him at all. Just ignore his comments because you won’t shut him up no matter what. This topic has turned into him and that’s what he wants. IGNORE HIM!! He’s obviously simple minded. I won’t read his post to this comment and don’t you, either. . . and certainly don’t respond to him.

  • I have preferred WWAY news over WECT since the beginning in the mid-60s. Why? Generally speaking, I have found two aspects they possess over their competitors: (Again, I’m speaking generally). Their news is presented more professionally with less gossipy blather, and homey chit-chat. And their on air personalities are likeable, knowledgeable, and present themselves with professionalism. HOWEVER–Why George Elliott was hired is beyond me. And, as we say in the South to make negative comments OK, Bless his heart, but the new kid on the 11pm broadcast last night is painful to watch. He can’t read.

    Also, I’ve never understood how one owner can control two affiliates in the same market. FOX and NBC have the exact same news?

  • Michael thompson

    WWAY needs to blow their horn. If you watch WECT all you ever see are promos about their “award-winning” news department. WECT’s anchors are terrible, even Jon Evans. The Li woman is good, but that’s it, and please don’t even get me started about that bunch on in the morning. Bob Townsend is awful, as is Kim and the other blonde chick that does “fluff” news.

    I’m glad WWAY has something to cheer about. I hope they ram it down WECT’s throat.

  • Guestdnxfhdrns

    Saving???? Don’t you mean extortion and shaking down? You think these guys are going to start obeying the laws they were hired to enforce now??? Why, they haven’t for the last 3-5 years?

  • Guest28411

    These are awards are not surprising. Look at the type of news that being reported. This station is not beating around the bush, they report the NEWS. Things that need to be heard/told. Leland would still be doing the dirty, corrupt things they’re probably still doing, and I’m sure Chief Jayne is shaking in his boots each day waiting for the hammer to drop. I hope he’s saving some money or looking for another job, because thanks to WWAY, he wont be there too long, and that’s a good thing. He abused his position, and it was brought to light, thanks to good journalism.

    Congrats on the awards WWAY, others may talk crap about this station, but at the same time, matters are being dealt with and situations that were done in the dark are being brought to light because of your persistance and reporting. WECT wished they’d pulled the trigger on this…problem is, they have too many friends and a reputation for “good ole boys news.” Whether folks like your station or not, the truth is, you do your jobs. They may not like the news that you report, or how it’s being reported, but at the same time, it’s definately “News Worthy” in mine and so many others opinions, and above all…..You GET RESULTS. Your viewers get results, which is ultimately important.

    Great job to all of you, and keep up the good work.

  • Guest3452

    Its really funny WWAY that you report about how you won these rewards…bottom line is this, LOOK at the ratings…

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