WPD officer recovering after cheap shot at downtown bar


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — An Apex man and a Wrightsville Beach man face assault charges after allegedly attacking an off-duty cop. It happened over the weekend at a downtown Wilmington bar.

Surveillance footage from a bar on Front Street in downtown Wilmington shows two men whispering to one another. Less than a minute later one of the men slaps off-duty Wilmington Police Sgt. Curt Stansbury in the back and then gets in his face the other man gets up from his stool.

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Stansbury and one of the men chat for about 45 seconds and then without any warning, Stansbury is sucker-punched by the larger guy. The off-duty officer appears to be knocked out as he hits the floor. Bar patrons quickly get the men off Stansbury and help the cop up. Stansbury later talks with an alcoholic beverage control officer about his run-in with the cheap-shot duo.

Though not arrested that day, a magistrate issued warrants for the two men, Robert Bogen, 56, of Wrightsville Beach. and Marc Ingham, 44, of Apex.

Ingham, who is seen in the video punching Stansbury, is charged with assault and battery and misdemeanor conspiracy. Bogen is charged with simple assault and misdemeanor conspiracy. Both men have been served and are out on bail.

As for Sgt. Stansbury, he is saying very little at this time. But in an email he said, “I am recovering the best I can.” The police department says due to his injury, Sgt. Stansbury has not been able to return to work.

We also spoke to Ingham’s attorney, who declined to comment, even when we asked if his client was provoked.

This is not the first time either suspect has been in trouble with the law. Last year Bogen was charged with assault with a deadly weapon. In 1997 Ingham was charged with simple assault. Both men are scheduled for court in January.