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CAROLINA BEACH, NC (WWAY) — Election Night held some drama in Carolina Beach. It’s only now come to light with the arrest of the outgoing police chief’s wife.

Darlene Younginer is accused of communicating threats and assault on a government official.

Alicia Lachance resigned last week as the Ocean Rescue Director for Carolina Beach. That may have something to do with an incident that happened a week before.

On Election Night Police Chief William Younginer’s wife Darlene allegedly confronted Lachance in front of town hall.

“From what I understand she became very agitated, threatened to strangle her, kill her, and then when she was leaving, as the chief was standing there, hit her on the left arm, leaving bruising,” Lachance’s attorney Julia Boseman said.

Lachance was on duty when it happened, but she didn’t go to the magistrate to get a warrant right way. She waited until Saturday, 12 days after the alleged assault.

Boseman says there’s a reason lachance waited so long.

“She was told, her superiors had asked her to wait and they would handle it internally,” Boseman said. “And then nothing was done, then the resignation happened.”

Town Manager Tim Owens confirms that the town attorney was investigating these allegations, but ultimately the town did not take any action.

Wednesday Lachance resigned and Chief Younginer retired. The town reportedly investigated allegations of an affair between the chief and Lachance, but found no evidence.

Boseman says Lachance is not commenting on the affair allegations. She’s just focusing on the assault right now.

Darlene Younginer was served with a warrant for the charges yesterday. Her court date is December 12.

We tried to get in touch with Chief Younginer and his wife, but we were unable to reach them.


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  • Guest-o-matic

    Don’t read the news often do ya?

    Yep, stress free and outa small town politics. “Hey Jennifer, could I have another…pleez?”

  • J

    Carolina Beach lost a very good Chief. I am sure he is living a stress free life now that he doesn’t have to deal with small town politics.

  • Borrowed Thought

    Just thought of something. Let’s get a producer in Wilmington to produce a new show – “As the Stomach Turns – Brunswick/Columbus County. It could be a reality show with just the bad law enforcement officers of Carolina Beach, Leland and Tabor City and all the yahoos involved in the situations. They could play themselves – wouldn’t take too much writing. Over the past couple of years, they have been given enough material to last awhile. It would be a kind of Dukes of Hazard meet Cops. What you think? Could we sell it?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • rothrockrocks

    Rothrock will fix this. No more stomach aches. He will bring in a first rate professional who is not a “good ole boy” with connections. The Mayor will find someone who is well equipped to resolve the controversy and get our Police Department’s focus back on important issues.

  • Sandy B.

    CB has always aimed too low and as a result we have always shot ourselves in the foot. We need a Chief with no baggage who will come in here and care about our officers as more than just employees and unite them behind him. That person needs to be “USDA Grade A, First Rate” Our Town and our officers deserve the best we can afford.

  • CBaction

    We don’t need someone else’s small townie Chief comin to our Town and being our small townie Chief. We pay plenty. 79K! Get us somebody packin some credentials. FRESH BLOOD. NEW PERSPECTIVE. Get us somebody who will get CB in the paper and on TV because he knows what he is doing. We need someone who will not reduce himself and CB to scandal.

  • Rothrock Rocks

    Please Tim, break the spell on this Town. Remember Chief Mayer. Now Chief Younginer. Look for a FAMILY MAN, WITH A GREAT EDUCATION AND VALUES AS WELL AS SOME CLASS!!! Get our Town a First Class Chief. No good ole boys. WE ARE ALL WATCHING.

  • Wayne Crear

    Another typical incident on Carolina Beach….SMH.

  • PublicAvenger

    Carolina Beach has alot of fine officers. I know this for a fact. Don’t let junk like this affect the positive things.

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