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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Brian Berger just can’t seem to stay out of trouble. The New Hanover County commissioner was once again in court, this time for violating a domestic violence order requested by ex-girlfriend Heather Blaylock.

Berger attended a Community Action Incorporated board meeting Monday, held at their office on 507 North 6th Street, the same building where Blaylock works. Berger’s protection order specifically forbids him from going to Blaylock’s place of work.

“I had no idea that the building was where she worked,” said Berger. “In fact, I haven’t spoken to her in so long and really don’t particularly care about where she works or how she chooses to spend her time.”

Berger turned himself in to Sheriff’s Deputies Wednesday.

“I’m not going to apologize for doing my job, fighting corruption and fighting for transparency, which is what I was attempting to do,” said Berger as he left the courtroom. “This is the result of trying to do the right thing.”

Blaylock did not want to go on camera, but did say Berger’s constant harassment has gone too far. Since she requested the protective order, it seems Berger has retaliated by trying to take her to small claims court multiple times, which also requires her to be in court with Berger.

From $9 for a classroom plant, to $120 for a cockroach infestation which he claims Blaylock caused, to five DVD’s at $20 each, to $2,400 in rent, Berger wanted it all back. However, one claim was dismissed because Berger showed up late to court.

Blaylock says it was a waste of her time and just one more way for Berger to harass her. Her lawyer had filed for contempt, but she dismissed the claim last Friday.

Berger hopes this situation does not cause the other New Hanover County Commissioners to once again push for his resignation.

“Any board member that seeks to call for my resignation or gain politically from any false allegations against me or any tragedy in my life as appears to be the case, I think that speaks volumes to their lack of character,” Berger said.

Berger also says that because of Blaylock’s mental health issues, this story is far from over.

“I think this is just the beginning of what will be a story that drags unfortunately,” said Berger.

Berger was issued a $1,000 unsecured bond and his next court date is scheduled for early January.


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  • Credible Source

    Wow, I think you negated your point when you quoted Barney Fife…

  • Guest5684

    Below is the comments WWAY posted from Mr. Bergers FACEBOOK page…this alone speaks VOLUMES of Mr. Bergers MOCKERY of the New Hanover County Judicial System and the TAX PAYERS he as a County Commissioner represents….He wrote this as if he was spending or has spent Thanksgiving in Jail….which didn’t happen. So I have to question a few on his comments…

    #9….what “friends” does he have that considering his antics would be willing to “bake a shank into a cake” for him? Does he plan to do harm to other inmates if he is incarcerated, as a “shank” would suggest such?

    #7 and #8 ….Is Mr. Berger suggesting that he would like to be romantically involved with another inmate if he is incarcerated??

    #6….are we as COUNTY TAX PAYERS not “law abiding” enough for Mr. Berger… does he suggest that inmates are more “law abiding” than the TAX PAYERS that support his salary as a commissioner?

    #5…. is Mr. Berger indicating that he is aware of a JUDGE in New Hanover County that is NOT law abiding??

    #3… the inmates of New Hanover County Detention Center do NOT wash their clothing or linens in the “toilets” there are machines that provide that service and the inmates do NOT pay using quarters.

    #2….. based on Mr. Bergers comment about Ms. Blaylocks state of mind that he is apparently giving reference to Ms. Blaylock, as he has continued to sue her through Civil courts with specifics suggested in both his WWAY reply to his arrest, and this post.

    And his closing statement is directed specifically at NEW HANOVER County “Head Start” leaders.

    This is a terrible situation at best….but it is time for Mr. Berger to be OUT!! HE NEEDS TO GO! It has NOTHING to do with as he put it” the difficulties he is struggling with in his personal life” but rather HIS ACTIONS OF HIS DAILY LIFE.

    Mr. Berger VIOLATED a COURT ORDER! ARREST his ass and put him in JAIL….not allowing him to bond out! What Magistrate allowed that to happen? REVOKE HIS BOND!!! He has done nothing but flaunt his disregard for New Hanover County. Like Barney Fife said: “NIP IT IN THE BUD”.

    Our present County Commissioners need to step up to the plate….don’t forget elections are gonna be around again and when they do we as TAXPAYERS AND LAW ABIDING CITIZENS will be remembering the antics you all allowed Mr. Berger to subjet OUR County to! Will we be voting for you?

    WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — New Hanover County Commissioner Brian Berger posted this on his Facebook page today:

    Top Ten Things About Spending Thanksgiving in Jail

    10. Boiled turkey and stuffing made from last Tuesday’s left over grits and Wednesday’s “meat surprise” (with raisons, or things that look like fresh raisons)

    9. Be thankful for having friends willing to bake a shank into a cake for me!

    8. Write a book on how to pick-up your cellmate, aptly titled “21 Ways to Pick-Up your Cellmate”

    7. Smuggle contraband candles for those romantic evenings at home in your cell with your cellmate.

    6. Enjoy Being Surrounded By More Law Abiding Citizens than my current peers!

    5. Watch a judge and her “best friends” get rich off a baseball stadium, convention center, bridge to that magical rainbow in the sky: “Ah, $50 million, $60 million, just sign the change order. Heck, its not your money. Or mine. The Taxpayers won’t even notice. Suckers”

    4. Not miss the news with its fictitious stories tailored to the angle of a reporter who would rather be in a major market where stories about corruption and real crime dramas play out daily, instead of having to cover-up real corruption, try to keep up the writers of “The Wire”

    3. Stainless steel toilets with no seats are great for doing laundry. No quarters needed!

    2. Say hello to the corrupt non-profit executive who swindled the government, a mentally-ill mom who let her kids eat cockroaches like cheerios, drives over people in her car, but she does have a nice %^&#@@.

    1. Always arrive fashionably late, making sure to correctly greet all those former judges, “event planners,” scheming local officials and they swear, that money they borrowed, they’re gonna pay you back. Really. This Time. They mean it.

    And the number 0.5 Reason Thanksgiving in Jail isn’t so bad:

    Finally, a moment (60 days X 24 hours X 60 seconds = one moment) to be thankful for YOU, for what’s left of American Liberty, for all those who fought and sacrificed to preserve and defend it, and for those that still do! Happy Thanksgiving from Cell B45325!!!

    Top Ten Things About Spending Thanksgiving in Jail (knowing I’m there for caring about the disadvantaged, not robbing them to pay for that 14-day Cruise this winter like the leaders of “Head Start” in New Hanover County and teachers will rap sheets longer than Eminem’s) God Bless!

  • Das Weibstück

    Did anyone see the video of him on channel 14? They zoomed in on his name tag and his suit coat was filthy. Had spots all over it and dirt. Weird. I cant listen to his interview it literally hurts my ears.

  • Guest111

    I personally think Berger is an unbalanced, dangerous, underhanded man who will stop at nothing to get to Blaylock. He violated a restraining order. . why isn’t he in jail? What good is the order if he just runs up to the judge and heads back out the door? This is the typical behavior of a man who isn’t going to quit. I think Blaylock should move or at least go the whole nine yards to get him booked into a cell. She best be careful. He is a loaded gun looking for somewhere to shoot. You could see the anger and defiance in him when he was interviewed by the media and said he did nothing wrong. There is some serious trouble brewing in his mind.

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