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LELAND, NC (WWAY’S ‘THE RANT’) — Leland Police Chief Tim Jayne did his first interview this week with the ‘Local News Review’ since allegations surfaced of misconduct within his department. Jayne did the interview against specific orders from Town Manager Bill Farris for city department heads and council members not to talk to the media.

In the interview, Jayne tells LNR co-owner Mike Leggett that the stories reported here and in the Wilmington ‘StarNews’ are a “witch hunt.” “Long after I’m gone and long after I have completed my task here,” he said, “what the other news media have done will remain here and I’m sick about that.”

“If you look at what the ‘StarNews’ did, “What’s Wrong with LA Law?,” that’s an insult to the town of Leland, to go back to that old LA moniker,” he said. “People should be standing up and defending the fine police department we have here.”

Jayne also contends the media coverage is an attack on the Town of Leland and blames former Assistant Town Manager Michelle Cox for trying to destroy him personally. Farris fired Cox back in July after she claimed the office had become a hostile work environment and she stopped coming to work. Cox says she offered to work from home until the issue was settled.

During the investigation into the shooting of former Officer Sherry Lewis, Cox also recommended that Jayne be terminated for misconduct and sent the recommendation in writing to Farris.

Chief Jayne, if these allegations are not truthful, why did you literally run away from our cameras after a recent town council meeting and have your officers try to keep us from asking you any questions? Why do you refuse to sit down with us to answer these allegations?

Because Chief Jayne, I’m having a hard time equating your “fine department” with your lieutenants encouraging the shooting of Officer Lewis in the crotch 12 times. I have a hard time believing you have a “fine department” after you hit one of your officers in the gut last year at a bachelor party. Why does a “fine department” continue to employ an officer who shot his revolver in the air on New Year’s Day? Or an officer who repeatedly pulls his pistol on other officers? Do other “fine departments” have the high turnover rate that yours does? Do the officers at other “fine departments” live in fear for their lives if one of their fellow officers decide to snap that day? Do other “fine departments” order their officers to take lie detector tests so you can find out what they told an SBI investigator? Is it the mark of a “fine department” for its officers to have sex in a house donated to the town or sex with each other at the station house? Does a “fine department” need to be investigated by the SBI?

Chief, if this truly is an attack on the Town of Leland, then I would encourage you to stand up for its residents and defend these allegations. So far, not ONE person has come forward to say that ANY of our reporting is false or incorrect. Why is that Chief Jayne? Could it be that everything we’ve reported so far is accurate and you’re just trying to deflect the blame and say it’s the media’s fault, or that we’re out to get “the town?” No Chief, we’re out to expose and report on what’s happening in YOUR department. If any of it is not true, you have an open invitation to sit down with us anytime, anywhere, with any reporter or anchor of your choosing, to be the leader your profess to be and defend your and your department’s actions. Feel free to call anytime.


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  • Mark Miwerds

    This Leland Police problem has nothing to do with being Southern in any way. This is purely about bad behavior and evil that has become endemic in this organization. Before retiring, I had to move away from NC and live all up and down the Eastern U.S., and I can tell you from my own experience that I have never seen such evil and unprofessional behavior in a group of police officers as I have in the Village of Leland’s police.

    The only permanent solution to this will be to remove all of them and start completely fresh. Make sure the search for hires is national, too, or we’ll end up with another set of good ol’ boys and dirty backroom deals. You see, we have thousands of people retiring to this county from all over the U.S., and too many of them are too well-educated and have seen professional police departments in service elsewhere to allow what happened here to go on anymore. If you don’t ‘clean house’ and start all over fresh, this is going to go national to the general public, and we will get to be a laughingstock of a place for years to come. No one will ever get re-elected for office in Leland, because no one will have the public’s confidence. It will end up affecting the reputations of everybody within 50 miles of Leland. You know how these things pan out in the media and on the internet. I don’t care who did what and how much of it, just start over and play it safe.

    Do the right thing this time. Rebuild from the ground up. What a total shame and disgrace this has been for all of us.

  • guesty

    Ok. If you say so. Just a hint of advice, stay away from the lead paint chips and stop licking windows.


    I have gone through BLET and I have arrested more than my fair share of perps. What has not gone without notice is that I was hired to uphold the laws of this state and this country and be held accountable by the people I serve. I don’t know if you have ever held a position in law enforcement, it doesn’t sound like it. If you are in law enforcement…PLEASE…quit now! Your attitude is why we have such a crappy reputation. Your attitude is everything that is wrong in law enforcement today. People don’t have to go through BLET before they are allowed to call something out for being wrong. Get over yourself! Use I-40 to head west? How about you freaking leave? I am so sick of this ignorant redneck comment. It seems to come up anytime someone is outdone and has lost the debate. How about, since you can’t handle the issues…YOU LEAVE? Maybe a slow dinghy to China?

  • getsome

    How screwed up can that place be. How is this nut back on duty, pulled his service weapon on other officers, states he has mental health issues, PTSD, come on man, is this for real? Look being a veteran myself, usually a guy like this is a flase hero, love to see his DD214. But after the facts about him, how is he on duty, a weapon pulled as a joke? How would he do with a citizen, come on this guy is unstable, how does he still have a gun, Oh yea, the Cheif and LT’s are unstable. What is the city council doing? Lets keep harrassing the good officers and lets keep the liars and nuts working. Really, come on star news and wway, this is like hitting softballs, finish this off before one of us gets hurt.

  • three cheers for humanity

    Why would they want to start following policy now? Truth is not character assassinations but I do believe calling something a witch hunt is. Ignorance is seeing what is going on right in front of you and not being willing to see it. Taking a BLET class doesn’t teach anyone the innate human ability of leadership or compassion. That comes from within and when all you are concerned with is going on your boat and dreaming of retirement you don’t have it. An honorable man would have looked into the allegations long before he was forced to. When anyone who is supposed to be so upstanding can honestly say “Remember “fellow cop”, whistle blowers think they are doing the right thing but only find themselves “out.” Tread carefully, might be a long night when you are calling for help over the radio” they have indeed showed their true nature. True brotherhood requires looking out for your fellow man and being ethical. Society also has an obligation to care for those who can not care for themselves and when anyone is being harassed, degraded and being treated little then everyone should speak up.

  • whineycousin to guesty

    hey whiney guesty nothing better to do-see you’ve joined us too. Your name is all over the place.Ain’t it grand………when you think about it………….you’re just like me…………bet you think you look great in a mirror too…………..

  • Kbluefan4life

    Keep it up Blue! Mr. Balboa is sending some Officers home because he thinks they are you! Which means he reads your post’s.

    Kblue 4 President!

  • NY1

    I certainly agreed with you. The public and resident of Leland are venting. First and foremost we are to give everyone of those officers credit for putting their lives on the line everyday for a measly $35,000 plus annually. Let be real, all those who are saying those negative and disrespectful things about the chief, Let me asked you all this. How come for all those years when Sheriff Hewitt was committing all those crimes i did not hear you all writing anything about him.

    I have known Chief Jayne from his first day here. He was faced with a big task from get go. Leland do have some officer who need to move on. So the house cleaning is creating a big buzz right now. Things will be back to normal. All he needs to do is stay focus and get some new officer on his team and move forward.

  • kblue2221984

    Thank you SOOOOOOOOO Much!!! I do want to add something before I sponsor this message. Their are some really great Officer’s in Leland. Most have been treated unfairly at the hands of a monster. It’s the Timillicky trio whom should be set free. My name is Kblue and I with all my heart sponsor this message!!! Say’s who? Say’s Kblue!

  • Guest2020

    “Tread carefully, might be a long night when you are calling for help over the radio.”

    If this is representative of any department’s “finest” then we are all in a heap of trouble. In one sentence you make a threat and in the next sentence you tell us not to rush to judgement. When you make statements like that, you completely ruin any credibility you may have.

    And once again, any American citizen is entitled to render an opinion on any matter. It’s called the First Amendment Right to Free Speech. Any police officer who disagrees, should read the Constitution that he/she has sworn to uphold.

  • Guest99x

    Hey “Guest of the Police”…. are you sure that’s powdered sugar on those donuts you’ve been inhaling? I am not a poet like “Kblue” so I’ll cut to the chase…. Leland’s chief is a liability along with a large part of his farce’s upper echelon leadership. He needs to be removed at the earliest time for the benefit of all.

    Is there a real reason for the recordkeeping deficiencies aside that LPD failed to maintain compliance with training and standards requirements. I was in the fifth grade when the “dog ate my homework” excuse worked the last time. That was almost 50 years ago. I remember as a kid that we respected our police. Back then, most of our police lived exemplary decent lives well deserving of respect. Where have the good leaders gone??

  • Kblue Fan Club

    We Love “YOU”

    You have took a sad situation “The Leland Police Department” and poked fun at how stupid they have become and still act. Thank “You” Kblue, it ought to be embarrassing for them, as it is embarrassing for us living here in Leland to have such bad leadership in our Police Department. Remember there’s many of us citizens out here reading this that never speaks out. Anyone with a brain in there head knows who’s telling the truth. Its obvious who are the Guilty. There’s so many different people calling them out, for so many different things. Everyone knows its not a mistake or disgruntled employees. Its bad when your only defense is to say being a officer is hard go take a BLET classes and see.

    Thanks again,
    Kblue Fan

    Go Kblue

    Kblue for Leland Chief

  • Guest123456789

    I mean, honestly, you must be joking with this comment. This can’t be a serious comment, right?

  • guesty

    You get on here and spout off so you joined the “whiney” people group.

  • Guest of the Police

    Yeah, I am back. I see all the “whiney” people who feel they are entitled to render an opinion because they pay taxes enlightened me on how many more morons really live in the world. I really thought it was an act here in the Wilmington Metro/LA area on how people pride themselves on ingorance and try to pass it off as the gospel.

    Again, go take a BLET class, sign an application, work some shifts and collar a few criminals to really get an idea. Otherwise, just shut your mouth and not question the manner in which the Leland Police Department provides law enforcement. Any one who has a problem with the “brotherhood” of the job, good. Perks of the job I say. Remember “fellow cop”, whistle blowers think they are doing the right thing but only find themselves “out.” Tread carefully, might be a long night when you are calling for help over the radio.

    However, we as a soceity do have the responsibility to not rush to judgement or in laymans terms, maintain the presumption of innocence per se. Give the chief a chance to figure out if the alleged accusations are true and let the department follow its’ policies and procedures if they are. No further character assassination is necessary.

    Last but certainly not least, if you do not like something, you have every ability to change something, including using I-40 westbound. A hearty thank you to the Leland Police Department for being Lelands Finest and Happy Holidays.


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