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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The Spider-Man robber has been unmasked. Wilmington Police say a man killed in the Hillcrest community in October was the man who robbed several area stores disguised as Spider-Man.

Investigators believe Anthony LaFrance Devone was the man who wore a black Spider-Man mask when he robbed at least four convenience stores earlier this fall. Devone’s body was found between two buildings on South Liberty Court the night of October 20.

“We were actively searching for Devone at the time he was killed. Up until that point, we were unable to locate him at any of his prior addresses. They were all bad addresses,” Det. Lee Odham said.

Odham says the case is closed under “exceptional clearance.” That means there is probable cause to make an arrest, but the offender is dead.

Odham says he does not believe devone’s death was linked to any of the robberies.

Police charged Willis Davis Pridgen, 44, with the murder two days after the crime. Pridgen is still in jail without bond for the murder. He is due back in court December 15.


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  • SmokingAce

    For everybody that dont kno or not from wilmington..port city is the hood
    its been that way and always will b that way! If u dont like it
    Move out now cus this is a battle u will never win!!

  • Guest327

    What happened to the stolen booty and his Newpotes?

  • Guest2020

    I guess he’s gone to the big web in the…well, I don’t really know if it would be in the sky or not.

  • Commonsensenotcommontoday

    ….with a hearty handshake and perhaps a certificate of appreciation?

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