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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — While New Hanover County Commissioner Ted Davis being elected chairman of the board was the headline at Monday night’s meeting, there were some other interesting issues one could see if they looked closely enough.

First and not surprisingly, Commissioner Brian Berger was late… again. How is it that he can be early to a New Hanover County Community Action Inc. meeting to stake out his ex-girlfriend and break a protective order, but he can’t show up on time for the job he was elected to do?

Then, after the board elected Davis as chairman and a five minute recess, Davis made his first executive order as chairman; he demanded Berger and Commissioner Rick Catlin change seats. We assume Davis doesn’t want to sit next to Berger and wanted him as far away as possible.

Watch the switcharoo here at “Presentations” at 4:41 into the clip

At the end of the meeting, Berger took the opportunity to explain why he went to the Community Action meeting, which ended up getting him arrested a second time for breaking a protective order. Berger’s ex-girlfriend Heather Blaylock is a Head Start teacher and works in that building. Even though Berger and Blaylock lived together for months, Berger claims he didn’t know she actually worked in that building.

Berger suggested that the investigation into fraud at Community Action should bother his fellow commissioners enough that they should attend the next meeting. However, Commissioner Jason Thompson threw it back at him, asking if he knew that the Clerk of the Board actually attends the meetings as their representative, and always sends out copious notes after each meeting. Berger sat silent and dumbfounded.

Watch the exchange here at “Item 9” at 2:17 into the clip


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  • Guest1234

    Will there ever come a time where we are not hearing about Berger?
    This is a waste of time and use of words. He will never be what
    people want him to be or need him to be. What I don’t understand is if
    The People think he is unstable why is he still on the board and hasn’t
    been voted off? When is his time up?

  • guesty

    My definition of luck is Ted Davis, Jason “Poopy pants” Thompson, Brian “Crazy” Berger & Jonathan “Big boy” Barfield not being elected to be anything in New Hanover County.

  • guest111

    Berger violated a restraining order. He knew better than to be there. Men like him do what they want to, regardless of law or orders. That’s the mentality of a domestic abuser. It’s my way, all the time and screw you if you think you can stop me. This is no where near over. He will really mess up one day.

  • Guestnem

    First off- Berger had a right to be at a public meeting in the evening- the same as the rest of us. Davis is very petty and lowers himself by his demeaning conduct–he is no better than the guy you criticize. By the way, if the point is more of these elected reps should show up at meetings of Head Start, a group under both state and federal inveswtigation –getting just reports as stated by Jason T just doesnt do it. In this case, I think we should agree with berger. PIck you have a vendetta and your lack of objectivity comes through–Berger has his faults but so do these other stiffs.

  • Straight Shooter

    Mr. Davis has served us well thru the years and we are lucky to still have him on the board. Brian Berger on the other hand is a total whacked-out distraction, a nut-job who should have never been elected! We all know that now! I don’t blame Ted for moving this distraction, (Berger) away from him as much as posible. In fact if it were me, I would have tried to move him much further away, maybe outside!

  • TrueAmerican

    What is next…are they going to move him to his own desk in the corner, or up close to the front so that they can keep an eye on him like they do in school??

    This is ridiculous and shows what a waste of time and taxpayer money some of these meetings have become. You are grown men, and you don’t like one of your colleagues so you move him to the end of the row…WOW, you have accomplished a lot!!!

    I am sure you were the same one in school that ran in cliques, avoided people you thought were different or less than you, talked bad about others, and picked on the girls because they had “cooties”…

    GROW UP!!!! Handle County business, don’t waste our time and money on such ridiculous non-sense. If Berger is a moron and does not know what he is voting on, fine…Majority will always win so just let him commit political suicide and he will never be elected again.

    Either way…do everyone in New Hanover County a favor…and handle COUNTY business…Not “Ted Davis does not wanna sit beside Brian Berger” business!!!!

  • Guest0

    Ted Davis is worse than Brian Berger. Davis is mean spirited. Instead of handling the County’s business, little Teddy Davis’ first act as chairman was to childishly make a new seating chart. Can Brian go out and play with you at recess, Teddy? Instead of showing leadership, Ted Davis took a cheap shot at another kook. It was a silly waste of time and taxpayers’ money that did nothing except harm the County and the new board. That is NO leadership. Berger is a fruitcake and Ted Davis is a nutty, sleazy, power hungry fruitcake looking out for himself.

  • Guest0C

    Ted Davis is a vindictive, mean spirited, “nut”. Like a spoiled brat, Ted Davis made a new seating chart instead of doing the public’s business. In Davis’ initial act as chairman, he abused public trust & his power! Instead of showing positive leadership, Ted Davis took a cheap shot at his fellow fruitcake. It was a waste of time, money, and an abuse of Davis’ authority. Davis is NOT a leader. Although Berger is crazy, Ted Davis is a sleazy, power hungry politician looking out for himself. At least Brian cannot do any damage.

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